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Posted in: Fuji TV starts 'Kintame English' on YouTube channel See in context

E cup sexist crap? Next program will mention size of producer's enormous penis? Boo Fuji TV.

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Posted in: Japanese essayist, TV newscaster Sawako Agawa announces first marriage at 63 See in context

Bravo to both of them. She looks 43 in photo. Good genes.

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Posted in: Princess Mako to get engaged See in context

Both are 25. Could spell trouble 20 years down the line. She might outgrow him or he might outgrow her. Then again this might be fate calling. Whatever, its good to see young people in love. Long live. Long love.

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Posted in: Accused groper hit, killed by train after jumping onto tracks See in context

Another winner of the Darwin awards. He will not be missed.

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Posted in: Okinawa governor frustrated with U.S. bases on 45th reversion anniversary See in context

Okinawa actually belongs to Taiwan.

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Posted in: Japanese schoolgirls in sailor suit uniforms demonstrate 82 sumo techniques See in context

This is lolita porn, no? Inexcusable in a country where young girls and women are taken advantage sexually, no?

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Posted in: Hollywood's Walk of Fame, the biggest star of all See in context

This is a total scam. Google it. The stars are ordered by the stars or their studios two years in advance to coincide with a new movie or book or CD and the stars are paid for in advance at $30k per star. It is a PR scam. It is not an award or an honor. Google this info to see the truth. Paid for PR, people. Great marketing gimmick. Tax write off for studios, we the public pay for this scam via higher ticket prices. And even the celebrities go along with this charade in their "acceptance" speeches on video. This scam must stop.

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Posted in: Gov't names and shames 'black' companies violating labor laws See in context

Was the word "black" used in English news since that gives a possible silly but possible racist tone to the concept? What was word used in nihongo? Of we do say a business is in the red or in the black. True. So just curious what nihongo term was in news in j newspapers. PC or not, just curious. Paint it black. Blackout. Blacklisted.

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Posted in: Tokyo creates new logo, slogan to promote city overseas as prime tourist destination See in context

I love it. I don't understand all the carping and negativity here. It's a very nice design. Quitcherbellyaching!

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Posted in: Not what he expected See in context

Takeshi is half-Taiwanese, half-Japanese.

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Posted in: Japan-led ADB sees no need to compete with China's AIIB See in context

Two people I used to work with at expat newspapers in Tokyo and Taipei now work in the PR offices of the ADB in Manila, Andrew Perrin from Australia and Geoffrey Dwyer from the UK.

Taiwan has been invited by China to join the AIDB but under the fake name of "Chinese Taipei Province of China" but Taiwan says it will only join under the name of Taiwan (ROC). China refuses to accept that name for Taiwan and therefore Taiwan is not going to dine with the Communists of the PRC.

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Posted in: Taiji town holds memorial service for dolphins See in context

I ate whale meat in Alaska with an Inuit family, and in Tokyo and enjoyed the taste. Ate dolphin stew in Taiwan and delicious. However, never again.

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Posted in: JR East luxury sleeper train makes debut See in context

This reminds of the train in the Korean movie "Snowpiercer" with the rich in the front cars and the proles in the rear cars fighting to oust their oppressors.

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Posted in: Tokyo movie theater welcomes visually impaired, all others See in context

Great story.

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Posted in: Japanese businessman shot dead in Philippines See in context

This was a crime syndicate member from Japan killed by a rival gang in Manila over a deal gone bad. A convoy of four vans? He was not your ordinary " Japanese businessman." Welcome to the underworld. Read the article again.

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Posted in: Anger, confusion as Japan revives militaristic edict See in context

Imagine if a similar thing happened in Germany today. Shame on Japan for letting this thing continue.

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Posted in: Fake monks targeting foreign visitors to Japan? See in context

In NYC too. Same same.

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Posted in: A-bomb survivor hugged by Obama trusts promise will be kept See in context

Sadly, the Hiroshima event was all PR, and well done at that. Moving speeches, emotional hugs. But will anything change?

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Posted in: Fashion police want women to wear high heels See in context

Let them wear heels.

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Posted in: Japan's porn industry apologises over coercion claims See in context


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Posted in: Japan's porn industry apologises over coercion claims See in context

Its not really a porn industry. The correct euphemism in English websites has been "ejaculation industry." Its not and never has been about "watching" porn but rather ejaculating while watching the bids. Call it what it is!

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Posted in: TEPCO admits delay in declaring 'meltdown' was cover-up See in context

@john bosnitch, above....right on. Indeed ...what happened to Japan? Sigh.

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Posted in: Two men found dead in Nagoya apartment in suspected murder-suicide See in context

Murder suicide is often code. The two men could have had a long relationship as a couple. Rest in peace.

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Posted in: TED Talks aim for wider global reach See in context

TED talks used to be novel and exciting, as in expect the unexpected. But now everybody and their cousin who wants to build their personal brand is told they should ask their local TED chapter for a shot at it. Result: quality went down, the unexpected got squished by the monetizing zeal. BOO.

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Posted in: Trump says U.S. should consider profiling Muslims See in context

Do they mean (((Trump))) ?

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Posted in: Woman attacked, robbed by man she shared taxi ride with in Saitama See in context

There must MORE to this news story than meets the eye...

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Posted in: Orlando gunman raged against 'filthy ways of the west' See in context

There will be more. This is a never ending story now.

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Posted in: Trump calls for surveillance of mosques despite criticism of rhetoric See in context

I agree with trump. This is 1000 year war. Started 911. Wake up america. Trump is right.

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Posted in: J.League club Urawa condemns racist tweet See in context

Sledging? I never heard that word before. Is it UK slang? Explain please

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Posted in: Ghibli producer provokes backlash for comment regarding abilities of women to direct anime See in context

Male chauvinanime. Boo.

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