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Posted in: 'Old Enough:' Netflix show sparks global debate on parenting and child safety See in context

The show is staged, scripted, yarase, kids must audition for it. It is a good example of how savvy editing and humorous voice overs can manipulate viewers emotions. It's not reality TV as Netflix claims. It fake yarase tv and Japanese know it's fake. But westerners think it's a real thing.

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Posted in: Taiwan TV station apologizes over false Chinese attack alert See in context

I'm so glad I can't read Chinese characters so this entire incident didn't impact me or my family in Taiwan at all since we were completely unaware of this fake news, thank God. Had I been able to know what the ticker at the bottom of the screen said I would have come a bit closer to a heart attack. Ignorance is bliss in this case. The poor folks in Taiwan who panicked. Oy

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Posted in: Japanese musician beaten up in New York for being 'Chinese' See in context

UPDATE from NYC newspaper: “I have been touched by so many kind people,” said Unno. “I even received an email from somebody in Mainland PRC China, saying, ‘Sorry that you were mistaken as Chinese.’ I don’t have any negative feelings, and now feel bad that somebody feels bad for me.” 

Unno struggles to decide if he wants to raise his son in the United States. He noted that his assailants were ****Black, and also that he has partnered with many Black musicians over the years.

“I saw the dark side and the light side of this country,” he said. “I consider Black people to be my brothers. They’ve allowed me to be part of their group.” Yet at the same time, “the truth is, I was assaulted. They happened to be Black, and that does not change my feelings about the community.”

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Posted in: Japanese musician beaten up in New York for being 'Chinese' See in context

NEWS MEDIA QUOTE in NYC: "The police have made no arrests, although Mr. Unno said the assault was captured on camera in the subway station. " So if there is CCTV footage of the attack inside the station, let's see what race the attackers were. Not one media outlet has said what their race is. Why?

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Posted in: Scarier than fiction: Climate worry driving 'cli-fi' boom See in context

The Dan Bloom mentioned in the 7th paragraph is me, who lived in Tokyo for 5 years in the 1990s. The reporter interviewed me for 30 minutes by phone 2 weeks ago for this story about cli-fi, a term I coined in 2011 as a wake up call for novelists and headline writers. My website is at "The Cli-fi Report" on Google. Not everybody likes the term and 99 percent have never heard of it.

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Posted in: More details emerge about anime studio arson attack that killed 33 See in context

Reuters has identified the alleged arsonist as Shinj Aoba according to NHK sources

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Posted in: Abe says he is outraged over stabbing rampage See in context

My 70 year old heart goes out to poor little Hanako Kuribayashi, just 11, a six grader, killed in this senseless random attack. May the angels of Caritas send her on her way. God bless.

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Posted in: Emperor, empress treat Trumps with French dinner, live orchestra See in context

I was happy to see Empress Masako casting off her prior unhappiness in last 20 years and finally smiling and chatting happily with Trump and his wife. She is very engaged now, and a new chapter awaits her as the smiling compassionate Empress. It took a while but she made it. 30 more years of this! Bravo, Masako

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Posted in: 16 schoolgirls, 2 adults stabbed in rampage in Kawasaki; 1 child, 1 man dead See in context

Girls were 6, 7 years old students waiting for school bus in Kawasaki to take them to private girls Catholic primary school founded by Canadian nuns. 1 little girl died from knife wounds, an angel now in heaven, other girls survived. An adult man also died. And an adult woman. The killer stashed himself in suicide gesture, died later in hospital. All these on same day Trump was still visiting Abe at Sdf base, not so far away. Prayers for everyone. Mental health issues important in all nations, China too. Guns, knives, car rammings, what next?

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Posted in: Teenager hit, killed by train on crossing in Saitama Pref See in context


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Posted in: 1 dead, 8 wounded in Colorado school shooting; 2 students in custody See in context

The two shooters had personality problems, according to news in USA. One guy was in the process of gender transitioning from male to female. The other guy was gay and full of hate. They planned this as a way to go out with a bang, in the tradition of Columbine. It's copy cat shootings. A new one will occur within the next 6 months. It's not guns. It's mental health problems untreated. Poor America. A few disturbed bad apples spoil the entire nation every few months. It cannot be stopped.

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Posted in: Taiwan seeks double-murder suspect who fled to Japan See in context

Andrew, apparently the guy got a degree in the USA in teaching English as a second language, even though English is his second language And then he found a job in Japan teaching esol at some kind of technical college or junior college. Again he is not a native speAker . How he got the gig in Japan is surprising. Well, he's a dead man walking now for the rest of his life. He will be caught in next few months. Pure evil.

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Posted in: Taiwan seeks double-murder suspect who fled to Japan See in context

question. Can two non Japanese people get legally married in Japan without household registration I.d ? Maybe they were not married ?

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Posted in: Abe explains choice of Reiwa for next era name See in context

Lay wah

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Posted in: Kono suggests need to end reversal of Japanese names in English See in context

The modern way of writing and saying J names in English is a journalism convention dictated by western English editors at Reuters and AP. Even AFP. Has nothing to do with J pride or Western prejudice. In English newspapers and websites he is Haruki Murakami, and Mr murakami not Mr haruki. So blame the editors and style guides at English language newspapers and websites, Japan times, Taipei times, New York Times , Reuters afp dpa, daily yomiuri, guardian, etc

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Posted in: Abe explains choice of Reiwa for next era name See in context

Actual pronunciation is lei wah, lay wah, not Ray wah. Japanese say the r sound as l sound. Love is rub. ramen is lamen. Ask any Japanese person. The new era name is said as lay wah, but written sadly as rei wa. Wrong. Write it and say it as lay wah. I dare anyone to disagree with me.

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Posted in: New Japan era name a boon for Australian property website See in context

The actual pronunciation in Japanese is not Rei-Wa but rather Lei-Wah or lay-wah. Just as ramen is actual said as lamen. So it's lei wa. I dare anyone to disagree with me. Ask any Japanese person. They will tell you. Listen to how Nhk reporters say the the new era name on tv.

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Posted in: U.S. Open champ Naomi Osaka gets hero's welcome in Japan See in context

And don't forget, Haitians are also very delighted to see Naomi in the spotlight, as the daughter of a Haitian man. So it's a win win win for everyone. Japanese can be proud of her. Haitians can be proud of her. And Americans who accepted her a a three year old and helped raise her in that melting pot of a racially diverse and multiethnic stew of a society can also be proud of the way she turned out as an adult. She's an honor to all three countries. Long may she shine that infectious smile. You go, girl!

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Posted in: Serena cartoon fuels debate about 'racist' Australia See in context

Pre-justice pre/judice

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Posted in: More charges added to American man arrested over dismembered body See in context

Apologies. I was wrong. He was an American since age 9 coming to usa with mailorder bride mom from ukraine who married texas man and did serve 11 months in USA army. So I was wrong. My apologies. I guessed wrong.

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Posted in: More charges added to American man arrested over dismembered body See in context

Toasted Heretic, no, what i meant was the Japanese media just took his passport name which the cops fed to the media, and becos his passport was USA issued, the J media assumed he was an American, so all the headlines worldwide blared American tourist in Japan kills woman" -- but in fact he was born in Easterm Europe and son of Ukraine mom and Bulgarian dad, so his real personality and EQ is eastern European and not American. Big differemce. if you dont see that..... well what can i say?

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Posted in: More charges added to American man arrested over dismembered body See in context

The bloke was an American by visa, not by nationality. See the update here - http://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/long-island-man-cuffed-japanese-woman-murder-dismemberment-article-1.3844847 His stepfather said he was a weird kid. His dad was Bulgarian doctor. His mom Ukraine woman. He was not an American as I said earlier. Read this. A whole new ballgame.

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Posted in: Missing woman probe leads to more severed body parts being found in Kyoto, Osaka See in context

American man with long Russian name. Background check please. Russian immigrant carrying USA passport!

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Posted in: Silicone Sally: Japanese men find true love with sex dolls See in context

I'm late to this article chat but isn't anyone here aware that this is an afp news agency fake pretend article written by a UK tabloid reporter who knows how to tell a tall tale. Most of this article is fake news.

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Posted in: Roppongi's 'kebab war' leads to arrest under little-used statute See in context

What has happened to Japan? 25 years I arrived there, nothing like this. Then it was Iranians selling fake counterfeit stolen whatever phone cards. I guess smartphones stopped that. What a mess.

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Posted in: Trump denounced after insulting tweet about woman TV host See in context

Relax. It's gonna be July 1, 2017 A.D. -- Anno Donaldo -- soon. 8 years is not such a long time. Peace.

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Posted in: 50 rescued from human traffickers in Japan in 2016 See in context

All hookers are unhappy. It is not a pleasant business. But it's a worldwide phenomenon, and it's men who create the demand. Get rid of all men, problem solved.

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Posted in: Not just 'Sgt. Pepper': Many 1967 musical firsts echo today See in context

British slang? Tabs means cigarettes.

British slang? Tabs means cigarettes? Fags?

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Posted in: Kyoto University gets billed for using Bob Dylan lyrics in speech See in context

Dylan didn't ask for any money. Stop blaming him.

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Posted in: Tokyo police urge go-kart tour companies to improve safety measures See in context

Just a matter of time. This is a bad idea.

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