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Posted in: Confused Japanese consumers want an answer: Where is P.R.C.? See in context

I can't believe that this is an issue. a simple internet search reveals the "secret"

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Posted in: Photo of man about to be killed by New York subway causes furor See in context

One thing this article fails to mention and CNN does is the fact that the man who is about to get hit, in an effort to not bring anymore harm to others, told everyone to not help him and stand back. I'm not saying that I support his decision, nor would I refuse the possibility of help. One last point. We also know that the train was seconds away from hitting him when he fell. It may have been a situation that happened too fast for anyone to safely help him.

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Posted in: McDonald’s gets flak for removing menus from counters See in context

Welcome to america is what I have to say. We have had that here for a long time. Its an american company. get used to it.

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Posted in: Okinawans use kites to protest against Osprey aircraft See in context

I dont even understand how that would deter the aircraft from landing. The basic principle is that air is sucked from above and shot down. Since the kite would be below the aircraft the kite would only be blown towards the ground and probably crash. Even if it did get caught in the propellers it wouldn't matter. a1/16th inch twine would be no issue for the massive rotor blades. Japanese people please think next time. Also fireworks would be a joke as well. Even a direct hit would bring no more damage to the aircraft than a burn mark against the heavy armor plating.

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Posted in: Lifting lid on sexual harassment within police force See in context

Did she truly not know? That seems unlikely with all the training that goes into being certified as an officer that she never heard or saw any women being treated poorly.

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Posted in: Surf's up See in context

What is that red and white thing on the left side?

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Posted in: Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO See in context

today is a good day

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Posted in: TEPCO says it has lost contact with 143 nuclear plant workers See in context

Unbelievable. I hope that they get compansated for their time. Arnt the Japanese known for their beurocracy? Record keeping I mean.

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