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Danny Nguyen comments

Posted in: Warnings fail to stop Japanese crowds from viewing cherry blossoms See in context

Why is everyone so all grouchy? Japan has very low infection rate so your chance of getting infected is very small. Besides, Japan's healthcare system is well equipped to deal with any possible outbreak.

No disrespect, but that kind of stuff is bordering magical thinking. Let's see first if the rate is as low ONLY after the pace of the testing process has been increased to levels we see elsewhere. Otherwise, dismissing the seriousness of the virus is the worst thing that can happen now; you won't help the population without transparent facts.

The Japan Times wrote an article last year that reminds all of us that lessons from the 1918 influenza pandemic still need to be applied. For the record, Japan was also hit hard by that disease at the time. If anything, both individuals and the Japanese government need to revisit those lessons.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics seem sure to happen — but in 2021, not 2020 See in context

The World Cup is in 2022, if it clashes with the Olympics I guarantee the football will pull in the TV audiences.

No one ever talked about 2022 thus far. As of now, 2021 is a very, very good shout for setting up the Olympics.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics seem sure to happen — but in 2021, not 2020 See in context

We all understand that it is ultimately IOC who decides whether or not the Olympics will be cancelled, BUT Abe is the PM of the Host nation and he could and should have shown leadership by asking the IOC to postpone it. He didn't. In the end, the canadians just said well we are not coming. That took leadership, and it did have an effect on the IOC as they are now in serious discussions since you now have countries that have elected not to come at all. You're right that it isn't Abe's call at the end, BUT its not as if he didn't have ANY sway neither.

Well said. Any politician, regardless of party and ideology, is a coward without any morals from the very moment that money is prioritized over human lives. That is the reason why Shinzo Abe deserves to be called out by responsible Japanese citizens and responsible foreigners alike in this context.

As for Thomas Bach, it only perpetuates corruption within the IOC since it first became public under Samaranch. The more it goes, the less it changes.

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Posted in: IOC chief rebuts growing calls for Olympic postponement See in context

"You can't postpone the Olympic Games like a football match next Saturday,"

Ask UEFA how they did it for the Euro, you bleeping idiot. That was supposed to be an event involving 12 venues in 12 European countries, with a ton of logistics to consider for crowd movement and travels in order to get the event done. Is Bach even aware that, outside of the IOC headquarters, Switzerland is suffering badly with this outbreak as well? According to Johns Hopkins, there are 6,575 positive cases in Switzerland right now.

If the IOC maintains the Olympics, I hope they and the Abe government will be prepared for far bigger revenue losses than if the Olympics are postponed until a time when the crisis will be further behind us.

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Posted in: Japanese man who threatened to spread coronavirus dies See in context

By the letter of the law, you can include criminal negligence and murder attempt as he knew fully well what he did. When one puts others into harm's way with a purpose because he was trying to satisfy his own little ego, I have no sympathy whatsoever for that man. There is a special place in hell for someone like that.

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Posted in: Japan testing for coronavirus at fraction of capacity See in context

All suspected cases must be tested, suspected as qualified by physicians, not by us

Either Japanese physicians are woefully incompetent or are violating the Hippocratic Oath by refusing to uphold specific ethical standards such as providing services to whoever seeks medical help. In either case, it is not a situation that I would envy.

Question: does anyone here know if the hospitals/healthcare system had been overtaxed by influenza in the past? If the seasonal flu is in decline and covid19 does not sideline a comparable number of people then Japan is in good condition to be able to handle the surge of cases that might be coming. And with the many news of successful clinical trials of drugs that are already in stockpile the overall outlook really shouldn't be all that bleak

And until people get those drugs against COVID-19, then what? Everyone knows that increased testing could save lives by identifying ill people and then ISOLATING them from healthy people. How do you explain that more testing would not help keeping the number of positive cases at lower numbers.

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Posted in: China reports zero new domestic virus cases for first time See in context

Anyone else seen their apology yet? Nope.

Unfortunately. And while all other countries will make public reports on how things could have been handled better, don't expect China to do one. Why? Because their intentions in whitewashing their bit in this mess are clear in plain sight. Not taking responsibility is a hell lot more dangerous than admitting mistakes because it opens the door to more failures in the future. After SARS and COVID-19, pressure must be relentless on China for deep changes for prevention's sake.

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Posted in: China to expel American reporters after U.S. curbs its media See in context

China shuts down American media access because Trump, in his bullying blaming way, had to reference the coronavirus as the Chinese virus.

While I do not condone what Trump said, I cannot say that China's reaction has been any better. First, it is petulant. Second, China's current efforts to erase COVID-19 from history have been nothing short of despicable.

While other countries will look back and make a post-mortem to publicly tell how things could have been done differently, China will keep on denying the truth even though the cover-up they did for almost 2 months and a half have claimed so many lives already. When one makes a mistake, that person/entity has to own responsibility. Only children don't claim responsability, which is why China is and will remain deplorable and pathetic no matter what they do.

Just like the Soviet Union after Chernobyl, the current Chinese government deserves to fall after this mess.

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Posted in: Trump first foreign leader to call for postponing Tokyo Olympics See in context

Considering that UEFA already postponed the Euros until next year, I don't see any reason as to why it would not be possible to move the Tokyo Olympics to next year. If we want 1) to see big crowds at events and 2) avoid big demands for refunding, it is more sensible to move the games in one year.

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Posted in: 15-year-old boy arrested for attempted murder after beating woman with hammer See in context

Won't happen. Japanese law is very lenient with juveniles.

Which is ridiculous. This was as gratuitous of a crime that goes short of murder after all.

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Posted in: 39-year-old man arrested for abusing 3-year-old stepdaughter See in context

In any case, that kind of scumbag deserves to sit down in jail for some time and then be prohibited from approaching children upon his release.

That being said, I think child welfare services need to spend some time assessing the mother's fitness to parenthood. In cases of biological single parents allowing trashy boyfriends/girlfriends to abuse toddlers, it is a classic scenario of the former being unfit for parenthood. If her case is as bad as one might suspect, then legal custody has to be removed from her for the sake and safety of the child.

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Posted in: Hong Kong opposition lawmakers ejected for heckling leader See in context

China should just end Hong Kong its special status

How about we end your status (whatever that is) on this website first? Chinese scumbag.

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Posted in: Patient in Japan confirmed as having new virus from China See in context

Ban travel to and from China.

At some point, it might become a necessity if the situation goes out of control. The Chinese health authorities made a mess out of this because they learned nothing from the SARS outbreak back then. It's just ridiculous sometimes how humans can sometimes be so slow at applying valuable lessons from the past.

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Posted in: Ghosn's wife slams Japanese justice See in context

I couldn't care less about what his wife thinks. If she is an accomplice in the process of taking a man illegally out of the country, there should be a warrant on her head as well.

Now that French authorities also appear to be on Ghosn's case, there is no doubt that the man is a crook of the highest order who needs to be brought befoe a judge at any cost. If I were France and/or Japan, I would put my best people from foreign affairs, especially my best prosecutors who are proficient with international law so Lebanon could get pounded hard for sheltering him.

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Posted in: Death of K-pop star Goo Hara stirs bullying debate See in context


Thanks for the info. Damn, that is outright scary. It's no longer a matter of musical industry, but it's all about how laws should be changed and applied to protect people from all kinds of abuse. No one can carry on any longer with such levels of toxicity towards singers and idols.

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Posted in: Hong Kong police storm university held by protesters See in context

When you see how many people in how many countries are revolting against corruption and government abuse, you better start realizing that it is not just about Hong Kong. Whether that's in Hong Kong, in Iran, in Iraq, in Chile, in Bolivia, in Lebanon, in Ecuador, or in any city protesting against climate change, people are fed up with crushing inequality and government inaction destroying both their lives and their future.

@Akie @Alex Einz @BurningBush @Loki520 There will be a special place in hell waiting for you and other Beijing regime supporters. If you support that kind of inequality and the destruction of a better future, you're just a bunch of psychopaths. Your moral compasses are so screwed that you wouldn't find your way home.

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Posted in: China tells U.S., Britain to stop interfering in Hong Kong affairs See in context

I suppose this kind of sentiment is related to the topic. Both China and the poster are trying to dictate to the people what they should and shouldn't do.

There is an escalation in pro-Beijing intimidation and threats which should not be taken likely. It's coming from the very top, it's coming from aggressive posts using disgusting language and it's coming from within campuses all across the world.

Indeed. The 50-cent army are coming in full force these days, and that is worrying enough to become a national security concern to any country that wants to live under a democracy with respect to the rule of law and with a chance to change governments if they don't do the job well.

At some point, China will have to taste backlash from all around the world because that kind of rhetoric is in line with the stuff the Nazis used to spread in Germany and through political parties with a similar ideology in other countries. Our leaders need to wake up in front of this threat more than never before.

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Posted in: Federer says he plans to play at 2020 Tokyo Olympics See in context

I hope he will be able to add the one thing he has never won in his illustrious career yet: Olympic gold.

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Posted in: Cyber-bullied K-pop star found dead at her home See in context

Cyberbullying needs to be criminalized everywhere. If you think that words online don't matter, than I have no sympathy for you. If you think that in 2019 you can harass people just because they are advocating rights for people who have been needing those equal rights for so wrong, then you are a deplorable and a despicable person.

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Posted in: NBA, 'South Park' episodes spotlight Hollywood's China dilemma See in context

At one point, Western companies need to realize that there are other markets out there. People speak of China as if they were the El Dorado while it is utterly false. Just across the border to the Southwest of China, there is a market where the population is set to exceed China's very, very soon: India. Until further notice, India is the biggest democracy in the world, and they are not interested in imposing anyting to the West. Furthermore, the middle class in India keeps on growing; they can easily erase whatever revenue is lost because China are pulling out. It's quite simple once Western businesses start waking up: China's loss is India's gain. Play that 4D chess game to great effect, and China will end regretting being a thin-skinned entity.

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Posted in: Abe faces challenge from U.S. plan for Middle East maritime coalition See in context

The Japanese navy could escort their oil tankers, a show of flag for other to keep off.

That is about how far I would be OK with a Japanese military presence in the area. Otherwise, any talk of building a military maritime coalition should be off the table considering that another Gulf of tonkin incident is not so far away.

For as long as the Donald, John Bolton, and other warmongers rule supreme in Washington, the Japanese government should start growing a spine and standing up against their shenanigans. Personally, I think Abe has reached his expiry date some time ago.

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Posted in: More details emerge about anime studio arson attack that killed 33 See in context

The culprit will definitely be executed according to existing laws and criteria. Mental health issues or not, that is what he will get after the death toll has gone to 34 now. Personally, I think he deserves to be forced into a walk of shame in public and on the way to the gallows.

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Posted in: 33 dead after man sets fire to Kyoto anime studio See in context

I wonder if the guy's life was not destroyed by stealing his work.

And? There is a reason courts of law and attorneys exist to settle legal battles on copyrights if he felt that wrongdoing was committed. How many times have we seen successful lawsuits on the topic of copyrights before? Even that part cannot be confirmed, which would set doubts on the man's mental status.

But all of that doesn't matter anymore because the man is now a mass murderer who deserves to see the end of his days before the gallows (hopefully very soon), isolated from all and rejected by all of his ashamed relatives on whom he brought the good name into the mud himself. Since I learned more and more of the news, I don't think I have stopped cursing the perpetrator by all names under the sun.

33 innocent lives lost... There is just no way anybody can justify this.

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Posted in: 33 dead after man sets fire to Kyoto anime studio See in context

I have heard that anime studios work their employees to death. Could this be a person who finally snapped?

Not KyoAni. It's true that many animation studios have poor working conditions, but not that studio.

Again, I'll wait for a final report to tell everyone who the perpetrator is as well as to what motivated him to do that. However, I think it is disingenuous to pin the problem on working conditions at KyoAni.

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Posted in: 33 dead after man sets fire to Kyoto anime studio See in context

My guess is that the guy is another jobless twat who got angry at the studio because he was upset about how one of their anime shows turned out. Disgraceful!

Strong assessment, but quite plausible. I will wait to see what the profile of the arrested suspect says about him.

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Posted in: 33 dead after man sets fire to Kyoto anime studio See in context

Who in the world can have such a grudge against a studio that is known to be the very best in terms of working conditions? Man, the world is going too crazy nowadays.

Whoever did this better be ready for a severe sentence now that we can talk of premiditated action leading to homicide (murder). Of course, we can all talk of mental illness and the need to treat it. But it still and always takes a huge lot for anybody to come up with murderous intent.

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Posted in: Trump slams congresswomen; crowd roars, 'Send her back!' See in context

Remember the typical demographics of a typical Trump voter and try to understand their challenges of time concept. Please be kind to them. God bless 'em

They had plenty of time to adapt with the new and changing demographic reality of the last 40+ years; minorities have been establishing themselves more and more as neighbors and inhabitants of suburban or non-urban areas during that time. Forty years is a big chunk of lifetime to change views towards minorities, gender, and other religions. Now is just too late to be kind to any form of bigotry and racism.

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Posted in: Trump slams congresswomen; crowd roars, 'Send her back!' See in context

Trump's comments are very interesting and often very much to the point. America was built originally by Anglo-Saxons. I understand they get frustrated when they are driven to the corners of the society overwhelmed by immigrants who came later to America. I love America that has basis on the European civilizations and christianity in religion.

I hope you're kidding people. The French and the Spanish have had settlements on the North American continent for a while before the English built their first settlement in Jamestown in modern-day Virginia. The French were the first who established trustworthy relationships with native tribes in North America, but all of that was lost after the British took everything. So all of that talk of Anglo-Saxons being the people who built America is just sheer ignorance of facts and disrespectful of people who came before, especially those who earned the trust of the locals unlike the English.

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Posted in: Dutch advance to Women's World Cup quarterfinals with 2-1 win over Japan See in context

Well-deserved victory by the better team who also happen to be rather pleasing on the eye.

The Dutch looked good in the first 30 minutes, but then Japan took over the last 15 minutes of the first half. Then in the second half, the Dutch faded away in terms of energy levels while Japan became more aggresive on the attack with those many chances.

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Posted in: Dutch advance to Women's World Cup quarterfinals with 2-1 win over Japan See in context

WolfpackToday 08:47 am JST

Doesn’t seem like a fair call even though it is technically correct. Just too easy for the ball to touch upper arm without intent.

Exactly. The element of distance was a fair part of context to consider in the awarding of any penalty. Now that this part doesn't appear to stand anymore, we will have a million penalties because players will be instructed to shoot into players' hands. The can of worms has been well and truly opened.

I don't need football to be a high-scoring affair because a number of newbies can't appreciate the game for what it has always been. I'm not gainst VAR, but I'm against the way rules have been changed and are applied for the sake of satisfying those who want to see more goals.

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