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That is just ridiculous to the point that I'm seriously questioning whether he has COVID or he is not ill. For the record, Boris Johnson spent one entire month between his positive diagnosis and his return to Downing Street after he got the disease. In Canada, the First Lady spent 16 days in isolation before she was declared fully clean.

Until someone says that he does not have COVID, I say it is pure recklessness for Trump to use the White House as a petri dish when it (the White House) has already more positive cases than New Zealand right now.

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The kindest thing that can be said about this debacle is that it was a train wreck caused by a dumpster fire, and should not be repeated. The saddest aspect of it is that after Trump has been removed from office, his cult will remain a source of trouble for the country.

Exactly. After Trump is removed, standards for having a shot at the presidency must be raised considerably. I personally believe that candidates on either party must have served at least a certain number of years as elected officials. One thing I like about the parliamentary system of the UK and Canada is that each and every single elected person is someone elected to represent first and foremost her or his own district for a while before one can get into a senior cabinet position, even being the Prime Minister. A parliamentary system is not going to happen in the US, but the concept of having to answer to constituents for a while in order to earn political stripes should always be a must-have.

Another thing that I would like future Presidents of the United States to do is to take part in a British-style political grillings as a means to address criticism directly. Not only that job would demand more transparency from POTUS, but all politicians would learn how to ask and answers questions while keeping things short, fast and straight to the point. Does anyone know who was among the last people to suggest that idea into American politics? It was John McCain back in 2008.


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@bass4funk I wish you lived in the 1930s and 1940s in any country that was under Japanese control during WW2. You would see how it feels when white privilege is not recognized but is like a scarlet letter instead. Racial domination against minorities is despicable, nothing less. It is even more despicable nowadays when cops are major culprits of racial injustice.

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I agree, but I have never heard anyone say anything positive about Obamacare.

What the US needs is universal health care on par with what almost all developed countries have implemented since 1948. For the record, Japan has universal health care since 1961.

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The mark of a great champion! I didn't think that Naomi could come back with the way the first set went, but the fightback was full credit to her.

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I have to admit that I feel sorry for everyone involved except for maybe Yifei who spoke for Chinese authorities over Hong Kong protestors.

This is rubbish. They should have known what they were getting in when they decided to take no action against Yifei nor against the proposal of shooting scenes in Xinjiang. They chose to take risks, and now they get burned.

When Keith Richards admitted his hardcore drug use, Disney chose to fire him from "Pirates of the Caribbean 4" because they wanted to keep the so-called "family values" you'd expect from a Disney movie. Silly excuse to use, but they did. Let me ask you this: if someone as big as Richards can get fired, then why was Yifei not fired for her political comments considering how much backlash she could bring? Reshooting all scenes and using necessary digitalization tools to complete the process can take 1 month if not 2 at the most. It worked when Kevin Spacey was replaced by Christopher Plummer in "All the Money in the World" in the midst of Spacey's scandals.

I wrote a long comment on a different article related to "Mulan" the other day as to how it fails with 4 major strikes against the movie. Those are elements that explain how and why the movie might be on its way to become a huge financial bomb and deserves to be one.

Sidenote: Did you notice that actor Tzi Ma, who plays Mulan's father, shares an uncanny resemblance with Xi Jinping? Nothing is left to chance in China, but the good news is that many people kept their eyes peeled to avoid getting caught in that trap.

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Just plain rubbish. The LDP is doing exactly what the Tories in the UK did by choosing Boris Johnson en masse without further consideration. After that, they better not ask why Japanese people are becoming far more cynical about politics.

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Disney can go eat a truckload of crap for what they did with "Mulan". There are 4 major strikes against that movie, in no particular order.

1) The lead actress Liu Yifei supporting the violent repression from Hong Kong police against protestors. She can throw her US passport to the garbage bin; the West can live without you and doesn't nedd you. If it wasn't for freedoms you have enjoyed in the US and that Hongkongers seek, you would be a mere nobody. For the record, Disney banned Keith Richards from "Pirates" after he admitted taking lots of drugs. Just Liu's political stance alone would have been worth a firing and a replacement through a combination of filming and digitalization.

2) Removing Mushu... I know some people may not agree with me on this because of cultural reasons behind the symbol that the dragon represents. However, Mushu was the anchoring point for kids watching the original movie. He's like Timon, Pumbaa, Lumière, or any funny secondary Disney character acting as a glue holding others together with a great dose of good humour.

3) No songs... LOL, WUT? How can you do a live adaptation of a great animated movie without keeping a number of original (vocal) songs in there? What makes Disney movies great year after year? The songs, of course! We also had great new songs in the last few years' readaptations/sequels of past Disney movies too (Dan Stevens with "Evermore", Beyonce with "Spirit", Naomi Scott with "Speechless", and Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda singing the whole new repertoire for "Mary Poppins Returns"). Without the songs, you cannot build that connection with wider audiences like Disney movies have always done.

4) Filming in Xinjiang... That is absolutely disgusting. It is basically like shaking hands with the Devil. No matter whatever PR Disney will pull, they cannot hide behind ignorance of the reality about Xinjiang. Repression against Uyghurs has been known for 12 years at least now.

Having said all of this, I feel good that I haven't watched it and that I will not watch it. Based on what I have read here and there, I will not be missing much. In short, it is just a Chinese movie stamped "Disney" on it - visually appealing on the surface but severely lacking in depth anywhere else.

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I have no sympathy whatsoever for such people. If I were any of the other passengers, I would sue that fool instead of the company for ruining everyone's flight.

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*those in the party

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Carry on the failure of the failed and discredited Damenomics? Is that all you've got Suga? But at 71, he's not the future,so has little new to offer in dynamic ideas.

This. When politicians want to aim at the future, there has to be an open clash of ideas, and I would genuinely love to see strong TV debates between the candidates for that. However, the big problem is hos the party chose to pick their guy already just like when the Tories rallied behind Boris Johnson because all of the promises on Brexit instead of studying other routes.

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Japan really needs to take a leaf from New Zealand's playbook on how to curb the virus, especially when both are island nations. That being said, I wish more countries out there could just do what those Kiwis did to basically kill it off from the first step to the very last step.

Reading the comments from @Lorem ipsum, I must say that there are serious causes for concern with the Japanese health system. The part about discretion to the clinics (if true) is just plain wrong when the population, especially an ageing one, would clearly benefit from getting things done at a faster pace and upon demand.

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Some people are just unfit in doing their part in various steps of life, especially raising children.

I hope that man never comes close to his daughter ever again. He had his chance at being a good parent, but he failed miserably. I'm glad things have not gotten worse although it is already bad.

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Yet they don't clamp down on the seedier kid porn anime industry

That is what leaves me absolutely furious. What the artist is definitely not as bad as all of the nasty stuff featuring underage girls and boys in anime/manga.

I like women and all but this seems gross. What about children seeing it also. Nasty.

OK. Then people would have a right to sue the shrines because hosting a penis festival is also gross and inappropriate for children. Don't you think? You tell me how penises are more appropriate than female genitalia then. If one is inappropriate for public display, then so should the other.

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In my home Canadian province of Quebec, we are having a new spike because young people have been attending bars and night clubs with disregard for social distancing. Considering how all countries screwed up with elderly care homes, that is dangerous. Here's the thing: people who go to bars are among the most undisciplined ones in all of society. In Japan, I guess some of the most indisciplined people are those who attend those adult establishments.

In both cases, the risk should have been assessed better and thus such estbalishments should have been the very last to be allowed to open, which would be only when we would have enough countermeasures and very limited spread.

For those who are obsessed with reopening at all costs, you seem to be OK with enjoying of a drink rather than think about your older and more vulnerable relatives. If so, you need to get checked because you are failing as human beings.

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Despicable piece of trash. I hope the authorities will eventually have enough evidence to send him behind bars for a long, long time.

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While this should be treated seriously, we all know this is already blown out of proportion and will be big news forever.

How is that blown out of proportion? If anything, it tells us how the DOD in the US are doing an extremely poor job at screening their own people and their relatives on home soil before they are deployed. Furthermore, deploying troops is supposed to be done through tightly controlled military flights and nothing else. Honestly, I believe that rotating troops by bringing fresh faces from the US should have been postponed because of the hazard posed by the virus at home. At best, they should have rotated among overseas units only where COVID is better kept in check.

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I wouldn’t say Man U are resurgent. They have done okay since the league resumed but are nowhere near Liverpool or City, and Solskjaer isn’t in the same class as Klopp or Guardiola. I’d be surprised if they got within 20 points of the winners next season.

The main problem with Manchester United was that they didn't know how to break down lower teams that park the bus while United had to bed in the new players and deal with quite a young squad, but Solskjaer does great against top teams. Against Klopp and Guardiola combined, he has a 3-1-2 record overall this season.

Since Bruno Fernandes was signed in late january, Solskajer found ways to break those bus-parking opponents down to greater effect too. The Portuguese playmaker also played once against the top 2 this season and it was in a 2-0 United win over City right before the pandemic. I swaw somewhere that United and Wolves are equals as the best 2 teams in the PL on points since February.

Also don't forget the growing confidence of the teenager Mason Greenwood as well. He was already a scoring machine with the U23 team, but he has become even better since he started more regularly in the senior side.

Considering that it will be very likely that Manchester United will get fresh blood to build upon a good team core, the competiton at the top will definitely be more ferocious. But of course, you can never predict anything in the Premier League when teams can be in a bad form at any time and when untimely injuries strike any team.

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Look back to the nineties to see what happens when you have the alternative.

That is one of the biggest loads of rubbish I have ever read; Yeltsin was not that different from Putin. Boris Yeltsin successfully launched a self-coup in 1993, illegally dissolving the Russian pariament. If anything, it's the Russian people who severely lack a spine to force change.

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Sounds to me that the new Age of Enlightenment has not yet reached Russia and probably never will. What kind of population can be this kind of masochist to support authoritarians after authoritarians after authoritarians without ever thinking of something different to break the cycle?

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There is no dilemma. China is rising like Nazis of old, performing a genocide dwarfing stuff from former Yugoslavia, violating borders with neighbors, and treating other countries with no respect for international conventions. Until China starts suffering consequences for their actions, this thing will only get worse. The situation now commands for a Winston Churchill instead of a Neville Chamberlain.

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Han Chinese need to stop these abuses from their govt. Where are the riots from the Han people?

They are in the same boat as the majority of Serbs under Milosevic or Germans under Nazi rule. When they down tools instead of fighting harder for what is right, don't expect history and nations to show much sympathy towards them.

Who is "they"? Does that include the people of Hong Kong or of Tienmanmen Square? You do realize how difficult it is to speak against the regime in mainland China, or do you not?

Han Chinese are the "they". They have downed tools instead of fighting harder for what is right, and they seem OK with that. They should not expect sympathy from anybody if they bend over like they did.

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Can we call this a new version of the Anschluss? It looks quite like the last step of an annexation. Just as someone mentioned before me, it is more than time to declare China a terrorist state for a number of reasons in recent times.

We can count the destruction of democracy in Hong Kong, ethnic and cultural genocide in Xinjiang, a lack of transparency and cooperation in fighting COVID-19, threats against Taiwan and Japan, violating borders with a neighbor (India), bringing charges of espionnage against people as means of retaliation to the fact that one of their darlings has been found criminally liable for extradition by an independent court, etc. That is more than enough to treat China as a pariah.

As for people who applaud this move against Hong Kong, one message stands: you are either a despicable person or a wumao. I can't wait to see how history will judge you.

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Hate the CCP, not the Chinese people.

If they start to wake the hell up and rise against their government, I wouldn't have any issue with the people. However, the fact that they tolerate and even condone this to happen in favor of Han Chinese makes them complicit and unworthy of any sympathy. Did Serbians get sympathy when they went after Bosnians and Kosovars as they did? No. Did Germany get any sympathy once we found out what the Nazis did to Jews and Slavs during WW2? No. Why would the Chinese people deserve any more sympathy than Serbs and Germans had when all cases revolve around ethnic cleansing?

Another problem I have regarding this context is the number of Muslim countries choosing to turn a blind eye on what has to be the worst government-sponsored anti-Muslim action in the last few decades. The people in the Middle-East and North Africa would go mad if a Western country did something against Muslims, but they keep their mouths shut about this. I mean: can you be more two-faced than this? Shocking.

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Australia and New Zealand have been categorized as some of the most developped democratic countries for a long time; they are also not in the European Union. Why not include them if you want to expand the group in the East?

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Being a massive Margot Robbie fan, I'm really happy that she got the nod. Now until people start moaning about the concept of a female-led pirate flick in this environment, there are a few things to consider here.

First of all, the movie described here is a spin-off and thus does not affect the main series that much.

Second, history tells us that female pirates in the Golden Age of Piracy (1650s-1730s) were some of the first modern gender-breakers as they chose a pirate's life in an effort to take advantage of the many rights, privileges, and freedoms that were exclusive to men at that time. In fact, all pirates chose such life to move away from restrictive conventions of the time. Anne Bonny and Mary Read are perhaps the most famous examples out there, but there were many more than just them.

And third, the recent success from "Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey" shows us that there is a way for a female-led flick to earn success both from critics and at the box-office. As it is the same for any big budget movie, directing and screenwriting will have a crucial role in drawing audiences.

Food for thought.

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His adaptations of John Grisham's "The Client" and "A Time to Kill" will always remain my favorites. I don't think I would have seen any better director to work on doing legal thrillers and dramas with such passion.

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I guess with their North Korea policy ending in disaster, time to distract by going back to the tried and true method of bashing Japan...wondering how long before Moon joins his predecessors in prison?

Very good question. Not only Moon tried to get cozy with North Korea, but he is also kowtowing to China's Belt Road Initiative because he and his base despise Japan beyond any rational limit. He's either totally blind or he's doing it on purpose to destroy the future of democracy in a still-young democratic republic that is South Korea.

For comparison's sake, Britain/England has been responsible for 700 years of devastating colonial rule over Ireland, which is far longer than Japan's colonial rule. But would Ireland have gained anything by acting towards Britain like South Korea does towards Japan? No. Why? Because building and protecting the future of the Republic should be the most important thing instead of dwelling in the past. It is also a reason why Ireland did not join Germany during WW2 despite the historical antagonism with Britain as siding with one side could have brought retribution and destruction upon the then-young Republic of Ireland. Moon and his "base" better learn that part of history.

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China should shut up for once. They still owe a hell lot of stuff to the world for this COVID-19 thing while neighboring countries owe them next to nothing at all for the last 70 years. The CCP reminds me of something I occasionally pick up on my shoe in the gutter. Very unpleasant on a hot day.

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Utter nonsense to even think of restarting the Premier League. The Dutch Eredivisie did the right thing by cancelling the season and by declaring a no-contest for the title. I wish more leagues could follow the Dutch example.

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