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Posted in: 'Grand Theft Auto' game maker says new edition in development See in context

Maybe this version will have the option to just take the catalytic converter to sell for cash.

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Posted in: Prison officer arrested for assaulting her boss at karaoke parlor See in context

No tolerance for singing off key or flubbing the lyrics!

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Posted in: Children who wear face masks all the time see their marks go down 20% See in context

School buildings must be fitted with oxygen supply lines to every desk in every classroom. Students will wear masks with an adapter hose to connect to the oxygen supply.

With high concentration of oxygen, brains will be turbocharged and students will learn more faster than ever before.

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Posted in: Brady's goodbye leaves (almost) everyone smiling See in context

Surprising, many thought Brady would play forever.

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Posted in: Washington's NFL team unveils new name as Commanders See in context

It just rolls of your tongue in the most uninspiring manner. The did manage to come up with something as bad as Guardians.

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Posted in: Crosby, Stills and Nash follow Young's lead in Spotify row See in context

How many of these old timers fans even know what Spotify is ?

For that matter, how many Spotify fans know who CSN&Y are?

And since when are counter culture musicians intolerant of others views? What a bunch of totalitarian hypocrite s!

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Posted in: British PM Johnson plans to visit Japan in mid-February See in context

Kishida has the opportunity to improve the planet's appearance by springing for a session for Bo Jo with Tokyo's leading hair stylist.

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Posted in: Japanese survey asks exactly why people broke up with their partners See in context

My partner said they split because I spent to much time online answering polls and commenting on useless subjects.

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Posted in: Emma Thompson confronts nudity and aging in sex worker comedy See in context

The storyline about aging women seeking adventures that they shunned at an earlier age is one that is very common in real life. Divorcees and widows are eager to experience romantic fantasies while they still can.

As for America's Dad, tens of millions of American males grew up with Bill Cosby as Carole model. Unfortunately, his bad habits have been widely emulated, and date rape and drugging are still out of control.

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Posted in: New U.S. envoy Rahm Emanuel arrives in Japan See in context

Rahm knows how to deal with China...quietly, discretely, and with deniability.

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Posted in: Long-lost slave ship and fake riot towns spotlight race at Sundance See in context

Slavery still exists as an institution, conditions for slaves is worse than under legal slavery. It is cheaper to pay minimum wage than to pay for all the expenses of maintaining a slave.

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Posted in: 30 temporarily stranded on Osaka theme park roller coaster See in context

Those responsible should be held accountable and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law as well as paying restitution to all affected .

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Posted in: How the pandemic's unequal toll on people of color underlines U.S. health inequities See in context

Does this mean that Covid was genetically engineered to target "people of color?"

Or was it simply a coincidence that while first discovered in China, it is the USA experiencing over half a million new cases per day?

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Posted in: After Biden's first year, the virus and disunity rage on See in context

All people seem to care about concerning Biden is that he is not Trump.

His insipid incompetence is insignificant, as long as he is a loyal Democrat, nothing else matters.

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Posted in: Classic rock albums turning 50 See in context

Hard to believe that crap was ever popular.

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Posted in: 1,000 women take part in New Year archery event See in context

Only one thousand allowed to compete and no spectators?

This event needs to be updated, using virtual reality, millions could compete online, and hundreds of millions could watch online or via cable.

Left as is, billions of yen are being left on the table.

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Posted in: 10 nuanced Japanese expressions for advanced learners See in context

The author should use romanji as not all JT readers are fluent in katakana , hiragana, and Chinese characters.

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Posted in: Most of Japan’s new adults hope to fall in love and get married, according to recent survey See in context

Much profit to be made pushing escapist fantasies.

To expect that another person will complete your life by meshing as a soul mate is naive and ends in disappointment.

A person is far better off pursuing selfish self centered hedonism before any consideration over anyone else.

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Posted in: 20-year-old man arrested for drunk driving after attending Coming-of-Age Day ceremony See in context

"Being drunk at the time" seems to be an excuse accepted by courts as a defense for a variety of crimes such as assault ,etc.

Yet this excuse is never used in DUII cases....

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Posted in: IOC major sponsors mostly muted in runup to Beijing Olympics See in context

Companies who sponsor these games will face being equated with sponsoring genocide and face world wide boycotts of all their product lines.

The movement has already begun, will probably remain a grass roots movement as mainstream media is reluctant to antagonize advertisers.

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Posted in: KFC Japan goes spicy and green with new Green Hot Chicken See in context

Wasabi coated chicken would be a huge hit, surprised KFC hasn't tried it.

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Posted in: Baldwin says he is complying with 'Rust' shooting investigation See in context

Baldwin has been stonewalling and reading script provided by his attorneys, and in a state of denial ever since he killed the woman and wounded the others.

Jail time is what he deserves, and also huge restitution to the families of his victims.

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Posted in: Man arrested after 3-hour siege in Tokyo restaurant See in context

If he wanted the death penalty, there is nothing to stop him from self terminating it used to be a method of going out with honor and grace.

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Posted in: Man in prison for attempted murder gets life sentence for killing 9-year-old girl in 2004 See in context

Hopefully this poor man, himself a victim of a vicious society, gets the help he needs to fully rehabilitate himself and one day be a caring, giving, valued and productive member of the community.

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Posted in: Kishida calls for aggressive wage hikes in push for wealth redistribution See in context

The best way to increase workers earning power is by reduction of The various taxes each wage earner pays.

Increasing wages across the board may seem like a worthy deed, however, such wage increases lead to higher prices for consumers as companies must recover the cost of additional wages. Wage hikes also push earners into higher tax brackets. The resulting inflation from mandated wage hikes quickly negates any advantage of higher pay and leaves the worker with less than before government meddling.

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Posted in: Antonio Brown's mental health is no joke See in context

He may be suffering brain trauma from repeated concussions. Or possibly roid rage.

No father supporting a loving family willingly tosses away a multi million dollar career.

He needs help, just hope he asks for it before he does something that he really regrets.

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Posted in: 70-year-old man arrested for stalking 72-year-old woman See in context

Maybe he thought she was playing hard to get.

Most women prefer persistent men who won't take no for an answer.

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Posted in: Australian rugby player arrested on cocaine possession charge See in context

He can always claim that someone planted it on him, and a good lawyer can always round up some reliable witnesses to verify his story.

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Posted in: TV station employee arrested after head-butting police officer See in context

Police officers must be required to wear helmets and body armor to ensure their personal safety when dealing with violent people as the Japanese.

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Posted in: Mental health issues show women bear brunt of Japan monarchy system See in context

Royalty is an outdated concept in any modern society on the planet.

Retiring this tradition would free up much land for the homeless and ease the burden on taxpayers.

While the behavior of Japan's royal is tightly controlled, such is not the case in European royalties, who live lavishly and decadently at huge costs to the working people and give little in return save for tabloid fodder.

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