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I'm really surprised they got away with it for as long as they did.. but I'm sure glad they!

I got to do this for the first time a few years ago, not as a millennial as some Karen here suggested, but as a 40 year old and I was respectful of others on the road and around me.

Funny how pretty much every negative comment here is from a non-Japanese person. Stay in your lane, and STFU.. I didn't get any negativity from Japanese people while I got to see parts of Tokyo that I otherwise may not have seen. In fact quite the opposite. Little kids sticking their kids out the window waving like crazy, people coming out and posing for photos.

The whole operation is owned by Japanese people who love their pop culture and want to give like minded people a unique experience that will stay with them forever.

Most Japanese people love when foreigners immerse themselves in Japanese culture and traditions, providing it's done respectfully and honestly. MarioKart IS Japanese culture!

Sure, there will be an occasional drongos that can't drive.. but bad drivers are everywhere. There were none on my adventure.

If you can't see the fun and appeal in dressing up and driving a gokart around one of the world's most interesting cities at night, then you are a joyless phuc. Thankfully your just a noisy minority.

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