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Daninthepan comments

Posted in: Japan lower house OKs bill to reform foreign trainee program See in context

drawing opposition from some supporters of foreign workers.

Who the hell are they?

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Posted in: Man arrested for hitting wife with banana peel denies it can be called domestic abuse See in context

I'm guessing it's pretty difficult to get a divorce on mental abuse grounds here so getting slapped in the face with anything could be her ticket to freedom.

Stick it in the police records to build a case against him - he sounds like an abusive bully at the very least (we all know one).

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Posted in: Bear attack suspected after 4 calves found dead at Hokkaido ranch See in context

Ninja Bear is back! I knew they'd got the wrong bear. You can't keep a good bear down.

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Posted in: As yakuza weaken, police focus shifts to unorganized crime hired via social media See in context

Disorganized crime seems easier to fight than organized.

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Posted in: SoftBank Corp to help call center workers by 'softening' angry customer calls with AI See in context

What if I call crying and emotional? Does it neutralize this too? What if I call and I'm jovial? Will my jokes be ruined? (No great loss there).

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Posted in: Golden Week wraps up as travelers return home See in context

It's an insult to both gold and weeks to call it that.

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Posted in: Starbucks founder Schultz says company needs to refocus on coffee as sales struggle See in context

People still use Linkedin?

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Posted in: Man suspected of ordering Tochigi killings held; total arrests 6 See in context

there is something doubly tragic about being the victim of an incompetent criminal.

Hope this makes quote of the day.

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Posted in: Man assaults woman, steals her underwear in Sapporo See in context

His mate was probably recording it from the bushes for his Insta.

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Posted in: 72-year-old former school sports coach arrested for allegedly sexually molesting student See in context

in this case, no need to report his "old" job.

Err, exactly the case for reporting his old job: it's in the public interest. Perhaps she was not the only one. Others may come forward now they know they are not alone.

(Plus a billion other reasons it's in the public interest)

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Posted in: Osaka governor suggests lowering voting age to 0 to curb population decline See in context

Why not? Surely the babies can't make any worse decisions than the dribbling old idiots running the country.

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Posted in: 2 Japanese gangster suspects in Thailand murder flee to Laos: police See in context

According to all the forensic scientists I've heard, scattering the body parts is a big no-no. It just adds crime scenes and more places to make mistakes.

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Posted in: Japan eyes cashless tax refunds to stem illicit resale by tourists See in context

Making rules to solve problems that don't exist - hmm, sounds familiar.

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Posted in: 63 doctors, dentists sue Google for keeping reviews they say are unfair See in context

I was looking at mental health clinics in my area and none of them had positive reviews. Tough crowd to please, I guess.

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Posted in: Man arrested for falsely reporting he was stabbed, robbed See in context

He'd rather stab himself than go on holiday with the friend? Must be some friend. (Suppose we've all got them).

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Posted in: Japan lower house OKs bill to allow joint custody after divorce See in context

Just the first kick of a very small can down a very long road.

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Posted in: Japanese astronaut to be first non-American to set foot on moon See in context

It'll be a small step, indeed.

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Posted in: 3 junior high students implicated in death of man who fell from building rooftop See in context

Philosopher's StoneMar. 8 07:41 pm JST

Would like to see those three greenhorns trying to rob me, a Mixed Martial Art street fighter.

And a philosopher; and a stone.

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Posted in: Japan's Nikkei closes at all-time high, breaking bubble era record See in context

So where is my piece of the pie?

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Posted in: Japanese film director arrested over sexual assault allegations See in context

As soon as I read the headline, I thought "another scoop by Shukan Bunshun". Why are Japan and the Japanese police relying on them/other media to do their work? When are we going to see "police investigation leads to..."?

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Posted in: 3 men arrested for sexual assault, theft after spiking women’s drinks with sleeping pills at bar See in context

Just the tip of an enormous iceberg, I fear.

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Posted in: Top court rejects 10th retrial request for 1961 poisoned-wine murders See in context

Well done Asiaman7 for finding that. Why would anyone down vote that?

What a bizarre case:

Kuzuo was a closed mountain village where only 25 families lived.

Seems to me 25 families know exactly what happened and are keeping tight-lipped.

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Posted in: Indonesian man dies while in police custody in Tochigi Prefecture See in context

Why would they deny anyone's request to see a doctor? It's just a power trip, I guess.

When a kid in my English class says can I go to the toilet I just think "Yay! 5 minutes I don't have to do any work" "Off you go son". Who cares if he genuinely needs to go or not? What's the alternative? "No, you will not go. You will stay here until the end of class and you will suffer like all the other toilet-needing kids until I say you can relieve yourself"

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Posted in: Foreign-born Miss Japan sparks debate on what it means to be Japanese See in context

Why is it only models, celebrities, (and sportsmen) paving the way for Japanese of mixed ethnicity? Oh yeah, because that's their role in this society "Ahhh, mecha kawaiiiiii!"... Do me a favour!

Do I think a person who is not of Japanese descent should be a representative of a society that does not accept anyone Japanese who does not look Japanese? No, it's a token gesture/slap in the face and does more harm than good.

Do I think anyone of any ethnicity should represent the UK, for example? Yes, we have a multi-ethnic society and are 100% willing to look past a person's outward appearance before making a judgment on their nationality.

Anyone can say they belong to a any group but it's a two-way street: If the group says you don't belong then to hell with them, make your own group and be proud of your individuality.

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Posted in: 20 people, mostly foreign workers, injured in southwest Japan bus crash See in context

A minibus crashed into a telephone pole in southwestern Japan on Thursday, injuring all 19 passengers, 18 foreign nationals and one Japanese, and the driver, police and firefighters said.

The driver is neither Japanese or foreign - interesting.

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Posted in: Man assaulted, robbed by motorcycle gang in Kanagawa Prefecture See in context

This wouldn't even make the slow day on local newspaper in London.

Tokyo is incredibly safe and unless you have some stats or proof to prove otherwise, you are deluded.

Back up your assertions with statistics please.

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Posted in: Yakuza member wanted for fatally shooting man at Starbucks in Ehime See in context

The police suspect that Maetani and Ishikawa knew each other and were involved in some kind of trouble.

That's why they get the big bucks.

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Posted in: Classroom avatar creating constructive conflict at small Japanese schools See in context

This is brilliant! It's so hard to get discussions going when everybody just wants to agree with the first opinion that is raised for fear of causing offense. Why stop at classrooms? Get one in every boardroom. (Just power it by chatgpt).

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Posted in: Ren (蓮), Himari (陽葵) most popular baby names in Japan in 2023: survey See in context

Names seem to be so generational in Japan. Every five years or so a new set of names will appear in my school register.

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Posted in: Ren (蓮), Himari (陽葵) most popular baby names in Japan in 2023: survey See in context

from my lost past, "Akemi" will always be my favorite.

You haven't met my ex.

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