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Posted in: Japan asks China to pay for damage to patrol boats See in context

Japan doesn't realistically expect payment for the damage. All they are doing is getting it on the public records that "Yes, we released your guy because you whine like a giant baby. However, we want to remind you that your citizen smashed into one of our boats and you are still acting like a petulant child." All Japan is doing is, "Hey international community! Look at the big fat whiny unstable baby with entitlement issues! Do you really want to do business with these people?"

What everyone seems to be forgetting is that China's rise is based on its exports... which is based on the idea that "China is good for business". Having China appear scary is an opportunity for India and other stable asian countries to take business away and to perhaps take China down a notch.

Given the arrogance by which China executes its international affairs, a strong China is a frightening one for all countries in asia, not just Japan...

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Posted in: Mother, two children found dead in apparent murder-suicide See in context

What a tragedy, as usual. Selfishness wins again in the name of "not inconveniencing others". Did she consider how inconvenient her double-murder was for her children? Selfish, selfish trash, encompassing everything that's wrong with Japan -- a society where people believe death is more convenient than life, where being lonely depressed individuals is more convenient than a caring, sharing community. The surface conformity fails to cover up a culture where sharing and growing together is actively discouraged. Time for a shakeup.

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If the intention is to engage and pull people out of their routine, it seems that a film that's lacking in plot, characterization and acting won't accomplish anything at all, other than desensitizing the audience to gore entirely lacking from context.

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Posted in: Matsui bares prejudices of contemporary Japan before int'l audience See in context


Please read more carefully.

He didn't say he was trying to hide it from foreigners. In fact, the opposite -- he WANTS foreigners to see it to understand how racial prejudices manifest themselves in the Japanese psyche.

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