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Posted in: British motorcyclist in coma after crashing at Japan circuit See in context

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

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Posted in: Autonomous beverage and snack car now testing in Chiba See in context

The country least in need of an autonomous beverage and snack car.

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Posted in: Japanese firm seeks halal approval for non-alcohol udon soup stock See in context

The last Isetan catalogue had a section of goods under the banner of Halal. They seemed to be suggesting halal was superior grade food to others (kodawari). I wonder if it was actually halal.

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Posted in: Gyms facing COVID mask dilemma amid summer heat concerns See in context

For training, my mask is just a fig leaf. It's so perforated, it wouldn't stop a train coming through. I then use a plastic frame to balance it on my chin leaving a 1 inch gap at the top end to allow me to breath the same as usual.

I've had 3 vaccinations and I've had covid. The chances of me getting it again and giving it to someone else are, dare I say it, very low, but I stick it on because those are the rules/the norms; when in Rome and all that.

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Posted in: Japan reports 186,229 coronavirus cases; Tokyo has record high 31,878 See in context

Get vaccinated, get tested and get over it!

Record high numbers and yet less than 20 in serious enough condition to warrant being in hospital yesterday. We are closing the borders; missing out on millions daily, and bankrupting businesses left right and centre for the sake of 20 people in hospital.

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Posted in: App developed to automatically delete children's nude selfies See in context

A lot of people calling out victim-blaming, which is just a bit weird. Not letting your kid out after dark is not victim-blaming, it's parenting. Dangerous things can happen to kids and we aren't blaming them by looking for measures to prevent dangerous things from happening.

App seems like a good idea to me. I'm sure a few of the evil nutcases will find a way around it eventually but I can also see it preventing a lot of misery - a lot!

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Posted in: Japan eases travel advisory for 34 nations, including China, S Korea See in context

As long as it's necessary to get a negative PCR test before returning to Japan, it makes no sense to travel anywhere. If you test positive for corona in another country it can take up to 90 days for all the dead corona cells to leave your body which is necessary for a PCR test to be negative, even though you will be unlikely to be contagious after about 6 days and all your symptoms cleared up in 10.

(I've just learned this the hard way)

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Posted in: Two gunmen killed, six officers wounded in shootout at Canadian bank See in context

Just a thought, but with everything going cashless, there can't be much in it for robbers these days.

(Obviously not talking about cash-based Japan)

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Posted in: Teenager sent to reformatory for killing 3-year-old sister in Okinawa See in context

Even kids know to use the "My memory was fuzzy"-defence.

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Posted in: Make muggy weather more manageable with this money-saving lifehack See in context

Let's be honest; there just is no escaping the Japanese summer. You can run but you can't hide!

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Posted in: Travel firms thrown into confusion over rules as Japan reopens to foreign tourists See in context

If you have to get a negative PCR test 72 hours before flying, who in their right mind would book a ticket weeks beforehand, only to be told they are positive and can't get on the plane? Once you test positive, it can take up to 90 days for the virus to fully leave your system enough to pass another PCR test. An antigen test can take as little as 5 days to clear but the super strict PCR will search for even dead virus cells and therefore register you as positive even though you are zero risk to anybody. (My advice to anybody considering coming to Japan is wait until they drop the PCR requirement or check your cancellation policy very carefully).

The whole thing just seems like pointless gestures just to say something is progressing - it isn't.

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Posted in: Ruling lawmaker in hot seat over alleged drinking with teenage girl See in context

If he paid for her drinks, surely, he's broken the law.

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Posted in: Japan tops world tourism ranking despite COVID restrictions See in context

Not hard to look after your tourists when you only have seven of them.

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Posted in: 7 from U.S. arrive in Japan for 1st test tour before tourism reopening See in context

From June, travellers to Japan from countries and regions with a low risk of transmission will no longer be required to have quarantine checks or self-isolate at home, regardless of whether they have had three COVID-19 vaccines.

Is that true? I thought everybody including Japanese nationals and residents had to have three vaccines. You don't have to sel-isolate if you test negative.

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Posted in: Businesses rattled by gov't caution to ease restrictions for foreign tourists See in context

seven people from the United States are slated to visit Japan as the first in a series of small-scale tours to assess the feasibility of resuming tourism

What on earth are seven people under escort in restricted areas going to tell us about the feasibility of resuming tourism.

Oh yeah, no one will want to come.

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Posted in: Man offers to pay back mistakenly sent ¥46.3 mil COVID funds 'little by little' See in context

Does anyone know his lawyer's name? If I'm ever in any trouble "Get me the missing millions guy".

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Posted in: How Tom Cruise survived the end of the star era See in context

How much is his longevity due to the Church of Scientology being way more powerful than we ever imagined. Oh, scoot! Are they watching me now?

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Posted in: Man mistakenly sent ¥46.3 mil in COVID funds gambles it all away See in context

What a waste! 46 million in overseas casinos, spent in his bedroom.

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Posted in: Woman arrested over murder of newborn son See in context

Don't get me wrong; what she did was awful but it seems to be happening every week - perhaps it's time to take a step back and look at the society as a whole.

Other forms of birth control such as the morning after pill are available only through visitation of a clinic and oral contraceptives, which were legalized in 1999, are not covered by Japanese Health Insurance. (Wikipedia)

Room for / necessity for improvement?

Also rather tell-tale:

In 1999, low dose forms of the pill were approved by the Clinic of Japan Family Planning Association, coinciding with the acceptance of the erectile dysfunction drug Viagra.[1] (Wikipedia)

I wonder who's really in charge of a woman's body.

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Posted in: World's biggest YouTuber PewDiePie moves to Japan See in context

How has he got a visa?

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Posted in: Woman indicted on cocaine smuggling charge See in context

I guess what she wanted to say was "someone who was not Japanese gave her the books" so how would you say that in Japanese? Oh yeah, gaikokujin or foreigner. I suppose if I'd just been arrested with 2kg of coke, I'd be worried about the sensitivities of a few white folk in Japan getting upset cos no one is looking out for them and would opt for the more lengthy and yet appropriate term of person not of Japanese descendency. Still, you'd forgive me if I didn't, right?

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Posted in: Woman indicted on cocaine smuggling charge See in context

Throw the book at her.

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Posted in: Man arrested over theft of woman’s underwear from coin laundry See in context

His name and company was written on a helmet he was wearing.

I'm guessing it was a dunce cap with village Idiot written on it.

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Posted in: Leader of QAnon's Japan branch arrested for obstructing COVID vaccinations for kids See in context

Never understand why these people bother. Okay, if you don't think the vax is any good don't take it but lets not make a song and dance about it. Don't particularly support potato on pizza but I'm not going to start a demo.

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Posted in: 64-year man arrested after forcing son to hang himself See in context

It's a fine line between forcing someone to kill themselves and allowing someone to kill themselves.

(especially with Japanese grammar)

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Posted in: Russia acknowledges significant troop losses in Ukraine See in context

Dmitry is a brave man, speaking out against Putin. I wouldn't be touching any doorknobs for the next couple of months if I were him.

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Posted in: Teenage girl injured after man hits her in suicide leap from high-rise in Tokyo See in context

I think it was in last month's Japan Today: a man jumped from the top of a building; a woman lent out of the window to see what happened, fell out of the window herself and she landed on a man walking past.

Glad the girl in this story was okay at least.

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Posted in: Man gets 20 years in prison for kidnapping two young girls See in context

@lostrune2 - there are better ways to save people from suicide than keeping them captive, committing sexual assaults and only them to shower every two days.

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Posted in: 'Gamer apartments' available to rent; come with full gaming PC set up See in context

The Matrix has begun.

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