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Daniel_Basso comments

Posted in: Should radio stations have to pay royalties to artists whose music they play? See in context

Of course they should! They make money out of commercials in their radio waves using artists music. We don't tune their radio for the commercials nor their bla bla bla, we do it for the music.

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Posted in: Miwa Asao See in context

Too skinny, no curves. Not my type, but sure japanese type.

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Posted in: YOSHIKI See in context

Androgynous artist.It's been the trend for years now trying to be liked by the japanese young girls.

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Posted in: What do you think of Japanese pop and rock music? Heard anything you like? See in context

Male singers in general have the same voice, as well as female singers (who love to pose as very young girls). A handful of good artists and musicians. But generally lame and monotonous music. There's only one Kyu Sakamoto and "Sukiyaki" capturing the # 1 slot worldwide!

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Posted in: I have never met a Japanese man who did not want me to be his mommy. See in context

How strange...I thought they liked pretty,young-looking,skinny,pleasing and docile women. "Girly" instead of "mommy". But she doen't seem to fit in any of those feautures though...

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Posted in: What, for you, were the highlights and low points of the Beijing Olympics? See in context

Highlights were the opening and closing ceremony. Sportswise, Phelps and Bolt performances. Lowest Point: The cuban gorilla kicking the referee and trying to thump a judge aid. I live in USA and all the media coverage was USA minded, it all depends in wich country you live and you can't help that. Almost no soccer coverage and excesive phocus and re-runs of Phelps,his mother, and all american winners.

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Posted in: Man arrested for 2006 murder of 18-year-old woman in Nagasaki See in context

Japan is still among the lowest crime rates in the world...

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Posted in: The Catholic Church and Yasukuni shrine See in context

Almost every country has a shine for the war dead. If they are tourist stops or shortcuts is irrelevant. Memorials pay respect to the dead for whom they were built and Yasukuni is no different from others. I dispise the label "war criminal" because if the losers were the winners then they would be heros and the heros would be criminals.

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Posted in: The serious crime rate for U.S. service members off their bases is approximately half that of the Japanese population. See in context

Rate of serious crimes of US service men in Japan are "aprrox" half of japanese population.Well that is nothing to be proud of. Remember japanese are in their land and are common regular people. Americans are military on duty in a foreign country that has given them permission to be stationed in their soil. We expect much better than that.

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Posted in: U.S. parole board denies clemency for man condemned to die for killing Japanese student See in context

Let Terry Lyn Short burn in hell.

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Posted in: Father arrested for abusing 11-year-old daughter in Kobe See in context

Give the man an Anger Management course...in jail!!

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Posted in: A punching bag on the Odakyu line See in context

As soon as you get elbowed, shout and let yourself be respected. If they punch me in the face, I'll punch back I know it, then I'll think about the consequences. This is not an advice, it's just to have guts.

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Posted in: Bush confident about creation of Palestinian state See in context

Israel was created by the backing of UK and USA, in an area not belonging to any of this countries, with a previous planned overpopulation by jews. Before 1948, jews groups were the terrorists bombing places like the King David Hotel. That's just history and we just watch the wheels keep going by...

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Posted in: Japan in need of moral education See in context

This is a good article. But when I read "To reverse these addictive trends, the 1980s championed the “Just say no” campaign. Moral education was based on saying no to vices such as drugs, smoke, drink and sex". Oh my God, who can possibly label SEX as a vice, and in the same bag with drugs, smoke and drink?? That is so very wrong!!!

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