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Posted in: Suga says he has never put Olympics first and that IOC has final say See in context

I do hope "foreign spectators will be barred" doesn't include me - I have two tickets.

(20 year resident from the UK)

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Posted in: Japanese schoolgirl and karate teen subdue violent shoplifter See in context

I remember hearing about a guy punching someone who was trying to steal his bicycle and getting arrested for assault. I suppose the difference is necessary-force it sounds like this guy was struggling and he had already punched a security guard.

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Posted in: Young widow arrested for killing Japanese 'Don Juan' in 2018 See in context

Sounds like a plonka to me, Don Juan never paid for it.

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Posted in: Let's fight terrorism See in context

It's quite difficult to fight terrorism in Japan; there isn't any, and what with the covid restrictions, it's pretty hard for them to travel overseas to do any. and I'm not sure dressing up as a Samurai will help much either.

Best leave the counter-terrorism to the countries that have been dealing with it for years and stick to the pointless xenophobia - well done, mission accomplished.

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Posted in: Japan's restaurant alcohol ban sets new COVID-19 emergency apart See in context

Who'd have thought, getting drunk, sitting at home in my underpants would be saving lives?

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Posted in: Japan considers letting dentists administer COVID-19 vaccines See in context

Just as long as the doctors don't start doing dental work.

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Posted in: Japanese toilets measure fatigue levels at highway rest stops See in context

Make one for kids to tell them to go to bed.

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Posted in: 2 men arrested for sexually assaulting and robbing woman See in context

How many times have they gotten away with it before?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 510 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,452 See in context

I think it's a warning that in unprecedented times of global chaos, it is easy to forget about building-site health and safety.

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Posted in: Doctor arrested for stalking after sending 353 text messages to bar employee See in context

I know a doctor that keeps texting me and won't leave me alone - after fifteen years of marriage you get used to it.

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Posted in: Will the Oscars be a 'who cares' moment as ratings dive? See in context

The films released this year are just dull, I've watched five of the nominations for best picture and I'm struggling to bring myself to watch the rest.

NomadLand is by far and a way the best but it's no way near a great movie.

If manbiki kazoku had been released this year, it would win.

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Posted in: Police officer overtakes athlete as top profession for Japanese boys See in context

When I was a little boy growing up in England nobody believed me when I told the careers adviser, "All I want to be is a Japanese housewife". Now who's laughing?

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