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Posted in: KFC Japan develops new fried chicken designed to taste great with beer, other alcoholic drinks See in context

that fried thing next to the drumsticks....is that supposed to be chicken?

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Posted in: 'Past Lives,' Lily Gladstone win at Gotham Awards; Robert De Niro says his speech was edited See in context

DeNiro 's speech was edited for clarity; there have to be reasonable limits on an aging actor spouting his paranoid conspiracy theories !

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Posted in: Novo to launch anti-obesity drug Wegovy in Asia with February Japan roll-out See in context

based on my observations traveling extensively in Japan since 2002, obesity seems virtually non-existent. Unless, of course, the obese in Japan have been ashamed to show themselves in public.

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Posted in: Survey of middle-aged wimps provide case studies in male inadequacy See in context

It takes a strong man to turn away from the money first rat race and pursue the truly finer life rather than to be a mindless wage slave and sugar daddy to parasitic females.

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Posted in: Hilton Japan apologizes for 'disrespectful' ad disparaging traditional Japanese inns See in context

I have no problem with the limited hours of the meals; when in Japan, I usually have a very full day planned with many things to do every day that I'm there, there is no time to lounge around and laze till late hours.

And by the time I'm ready for bed, am usually so tired that I could sleep on a concrete floor, the futon is a luxury !

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Posted in: Do you think alliances like the G7, G20, the Global South, or even the United Nations do anything to stop wars and other conflicts around the world? See in context

these alliances serve as puppets for arms dealers, and they work behind the scenes to award defense contracts, arms shipments, and after an area is destroyed they dole out re-construction contracts to their cronies. All paid for by the tax paying working class.

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Posted in: Roger Waters claims 'Israeli lobby' blocking his Uruguay, Argentina hotel stays See in context

any disagreement with Israeli policy is anti-semitism.

People are free to march lock step in support of Israel !

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Posted in: Qurra gadget has weird name, logical purpose: Keeping your feet warm in winter See in context

having warm feet helps warm up the rest of the body & you could cover your table or whatever with a blanket like a kotatsu, and not need to heat the whole room , apartment, or house and save on heating bills.

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Posted in: Top consultancy McKinsey undermining climate change fight: whistleblowers See in context

The UN is just a huge cash cow for moneyed interests. past time to dissolve this worthless charade and start over.

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Posted in: Israeli forces cut off north Gaza to isolate Hamas as Palestinian deaths surpass 10,000 See in context

The tired myths of monotheism persist.

Israel has turned Gaza into an open-air death camp.

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Posted in: Tokyo holds first missile evacuation drill in years See in context

most stations in Japan are very crowded. good luck with moving thousands of panic stricken people to safety, if such a place exists.

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Posted in: Auto worker strike creates test of Biden's goals on labor and climate See in context

Biden is only pro labor prior to elections,

People have already forgotten how Biden screwed the Railroad Workers Union.

Years ago, in an interview widely shared, Biden is seen telling a union worker " I don't work for you.."....... sometimes even Biden lets slip a bit of truth.

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Posted in: Crazy about 'kakigori': Japan’s favorite summer treat See in context

all these comments about how weird these are, they are really no different from the Sno-Cones sold in every American fair, circus, or beach side attraction.

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Posted in: Man arrested for killing mother by scalding her with boiling water See in context

now HE's the one in hot water !

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Posted in: In the twilight of the muscle car era, demand for the new 486-horsepower V-8 Ford Mustang is roaring See in context

Muscle cars are for men who are unable to perform like one.

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Posted in: Man arrested for filming up woman’s skirt says he was sexually frustrated See in context

He should consider a voluntary orchiectomy , that will be certain to ease his feelings of frustration and help him concentrate on being a productive member of society.

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Posted in: 80-year-old hospital patient arrested over murder of another patient in same room See in context

It might not be dementia; the older a person is, the less deterrent is a life sentence.

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Posted in: Singapore hangs first woman in 19 years after she was convicted of trafficking 31 grams of heroin See in context

if every criminal was sentenced to death, taxpayers would not need to finance vast numbers of prisons and their populations. No recidivism, less crime.

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Posted in: AI is an existential threat – just not the way you think See in context

I look forward to the day when an artificial intelligent entity replaces the soulless, greedy, corrupt, & egotistical politicians. It is only those who rule who have anything to fear.

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Posted in: Ex-con provides peek at killer Tatsuya Ichihashi's life behind bars See in context

How much of his savings and earnings are earmarked for restitution towards his victims family?

Perhaps his caring fans will help him make amends.

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Posted in: China's revised anti-espionage law takes effect See in context

as a college student, I worked in the computer lab, students from China would spend a lot of time uploading software to Chinese servers. We were told to let them, this was in the 1990s....it seems like China has a pretty good idea of what espionage is, they are masters of it!

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Posted in: From human ashes to cell phones, what's going on with concert fans lately? See in context

Readers should watch the old movie "The Blues Brothers" , the scene where the band plays country music behind a wall of chickenwire while the crowd flings beer bottles at them, just part of having a good time !

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Posted in: Saudi Arabia being considered by women's tennis tour for possible business See in context

It would be hypocritical to judge the Saudis negatively as long as we send them trillions for their oil.

Greed for petro created this monster.

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Posted in: Beer factory leak turns Okinawa port red See in context

Although the FDA “generally recognizes” propylene glycol as safe, the EU had no hesitation to place a ban on the chemical because of the harmful side effects in large doses, such as the case of this man who experienced central nervous system depression after ingesting too much whiskey that contained propylene glycol.

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Posted in: Disney use of AI for Marvel TV series sparks anxiety in Hollywood See in context

it seems that the people who fear AI the most are those who are most likely to be replaced by it. I would welcome a benevolent AI politician bot over a real,greedy, duplicitous self-serving human.

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Posted in: Al Pacino, 83, is father for the fourth time, welcoming son Roman with Noor Alfallah See in context

, poor kid, having to start life with 80 year old cells

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Posted in: Police in Sapporo looking for serial urinal grate thief See in context

these work great in meat grinders; with interchangable sizes for the ground meat to be pressed through. the culprit probable owns a local fast food joint.

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Posted in: Canada to require warning labels on individual cigarettes See in context

Easy way around this one: buy tobacco in bulk and smoke it in a pipe. If you grow your own, then there will be no harmful additives or pesticides!

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Posted in: And now the weather: Cloudy with scattered showers of plastic See in context

Humans have a remarkable ability to adapt to changing conditions; in a few generations we will have evolved into beings who thrive on ingesting plastics and relish temperature extremes.

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Posted in: Berlin police investigate Pink Floyd's Roger Waters over Nazi-style uniform See in context

Any criticism of Israeli policies is dismissed as "anti-Semitism."

As a result, the term"anti-Semitism" has come to mean someone who opposes Israel's slaughter of Palestinian people's.

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