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Posted in: Biden hints at risky policy shift on Taiwan independence See in context

One has only to look at Biden's hasty retreat from Afghanistan to see how committed he is to his so called allies.

Taiwan could save much bloodshed by surrendering now.

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Posted in: Clever Japanese glass design lets you know what you’re drinking See in context

A useful device for those who have suffered from Covid olfactory sense loss.

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Posted in: 3-year-old girl dies after being left in bus for 5 hours See in context

Three years old? In kindergarten? A mid of three should be at home with a parent, grandparent or other responsible relative and not abandoned to be cared for by strangers.

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Posted in: Greasy spoon eateries to avoid like the plague See in context

If your spoon is greasy, relax! The folks running the joint are probably focused on turning out delicious wholesome meals! No one is perfect, it's better to have a fine meal in a junkyard than eat slop in a penthouse!

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Posted in: Opposition CDPJ asks Kishida to explain Abe's state funeral See in context

Petty politics, disgusting to quibble over a state leaders funeral.

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Posted in: Emirates investing over $2 billion to retrofit 120+ cabins and upgrade inflight experience See in context

Delta and Southwest, please take note!

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Posted in: Pitt stop See in context

First time ever to see someone sitting in a chair praying in a temple.

Every temple and shrine I've been to, folks sat on the floor.

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Posted in: Anne Heche, star with troubled life, dies of crash injuries See in context

Those responsible for her death, the dealers who provided her with the cocaine that impaired her judgement , shall remain unnamed and unpunished.

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Posted in: Peace protest in Seoul See in context

Sure. Many Americans would be happy to cut all military ties with South Korea, let them reunify with their Northern neighbor and end this long conflict.

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Posted in: Yotel to open first hotel in Japan See in context

It is not surprising that the xenophobic Japanese would devise a touchless, contactless method for lodging gaijin.

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Posted in: U.S. House Speaker Pelosi begins Asia tour; no mention of Taiwan See in context

The Democratic Party has long relied on Chinese money to remain in power, and will not allow the deranged alcoholic Pelosi to embarrass their benefactors.

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Posted in: Japan’s new drinkable fresh ginger has curiosities and appetites piqued See in context

Home made ginger ale is simple to make ; ginger,lemon,lime, cane sugar and soda water. Refreshing!

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Posted in: Will Smith posts an apology video for slapping Chris Rock See in context

These two need to stop acting like little children and settle their differences like modern civilized adults: a no-holds barred , best two out of three fall cage match on pay-per-view, with the winner take all!

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Posted in: Japanese man detained by Myanmar police at anti-coup protest See in context

People need to realize that when visiting a foreign country, they are subject to its laws, and any so called rights enjoyed in their home country do not apply there.

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Posted in: 5 iconic torii gates in Japan See in context

The steel Torii at Yasukuni Shrine is also impressive!

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Posted in: Surveillance is pervasive: Yes, you are being watched, even if no one is looking for you See in context

This is good news, people who are doing nothing wrong have nothing to fear; it is the criminals and pedophiles who crave anonymity protected by privacy laws.

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Posted in: Petition started to stop forcing students to cheer for their high school baseball teams See in context

What is wrong with these kids that they don't want to cheer on their classmates? And not cheering for baseball is totally un-American!

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Posted in: Gun used to kill Abe was simple to make, analysts say See in context

Inmates in high security prisons have shown that even with limited access to materials and under restricted conditions, it is possible to create zip guns and other weapons.

Only when human beings are restricted to Matrix style isolation tanks will our capacity for violence be significantly reduced.

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Posted in: Tokyo school swaps fresh fruit for jelly as food prices soar See in context

As long as they get peanut butter to go with the jelly, it's all good!

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Posted in: Elon Musk breaks Twitter silence with photo with pope See in context

Musk is in early stages of negotiations to purchase Vatican, Inc.

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Posted in: Russian warships pass between Japan's westernmost islands See in context

If these ships were any real threat, rest assured that the Japanese Self Defense Naval Forces would have eliminated them.

The citizens of Russia and China should be outraged at their respective governments for putting the crews of their ships in such a perilous situation.

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Posted in: 5 ways to reduce school shootings See in context

Chicago has some of the toughest gun laws in America, as well as one of the highest rates of gun violence.

Not mentioned is the stress caused by overpopulation as well as stresses caused by global warming. As an increasing number of people compete for a dwindling number of resources, violence is inevitable, on both macro and micro levels. Expect more wars, mass shootings, and small scale killings as well.

Criminals will Not be deterred by stricter gun laws, only the law abiding. Americans saw how ineffective the government is at protecting its citizens during the riots of the past few years, as well as the irresponsible abandonment of hundreds of thousands of weapons during the retreat from the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Any government program designed to stop him violence is doomed to fail and we will only be worse off than ever.

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Posted in: JR East celebrates 150 years of rail with special train simulation hotel room stay See in context

Go for the one that includes breakfast!

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Posted in: China military body may be target of Japan counterstrike capability See in context

Of course it is of absolute necessity to maintain counterstrike capability that includes neutralizing the central military command, political leaders, as well as strategic infrastructure.

Anything less is no deterrent.

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Posted in: Johnny Depp on stand: Ex-wife Heard's allegations 'heinous' See in context

Depp's testimony is a textbook example of narcissistic gaslighting, victim blaming, denial, and evasion of responsibility.

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Posted in: Yoshinoya beef bowl chain exec dismissed over sexist remarks See in context

He has been cancelled for inadvertently speaking the truth.

Food companies routinely mix addictive substances into processed foods to create a craving for Their products.

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Posted in: Tons of Japanese nuclear waste may be destined for overseas disposal See in context

Compare this situation to a similar scenario: in the USA, much of the plastic waste is shipped overseas to "recycling" facilities , who charge a hefty fee for their services, then turn around and dump it all in the ocean.

All the efforts of the public to do the right thing are wasted, much fuel is used transporting the waste, also wasted. And the trash ends up in the ocean, while millions sleep peacefully thinking that they are part of a solution.

Every country needs to have the will and the means to deal responsibly with their own waste. It is the height of ignorant arrogance to think otherwise.

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Posted in: North Korea's Kim attends parade honoring grandfather See in context

Happy Birthday Kim !

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Posted in: Swiss seek to bury radioactive waste in clay See in context

Why not just dump all nuclear waste into active volcanos and let the liquid magma consume it?

It wouldn't be much different than disposing of radioactive water into the sea. And cheaper!

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Posted in: Lots of low- and no-cost ways to halt global warming See in context

Global trade and shipping pump many times the pollution as automobiles.

Encourage local self sufficiency to eliminate the largest elephant in the global warming room.

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