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Posted in: Capsules from Nakagin Tower find new life at museums and accommodation venues See in context

This type of architecture could be an answer to housing the millions of USA citizens living under tarps on city streets, underpasses, and parks.

Mass production could make the cost affordable, as US law does not allow the homeless to be displaced if not alternative shelter is available.

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Posted in: China calls U.S. policy 'misguided' in high-level talks See in context

Many are eager for an end to diplomatic posturing and saber rattling and veiled threats.

No more proxy wars fought with restrictive rules of engagement. Let China try and prove its superiority in all out war , they know that their navy is no match for The US, and neither is their air force. We might lose a few cities to Chinese nukes, but the price of freedom is sometimes high and we must be prepared to make some sacrifices.

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Posted in: Man given religiously forbidden food at Nagoya immigration center See in context

In times past, the person responsible would be expected to atone for this error by commiting seppuku.

If bureaucrats today we're held to such standards, we would have a more humane and efficient government.

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Posted in: Sunnier skies: U.S. airline recovery gets off the ground See in context

Now there is a jet fuel shortage in the USA that will put a damper on any recovery and cause an increase in operation costs and ticket prices.

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Posted in: Olympic characters face stiff competition in mascot-mad Japan See in context

Force-fed mass marketing.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics report 1st post-competition COVID-19 case See in context

Not surprising at all. Watch any event so far and you will lose count of the number of maskless people, or those wearing a mask not covering their nose.

By the time a person tests positive, it is very likely that they have been spreading covid cells for several days.

All athletes and other personnel should be quarantined for at least two weeks and then test negative before being allowed to return home, lest they spread the Olympic variant worldwide.

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Posted in: Only Tokyo could pull off these Games? Not everyone agrees See in context

These Olympic games have served as an example of how the greed of the 1% prevails over the will of the majority of the people.

In a way, history has repeated itself; the 1968 Gamed in Mexico City opened 10 days following the Tlatelolco Massacre, when the government slaughtered hundreds of students protesting the games, which were seen as coming at the expense of farmers and the working poor.

Japan has ignored the will of its people, stifled free speech, increased surveillance of visitors and imposed a list of restrictions which belie its status as a free democracy.

These games have become no more than an exercise in vainglorious nationalism, and the stated goals of Olympic ideals have long ago fallen by the wayside.

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Posted in: Do vaccinated people need to go back to masking? See in context

It is now apparent that masking regulations and social distancing should never have been relaxed.

Even with the rising numbers of delta variant cases, many are lax even when masks are required.

For example, the United States team at the Opening Ceremony; many had noses uncovered during the March , and afterward many were seen removing masks while crowded around others. The Olympic Committee needs to get tough and send home athletes who do not respect Covid protocols.

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Posted in: Creating an Olympic soundscape at a fan-free Tokyo Games See in context

This is bound to fail. Nothing can replace the spontaneity of a crowd witnessing a thrilling victory or an agonizing mishap.

These games have suffered enough without having fake applause disguise empty seats.

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Posted in: Olympic opening ceremony director fired for Holocaust joke in 1998 See in context

The Rabbi Cooper is advocating suppression of free speech.

His kind of thinking , imposing his rigid control on people who do not believe in his religion, is what inspired the holocaust to begin with.

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Posted in: Olympic opening ceremony director fired for Holocaust joke in 1998 See in context

The Rabbi needs to lighten up. A 23 year old joke had been forgotten until now. It seems most people are more sympathetic towards the comedian.

Rabbis like him give non Jews a bad impression.

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Posted in: How Afghan war showed limits of U.S. military power See in context

Had the US gone all out and totally neutralized the opposition, this war could have been over in months.

But military strategy is dictated not by strategists, but by war profiteers who profit from arms sales and logistic support services.

Modern day wars are not fought for flag, country, or ideals but for the profit of elite arms dealers who control the narrative and hire lobbyists to ensure legislative approval.

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Posted in: Chinese pop star Kris Wu denies sexual assault allegation See in context

Not uncommon for young women smitten with pop idols to aggressively submit to get attention and then attempt extortion.

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Posted in: Higher tolls, priority traffic lanes go into effect for Tokyo Olympics See in context

This is a wonderful idea, a virtual gold mine!

Since the average citizen is not allowed to contribute to Olympic ideals by attending the games, instead allow them to contribute to the coffers of the ruling class by tolls on their routes to work!

Why stop here? Why not create an Olympic syntax on all goods, utilities, and services! This way every loyal patriotic citizen could share in the glory of hosting these Olympic games !

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Posted in: Zero risk? Virus cases test Olympic organizers' assurances See in context

The Olympic games need to adapt to changing times. Mass migration of athletes and associated personnel to a host country is no longer prudent.

Competitions could be done remotely and simultaneously, monitored electronically.

For example an 8 lane 100 meter dash could be run in 8 different countries with one runner in each, all started at the same time with the contestants combined through the magic of television. Same for all other sports, except those requiring one on one contact such as fencing or wrestling. Just eliminate such sports from the agenda and an Olympics could be run free of disease transmission.

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Posted in: S Korea removes banners at Olympic village after IOC ruling See in context

Be fair and ban ALL flags and uniforms. And stop playing national anthems at medals ceremonies, as all these are symbols of divisive nationalism.

All athletes should compete under the banner of the United Nations and wear a drab, single color uniform.

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Posted in: Gov't asks airlines to halt new bookings as Olympic traffic rises See in context

Japan has less than 3,500 new cases reported each day, with a population of about 125 million and wants to impose more restrictions and many wish to cancel the Olympics. The USA , by comparison has about 33, 000 new cases each day, almost 10 times as many as Japan, yet has less than 3 times the population, and sporting events are being held at full capacity with few restrictions.

Very different are the reactions to very different degrees of the same situation.

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Posted in: Italy to ban mammoth cruise ships from Venice from Aug 1 See in context

Cruise ships were early spreaders of Covid, and have a history of being breeding grounds for other communicable diseases as well. Add to that the environmental damage they cause, and the slave like conditions the ships crews are subject to, no one with an iota of social conscience would board one of these things.

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Posted in: Missing Ugandan athlete leaves note saying he wants to work in Japan See in context

He must have local help or he wouldn't be able to stay hidden.

Unless he is already dead and his remains disposed.

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Posted in: Prosecutors seek 7-year prison term for 90-year-old ex-bureaucrat in fatal driving case See in context

Accidents can happen to anyone, no matter what age. Incidents like this serve to remind us all to maintain our vehicles, stay alert and aware, and exercise prudent caution at all times.

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Posted in: British women's soccer team will take a knee at Olympics See in context

Why not just have a separate event for these protests?

Or put a stop to it now before it gets out of hand, as there is an endless list of issues people could protest.

If the protest occurs prior to the event, automatic disqualification, if it occurs afterward, same disqualification or loss of medal. Make the protest meaningful by making the protesters sacrifice for it.

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Posted in: Man admits killing and injuring over 100 cats See in context

Future victims could be spared by institutionalizing him now.

At 47 years of age, he is beyond redemption.

The well documented patterns of behavior of others like him indicate that his levels of atrocities will escalate in severity.

Lock him away from society or expect more of the same.

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Posted in: Bad dog? Research suggests superbug link to man's best friend See in context

Another problem easily solved via hi-tech.

Simply replace existing dog breeds with robotic substitutes. No more bacteria laden feeding or messy dog faeces disposal.

And with the proper programming, the dog can be as loving as any live pet, a more alert watchdog, a superior hunting dog, or even with additional capabilities not found in ordinary bio units.

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Posted in: Mister Donut becomes Mister Pizza? Japan’s favorite donut chain now sells pizza too See in context

I hope they offer a sugar glazed version with sprinkles. A pizza-sized donut would be awesome!

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Posted in: Super Crazy Kun’s election win deemed invalid a second time See in context

Glad to see that the USA is not the only democracy ruled by a closed, corrupt political machine.

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Posted in: No Psy but BTS play on as Seoul bans fast gym music See in context

The people who are fans of K-Pop today will be nostalgic for it 20-30 years from now, Psy will be doing shows for his elderly fans, albeit with abbreviated moves.

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Posted in: Shibuya unveils two new local ramen dishes themed after famously loyal local dog Hachiko See in context

The real Hachiko suffered health problems from being fed food scraps.

His story was truly heartbreaking, to name a food after him is simply gauche.

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Posted in: Japan's foreign minister eyes visit to Iran in August See in context

Motegi will simply be serving as a messenger boy between Iran and the USA.

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Posted in: Tokyo hotel criticized for 'Japanese only' notice for elevator use See in context

This is a welcome sight that needs to be done everywhere.

Fully vaccinated foreigners must be protected from the many unvaccinated Japanese, who, through no fault of their own but that of an inefficient government, are still a danger as carriers and spreaders of Covid 19 and its numerous variants.

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Posted in: Japan to begin accepting requests for vaccine passports from July 26 See in context

As inefficient as Japan has been at distributing and administering the vaccine, travelers FROM Japan should be required to quarantine a minimum of two weeks wherever they travel to, and the present proof of vaccination and recent negative test results for all subsequent economic activity.

Actually, Japan, with the tenth largest population on the planet, ranks only 35 th in number of cases, which indicates that the level of hysterical paranoia is way overblown.

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