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Posted in: Obama says Muslims must fight 'twisted interpretations of Islam' See in context

The people complaining about Obama not calling ISIS muslim are being dense, the president's job isn't to inspire a reformation in islam, preventing prejedice against average muslims is the obvious priority.

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Posted in: How come Japan has never demanded an official apology from any U.S. government for the dropping of atomic bombs on two of its cities? In fact, why don't Japanese hate America for dropping the bombs? See in context

I think it has a lot to do with the extremely bad behavior of the Japanese military during the war and the relatively good treatment of the Japanese during the American occupation after the war.

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Posted in: Jeb Bush says Islamic State strategy should be to 'take them out' See in context

Unfortunately this is almost undoubtedly going to be the policy of Hillary as well, she's a major neo-con

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Posted in: Foreign comic artist draws her life in Japan See in context

I'm not going to read it but it's really cool that she was able to do this, I'm happy for her!

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Posted in: South Africa slams newspaper column praising apartheid See in context

If Japan wants to solve the aging population issue they need to have workers working less hours, that's the silver bullet at far as I'm concerned. Nobody is starting a family when their life consists of working and then passing out for a few hours of sleep. Japan doesn't need or want a flood of unskilled immigration from poor countries (which seems to be what we are talking about as educationed people from first world countries don't seem to have a terribly difficult time immigrating to Japan if they choose to do so) it just needs a less overworked population.

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Posted in: Hayao Miyazaki says Charlie Hebdo drawings of Muhammad were a mistake See in context

I don't have a problem with either the cartoons or Miyazaki's opinion of them

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Posted in: Ex-adviser to Abe praises apartheid as means of immigration control See in context

Obviously the aparthied idea is bad but I'm not in favor of a big wave of immigration either not everywhere needs to be a melting pot and what's with the big sense of entitlement from people who don't even speak the language and as far as the comments about us foreigners being the ones paying Japan's pension stop kidding yourself Japan is like 98% Japanese

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Posted in: Kanye West retreats on Grammys diss of Grammy winner Beck See in context

Everybody is just blowing this up for more views, if you actually saw the molment kanye pops up for like half a second and disappears back it was obviously a joke

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Posted in: Thai junta leader suggests military could step in again See in context

They never should have gotten rid of Shinawatra

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Posted in: Kanye West slams Beck's Grammy win See in context

Man Kanye really likes Beyonce, this is really disrespectful towards Beck though he's a big figure in the music world and he's been around longer than Beyonce

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Posted in: 'Terra Formars' live-action movie in the works; Takashi Miike to direct See in context

I feel kind of bad for Miike as those commenters don't seem to know who he is, he's done a ton of very gory violent movies like half of his movies are over the top violent yakuza movies I don't think they need to worry about the censorship. Plus there has been a ton of great manga live action adaptations (Including probably the best Japanese film series ever Lone Wolf and Cub!) If you're a fan of the manga you should be super happy about this because Miike is a AAA director by any standard

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Posted in: Japanese tourist says guide in India raped her See in context

These comments about women traveling alone reek of victim blaming and sexism

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Posted in: Jordanian king vows relentless war on Islamic State See in context

Alright let's get out of there now there are plenty of countries surrounding ISIS that don't like them and have armies, US doesn't have any real stake in this let's get out

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Posted in: Goto's wife says she is proud of her husband See in context

I'm proud of Goto too! Great guy!

As she should be. His intentions were noble, unlike Yukawa

No need to throw Yukawa under the bus I'm sad he died too

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Posted in: Japan eyes compulsory 5 days' paid holiday a year See in context

This is a good move, the need to decrease the time people are working in Japan is extremely important. If you want to solve the shrinking population issue reducing hours is probably the best thing the country could do. Nobody can be expected to find a marriage partner and raise a family when they work untill 11 at night every night and come in on weekends and all that nonsense.

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Posted in: Doctor cleared in Britain's first female genital mutilation trial See in context

Sounds like he didn't really perform it hewas just treating someone who was already a victim of it. Good to know that its banned in the UK and banned for British people to seek it out abroad that is very good policy I hope the same is true for the Americans

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Posted in: Crowdfunding raises $200,000 for Detroit man with long commute See in context

Very nice story!

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Posted in: Abe wants SDF to be allowed to rescue Japanese citizens in danger See in context

not buying it, abe just wants to expand military power any chance he gets

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Posted in: Raul Castro: U.S. must return Guantanamo for normal relations See in context

Both countries need to accept there's not going to be any compensations drop the cold war nonsense and move forward, I saw a fox article demanding that obama insist on Cuba paying the US several billion dollars in compensation for US property seized/destroyed during the Cuban revolution, what a joke. We'd be happy to give Cuba Guantanamo though

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Posted in: Otomo first manga artist to win top French prize See in context

Otomo is a legend, Akira is the best epic since the Odessey it's a masterpeice, Domu is a masterpiece too. He's like the Francis Ford Coppla of manga though he put out a few things that are seminal masterpieces and the rest of his stuff just makes you annoyed that he wasn't reaching higher and trying to make anouther masterpiece. His short films in Neotokyo and Memories were fantastic (the one in Short Peace is probably great too I just haven't seen it yet) though and I'm a fan of Roujin Z and the live action Mushishi film he did. His manga outside of Akira and Domu is suprisingly hard to find in English I would love to read Fireball but haven't had any luck finding it. I just hope he gives us one more great epic manga or a really really good anime film adaptation of Domu he's incredibly talented as an artists and as a writer

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Posted in: Indonesia rejects clemency appeals; ready to execute 7 foreigners See in context

This is a tough issue I was going to be very supportive but I thought of the fury that would arrise if for example an American woman was stoned to death in a backwards middle eastern country.

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Posted in: As Romney weighs 2016 bid, his past donors commit to Jeb Bush See in context

I'd take Romney over Jeb anyday, at least Romney seemed to be a pretty decent governer of Massachusetts, Nobody wants anouther Bush in office especially one whose only interest seems to be destroying the public education system

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Posted in: U.S. Senate passes bill approving Keystone XL oil pipeline See in context

Ready the veto pen! Keystone is a joke, it will create as many jobs as a local mcdonalds, Republicans making this a key point of their economic strategy is laughable

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Posted in: Cross-dressing Matsuko Deluxe: AKB opening Tokyo Olympics 'would embarrass Japan' See in context

J-pop idol stuff is a part of most of the world's image of Japan it makes sense to have Japan's most popular idol group do something at the olypics I'm not saying the opening ceremony should be akb48 running out in schoolgirl uniforms and singing heavy rotation but I don't see an issue with making a Japan48 that has some presence and does some promotional stuff

Then why not include half Portuguese Tina Yuzuki and half French Canadian Maria Ozawa and half French Anna Ohura and half Bulgarian Meisa Hanai and half German Saori Hara. Not saying they should perform or anything just be there and be pretty.

Because those are all pornstars as I'm assuming you know haha plus Japan is relatively not diverse at all so they don't really need to try and create that image

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Posted in: Families plead for lives of IS hostages as swap hopes fade See in context

I want to say Japan and Jordan should hang up the phone on ISIS and stop this farce but the longer they extend this the more chance that they'll be able to locate and rescue the hostages somehow, the chance is very remote but it's worth keeping the tension going a bit longer to keep the possibility alive

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Posted in: Islamic State issues new threat via Goto to kill Jordanian pilot See in context

These videos should only be watched to look for location clues there can't be any negotiating with isis on this nonsense I feel bad for the two hostages but they are not going to make it

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Posted in: AKB48 founder plans Japan48 idol group for Olympics, Phillipines spinoff See in context

Of course AKB48 should do something for the olympics they are part of Japanese culture

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Posted in: What Japanese think about the hostage crisis See in context

When we don't support meeting ISIS demands to save Goto it is not because we are unsympathetic at least I'm not I think Goto is a great guy and a hero for going to Syria to try and help his friend, but we can not let them get anything out of this. Unless there is some way of rescuing Goto without giving in to any ISIS demands we need to let him die no negotiating with terrorists. If I was Goto I would be absoluetely miserable if ISIS was about to extract a ransom or hostage swap using me I would must rather die and see them get nothing

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Posted in: Ukraine moves to shut Russia-backed rebels out of talks See in context

First choice is what they would like but would not really go well with the rest of the world

I don't know why that would be the case, I would imagine most of the world would be happy to hear that the Ukranian forces defeated the seperatists (killed/forced them out of the occupied territories). Have any countries outside of Russia shown any support for the seperatists (Russian military backed terrorists)?

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Posted in: Abe calls 24-hour hostage deadline despicable See in context

Goto seems like a great guy but we really need to have a no negotiating with terrorists policy on this I would be extremely disappointed to see this ending in ISIS demands being met. The exchange must not occur

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