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Posted in: Nothing can stop Tokyo Olympics from going ahead: IOC's Coates See in context

The people of Japan must not be unduly influenced by a few loud dissidents and hysterical fear mongers.

Most likely these protests are backed by enemies who envy Japan's prestige and seek to cause loss of face.

Japan will host an Olympics that will be second to none, with all the class and dignity for which the Japanese people are known .

Don't let a few paranoid naysayers disparage the display of international friendship and Olympic ideals, just ignore these disgruntled rabble-rousers and let the games begin!

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Posted in: Osaka man finds stranger eating in his kitchen at night; intruder dies shortly after See in context

Very possible that the intruder was affected by mini strokes of increasing intensity, the first were relatively mild, yet caused erratic behavior. When confronted, his blood pressure rose and caused a seizure finishing him off. A simple tragedy that is overplayed by sensationalistic media.

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Posted in: Should you add wasabi to your soy sauce at a sushi restaurant? See in context

Tabasco sauce on sushi is a real treat, much better than soy or wasabi. Try it, you will be surprised!

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Posted in: Philip Morris to phase out cigarettes in Japan within decade See in context

Philip Morris must figure that their new product will be more profitable than regular cigarettes. The cost for a single drag off the new product will be higher than the cost of an entire cigarette, and formulated to be even more addicting.

There are very few businesses as sleazy as big tobacco, and for a government to own a business that sickens and kills its own citizens is utterly appalling.

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Posted in: As pandemic ebbs, an old fear is new again: mass shootings See in context

As a resident of the Portland, Oregon area, I can testify that availability of guns is not the cause of our rising homicide rate.

For years now, we have had a mayor, city council, and a district attorney who have allowed rioting to go unchecked, anarchy in the streets is a nightly occurrence, and camps of meth addicts have taken over our parks and other green spaces. The police response has been stymied by progressive activists who are more concerned with protecting the rights of violent thugs than protecting the lives of hard working citizens.

If this sounds unbelievable, then I urge you to visit Portland and see for yourself the degradation of a once beautiful city.

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Posted in: Nothing can stop Tokyo Olympics from going ahead: IOC's Coates See in context

There is no need for all the fear and hysteria, all around the world sports activities have resumed, including Soccer, American football, basketball, tennis, hockey, etc.

Japan has a very low rate of covid compared to other industrialized countries , and as long as common sense protocols are followed, there is no need to worry!

Just stay home and enjoy the world's best athletes perform on television, and there will absolutely no risk to anyone.

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Posted in: Virgin Hyperloop shows off the future: mass transport in floating magnetic pods See in context

By the time this is built, it will be obsolete, as Star Trek Teleportation Systems will be on-line able to beam people to any location in the galaxy. Just make certain that no flies are present during the process.

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Posted in: Free your smile with this clear mask See in context

I like wearing a mask, and I like it even more that other people wear masks. And not from worries over covid, I like the anonyminity of not just myself, but being able to ignore others. It brings a whole new level of privacy to being in public. I shall continue to wear a mask after the pandemic is over. Mom

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Posted in: Bill to amend law on Constitution revision referendum likely to pass Diet See in context

You won't know what you've lost until it's gone. And once it's gone, it will never come back.

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Posted in: Anti-Olympic petition tops 200,000 signatures in just 2 days See in context

There is no reason to cancel the Olympics; if people are sick , just stay home. As long as everyone wears a mask, they will be safe, as the athletes and officials will all have been vaccinated.

Besides, if Covid was as serious as the sensationalist media would have you believe, Japan would have developed a vaccine long ago and made sure all its people were inoculated by now.

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Posted in: Ishikawa town builds giant squid with COVID relief funds See in context

Building a squid statue is more than Suga has done to stem the pandemic.

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Posted in: Abe backs Suga's re-election as head of ruling party See in context

Suga deserves another term, but in a much different setting.

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Posted in: Nurses say they are needed elsewhere, not at Tokyo Olympics See in context

The rules of hospitality call for the host to sacrifice their own comforts in order to ensure that the guests needs are provided. This protocol has been a constant in most civilizations since ancient times. Shame on these selfish xenophobic nurses who refuse to treat invited guests with the respect called for.

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Posted in: Biden pitches big government as antidote to crises See in context

Biden needs a reality check, not a blank check.

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Posted in: New York start-up aims to leave a mark with ephemeral tattoos See in context

Now Japanese Law enforcement will be able to go undercover and infiltrate organized crime families and put an end to their nefarious deeds once and for all.

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Posted in: Japan's business leaders suggest ways for gov't to speed up vaccination rate See in context

And due to it being a traditional holiday, no government officials were available for comment.

What a bunch of self serving dilettantes ! Cancel the holidays and deal with the emergency. At least Nero played a fiddle while Rome burned.

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Posted in: Ranks of 'refugee smokers' surging with no place to puff See in context

Perhaps some tech savvy inventor can develop a pocket hookah that with the discrete push of a button ignites the tobacco, with a tube running up ones sleeve, the smoker could then covertly inhale the desired drag, with no unused smoke other than what is exhaled. Like vaping, just less obvious.

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Posted in: Dark city See in context

.....turn out the lights...the party's over...

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Posted in: Suga orders defense ministry to set up large-scale vaccination center in Tokyo See in context

One huge distribution Center will be inefficient , overcrowded, and result in waiting lines taking hours, exposing thousands more to the virus.

Distributing the vaccine to thousands of neighborhood pharmacies , markets, and setting up temporary clinics in a huge number of sites will ensure faster service and more effective distribution.

Please don't make the elderly wait in long lines and create huge traffic jams Mr. Suga.

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Posted in: Kyoto police investigating cream puff attack on Bentley See in context

Now cream puffs can be classified as weapons of mess distraction.

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Posted in: Table tennis star's alleged illicit romance bouncing all over Asia See in context

In a nation with a declining population, such behavior must be encouraged. Overworked males tend to have lower sperm counts and are too exhausted by the work demands imposed on them to perform. If Japan is to maintain an optimal population, a steady supply of healthy males should be imported to sate the desires of sex starved Japanese women.

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Posted in: Plenty of moral reasons to be vaccinated – but that doesn’t mean it’s your ethical duty See in context

Then does the person who declines to be vaccinated then have a moral obligation to remain isolated from the rest of society for the duration of their life span?

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Posted in: Pandemic causing changes in pet dog behavior, survey shows See in context

Even urban wildlife has noticed, here in the US, coyote and bobcat are foraging in increased numbers, and crows are becoming almost as aggressive as their Japanese cousins.

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Posted in: COVID patients with sedentary habits more likely to die: study See in context

Sadly, when sedentary folk pass on, few are likely to notice.

On a more positive note, a disease that removes the sedentary also removes the burdens borne by the productive.

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Posted in: 19-year-old mother charged with murder of newborn son See in context

Sterilization of both is called for, if they don't want to be parents , ensure that they won't ever be parents. That, in addition to any penalties for premeditated murder.

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Posted in: Suga cancels trip to India, Philippines See in context

Suga does not wish to antagonize the Xi any further by meeting with others opposed to expansion of China's territorial waters.

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Posted in: S Korean students shave heads in protest over Japan's Fukushima water release plan See in context

The only effective way to achieve any meaningful change is being demonstrated by the peaceful protests held nightly in cities across the USA, as conscientious youth shatter oppressiveness and light the fires of freedom.

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Posted in: Japan tightens rules on COVID-19 test certificates for travelers See in context

Japan has done very little to "flatten the curve"; in fact, Japan's curve has been getting exponentially steeper. Travelers to Japan face as great a risk or even greater than staying at home. Countries that are serious about stopping the pandemic would be well advised to forego traveling to Japan.

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