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Posted in: Death penalty can express society's outrage – but biases often taint verdict See in context

Mitigating circumstances are no more than a clever tactic lawyers use to enrich themselves.

The only thing that matters is whether a defendant did or did not do the crime that they are accused.

Swift application of the death penalty for all felons, including white collar felons, can and will eliminate recidivism and make our society a safer and equitable place.

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Posted in: Ballet giving Japanese athletes new way to stay on their toes See in context

This is nothing new. NFL players were getting ballet training as long ago as the 1960's.

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Posted in: New Zealand to make banks report climate impact See in context

How about requiring governments to report on how much useless feel good legislation adds to the problem by creating a phony sense of accomplishment?

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Posted in: Man arrested for forcing his pet cat to swim See in context

At least he allowed the cat to swim and wasn't forcing the cat to sink.

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Posted in: Tokyo area set to end COVID-19 restrictions on eateries See in context

So one story says that restrictions will be eased, yet another story says some places will require proof of vaccination.

Requiring proof is a restriction. Can't have it both ways.

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Posted in: Chapelle special spurs Netflix walkout; 'Trans lives matter' See in context

More attention grabbing victimism.

More publicity.

Look at me, look at me!

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Posted in: Hair from culled Hokkaido deer made into jeans See in context

PETA will have another snit-fit. LOL!

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Posted in: The first battle in the culture wars: The quality of diversity See in context

Blatant condescending racism is the hallmark of neo-liberalism, expounding the stereotypical view of the helpless minority unable to fend for themselves without the aid of handouts and quotas.

The focus on diversity for the sake of diversity is shear lunacy; we should instead be recognizing what we all have in common and work from there.

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Posted in: Police shooting looms over confirmation battle for Emanuel as ambassador to Japan See in context

Americans like Biden are pleased that they can shuffle Rahm off to Tokyo and keep him out of the public eye for the next 7 years.

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Posted in: Grammys release inclusion requirement to ensure diverse show See in context

This is wonderful news, hopefully American major League sports will follow suit.

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Posted in: 88 Afghans arrive in Japan See in context

This is just an insignificant drop in the bucket.

Japan should be letting 88,000 refugees in instead of a mere 88. Even that would be fewer than 2000 per prefecture, and with a declining population , and a generation of spoiled children coming of age, Japan is in dire need of people willing to do the jobs that young Japanese won't do.

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Posted in: New Disney anime series focuses on beautiful boys living in villain-inspired magical dormitories See in context

Androgynous characters intended to groom a generation of young males to be willing subjects of pedophilia.

Not what Walt had in mind.

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Posted in: Plastic additives found in 52% of seabirds around the globe: study See in context

Paul & fxgai:


Yes, people have plastic too , even without eating sea birds or fish!

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Posted in: Growing American football on Japanese turf See in context

Attendance at college and professional football games is back to normal, stadiums are packed to capacity, few wear masks and the USA averages over 100,000 new cases of Covid each day.

As for the sport, it grows more tiresome every year. Endless new rules attempt to force players to conform to draconian rules of behavior and the constant calling of penalties and play reviews make the game drag on for hours, allowing sponsors more time to sell televised ads while those in attendance fidget in their seats wondering what goes on.

Rugby is much more exciting.

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Posted in: Reduced splash, easier smart phone operation among reasons more guys prefer to pee while seated See in context

It is true that there is no danger of contracting a STD from a toilet seat, however there is a lot of other types of diseases and other bugs lurking on public toilets.

I always use at least 3 of the paper seat covers before using a public toilet.

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Posted in: U.S. sets new lower salt target for food industry See in context

The FDA is little more than the enforcement arm of the industries it "regulates."

This move is no more than a PR stunt to create the appearance of an agency concerned about public health.

It is most likely a face saving move in response to an industry move to cut costs by reducing salt used in production.

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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of 83-year-old father See in context

And just like than an elderly lady has lost the love of her life and also one who was once her little bundle of joy.

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Posted in: Princess Mako's boyfriend to meet her parents ahead of marriage See in context

After all the unnecessary scrutiny and speculation, one can only hope that this couple can manage to have a happy life together.

Congratulations, may your life together be peaceful and fulfilling,!

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Posted in: FDA panel endorses lower-dose Moderna COVID shot for booster See in context

It is a panel of OUTSIDE advisors urging the FDA to recommend the Moderna booster, after the FDA themselves had already determined a Moderna booster was not necessary.

Who exactly are these "outside advisors" who have more expertise and influence to overrule the FDA?

Most likely a panel from those who stand to earn billions from boosting vaccine levels in the already vaccinated.

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Posted in: Reduced splash, easier smart phone operation among reasons more guys prefer to pee while seated See in context

60% of men say they sit? As a man, I suspect that a majority of that 60% are simply lying, telling the pollster a tale to appear more hygienic than they really are.

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Posted in: Embattled Facebook releases new curbs on harassment See in context

Facebook overzealously censors mundane articles, satire and other innocuous posts, yet allows obvious phishing posts, fraudulent ads, and other misinformation.

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Posted in: Major Hollywood crew strike looms as union sets deadline See in context

Good, there are more than enough DVDs and such available to last several lifetimes.

Most of what Hollywood produces is a remake of something; there has been nothing original since the days of Shakespeare.

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Posted in: Rolling Stones drop hit 'Brown Sugar' from U.S. tour See in context

Once all references to past misdeeds are censored, those whose ancestors were allegedly oppressed will have no grounds for complaint.

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Posted in: Reduced splash, easier smart phone operation among reasons more guys prefer to pee while seated See in context

It would be preferable if someone designed a combination toilet-urinal that would contain any splashing and allow men to stand as nature intended rather than be subjected to further emasculating social engineering by the anti gender police.

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Posted in: 19-year-old arrested for attacking girl; hints at involvement in fatal arson See in context

So what if he is a "youth. " 19 is old enough to know right from wrong.

He should head for the gallows immediately after a fair trial.

If innocent unborn babies can be aborted as a choice, there is no moral or logical reason why murderous predators cannot be systematically executed as well.

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Posted in: McCartney says Lennon responsible for Beatle breakup See in context

If he wanted to keep the rest of the band together, why didn't he then?

Not sure what kind of business arrangement they had, but they could have offered John a percentage if they wanted to keep the Beatles name, and gone on as a trio or hired someone to take his place. In 70s London, there was a lot of talented rockers changing bands, they could have replaced Lennon in a heartbeat!

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Posted in: Hypersonic missiles: The alarming must-have in military tech See in context

We have spent untold billions of dollars, rubles, euros, etc building these weapons and for what? All they do is collect dust! I say build no more until the available stock is depleted, otherwise we will run of space to store them!

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Posted in: 'Should I date this person?' Go hiking and you’ll have the answer, Japanese Twitter user says See in context

Going on a hiking trip, enjoying the beauty of nature, breathing fresh air, getting far away from civilization alone with a prospective life partner is a great way to find out if this person is or isn't a psychopathic homicidal maniac.

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Posted in: Taiwan defense minister says military relations with China at lowest point in 4 decades See in context

The free people of the world need to unite and send belligerent war mongering China a message by boycotting all Chinese goods NOW.

Relying on political leaders is useless, money talks, and if, only if, and when the freedom loving people of this planet stop spending their money on Chinese goods will these power crazed despots get a clue.

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Posted in: 52-year-old woman arrested over mother’s murder See in context

As to the crime reported, mental health problems should not be considered as a defense of a crime of this nature. The perpetrator was under treatment, and apparently those who cared for her did not consider her a danger, if they had then she would have been institutionalized. This kind of crime calls for nothing less than the death penalty.

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