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Posted in: 2 men arrested over unauthorized copying of Japanese-style artwork See in context

Won't be long til a 3d printer is able to produce a fake good enough to fool the experts.

“The Work of Art in the Age of its Technological Reproducibility” (Walter Benjamin 1935)

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Posted in: UK counts on vaccines, 'common sense' to keep virus at bay See in context

"..rely on common sense" - another way of saying we haven't got a clue, but it doesn't matter 'cos it's your fault anyway.

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Posted in: 77-year-old woman out on bail over son's murder, arrested for killing sister See in context

Released on bail?

Whoever is left in her family must be terrified.

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Posted in: Elton John pairs with Nicki, Miley, many more on new album See in context

That's Sir Elton John to you J.T.

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Posted in: Man arrested for killing 92-year-old woman, stealing ¥2,082 yen from her See in context

Second man in August to hand himself in at the convenience store.

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Posted in: Japan probes two deaths after jabs from tainted Moderna batch See in context

The problem is, it is easier to prove the vaccine definitively caused their deaths than it is to definitively prove it didn't.

If it is officially announced the vaccine caused their deaths there will be a lot of people (on here and elsewhere) saying "told you so" and there's not much to come back with - congratulations.

On the other hand, it's unlikely the government/news will report definitively that the vaccine was not the cause and even if they do, the people here will say they can't trust the gov/news anyway and by which time the damage will already have been done (sewing doubt in the minds of the undecided).

For these people there is just no way to falsify the view the vaccines are dangerous and speculation like this, although newsworthy, unfortunately, is on their side. It's a lose-lose situation.

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Posted in: Man in Sapporo attempts to rob convenience store with lighter See in context

Since the manager was not a scarecrow, he took the calculated risk of not giving in to Nakamura’s demands


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Posted in: Nirvana sued by man who was nude baby on 'Nevermind' cover in 1991 See in context

The irony of the baby grabbing money, now grabbing the money.

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Posted in: Man in Kyoto leaves bag of red-stained knives in front of house See in context

If it had been axes, at least we could have known it was someone with an axe to grind.

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Posted in: Lockdowns or vaccines? NZ, Australia, Japan try diverging paths See in context

Lockdowns or vaccines? NZ, Australia, Japan try diverging paths

Is Japan trying a path?

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Posted in: Man claiming to be Russian who swam to Japan seeking asylum appears in Hokkaido town See in context

Any man who can swim 20k in that water deserves at least a visa.

(All I had to do was get a 3rd rate uni degree).

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Posted in: Cleaner arrested for stealing glove from SoftBank Hawks player’s locker See in context

Surprised it wasn't the jockstraps.

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Posted in: Immigration agency admits to mistreatment of Sri Lankan before her death See in context

Immigration Services Agency of Japan, told a separate press conference, "The Nagoya bureau at that time lacked awareness of its responsibility to ensure the safety of people and respectfully engage with them."

This is so problematic, where do you begin? The staff needed to be made aware safety and respect were part of their responsibilities? The Immigration Services Agency think this statement would in some way explain or mitigate their department's unforgivable behaviour.

It is just a rehash of the I don't remember what happened when I murdered her so please be lenient on me defence that we so often hear from murderers in Japan.

Bizarre that someone in PR would think this was an acceptable thing to say.

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Posted in: Turn up the humidity at Hotel New Otani’s Naked Night Sauna x Night Pool event See in context

I'm guessing there'll be a lot of confused, hot, disappointed men.

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Posted in: Women's soccer final rescheduled because of heat See in context

Cool, something to watch on telly tonight.

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Posted in: Man recently released from prison admits robbing at least 30 residences See in context

Let's hope they don't let him off the ooka this time.

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Posted in: Sebastian Coe backs reviewing marijuana rules in doping See in context

If marijuana is legal in the athlete's country then they should be allowed to use it.

If it's illegal it should be up to the police to enforce the law.

The sporting bodies should not be testing for it if it isn't performance-enhancing. There must be hundreds of chemicals, drugs etc they consider to be not performance-enhancing that they aren't testing for, add marijuana to the list.

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Posted in: Time to start tipping taxi drivers in Japan? Cab company now gives passengers option in Tokyo See in context

Tipping should be compulsory in the Eikaiwa business.

I'm tired of bland cookies from motorway service stations - just give me the cash.

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Posted in: Nagoya police take down knife-wielding man at train station without using lethal force See in context

Don't care what training you have, still takes a lot of bravery to go in like that.

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Posted in: Massive soil mound on slope believed to have worsened Atami mudslide See in context

We learn nothing in this world: The Aberfan landslide in Wales in 1966, 116 school children, 28 adults killed because someone wanted to make an easy buck illegally dumping coal waste on a hill above a town. The primary school was first in the landslide's path.

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Posted in: From 'batsu' to 'maru': Japan’s shift in attitude toward untying the knot See in context

Comments from happily married people telling others to try a bit harder for the sake of the kids, aren't particularly helpful.

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Posted in: Saitama police chief arrested for stealing rolls of toilet paper See in context

Corruption like this needs to be flushed out.

Sounds like a case for Oshiri Tantei.

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Posted in: EU to add Japan to safe travel list; leave UK off for now See in context

Awesome Brexit dig.

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Posted in: Court rules restrictions on transgender official's use of women's toilet legal See in context

All male toilets should be labelled as gender neutral anyone can use them.

Identity is a two-way street - I can walk around telling the whole world I identify as Japanese (and I have a pretty good claim to do so - over half my life here, fluent Japanese etc) but if the Japanese don't accept me as Japanese then so be it - I'm not Japanese and no amount of protesting will see otherwise.

If women are unable to accept transgender people in their toilet then it is their misguided right to do so.

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Posted in: Actress Kyoko Fukada diagnosed with adjustment disorder See in context

Sad story I suppose but it would be nice to know what she was adjusting to.

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Posted in: Cashboxes containing ¥42 mil, 10 expensive watches stolen from hotel room See in context

And I thought I was bad at my job.

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Posted in: Hayao Miyazaki considers 'Demon Slayer' his rival, Studio Ghibli producer says See in context

Demon Slayer - noisy one-off claptrap

Ghibli - a canon of priceless works of art

Gungnam Style V Mozart

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Posted in: Man donates ¥60 mil in cash to city in Kanagawa See in context

(As contrary to subversive opinion as this may sound)

What a gesture! The man is clearly proud of his city and the person it has made him - not enough of that in the world.

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Posted in: 6 gang members arrested after brawl in parking lot of convenience store See in context

@Numan, well put. I just watched a Bosozoku documentary on youtube: absolutely brilliant - the gang fights were so structured. The leader struts around screaming at the underlings who do nothing but look humbly at the floor. Violence is all about saving face and maintaining order.

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