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Posted in: Trump visit to Japan eyed for May 26; may be 1st guest to meet new emperor See in context

Considering what happened the last time Trump visited the Queen of Great Britain, this has all the ingredients of a major mess in the making. That president has no respect whatsoever towards the protocols in place, and he thinks he's better than anyone else.

If the new emperor wants to be serious about his early days on the job, he should order to shut the entrance gate to the Imperial Palace if Trump is late once again.

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Posted in: S Korean parliament speaker compares Japan to 'brazen thief' See in context

Someone above made a good comparison between the Japan/South Korea situation with the UK/Ireland situation. It's also the parallel I would make. South Korean politicians are acting like a petulant children that just won't grow up at all, and we all know how it usually ends for countries and leaders who are like that. They become the eternal laughing stock of all.

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Posted in: Abe nominated Trump for Nobel Peace Prize on U.S. request: Asahi See in context

Abe has no spine. But then again, this is the guy who rolled down a bunker and then quickly got up and ran after the low-IQ man child like a lost puppy. He'd fit very well into the current Republican party. What a laughing stock the current American and Japanese administrations are!

Absolutely. Ever since Trump became POTUS, Abe has been doing nothing but licking his boots on top of being a Mitch McConnell-style spineless coward. I don't know how this will pan out in the next session at the Diet, but there has to be a major negative fallout after this. Opposition parties and the LDP itself cannot stay still after this.

I know that the LDP leadership race ended only a few months ago, but I think it's time for real contenders to show up within the party. Abe deserves to finish his political career the same way Margaret Thatcher got the boot in the UK.

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Posted in: Mayweather stops Nasukawa in 1st round, flooring him 3 times See in context

Look at Floyd's record. The guy has never received a major beating in the ring, in any of his fights.

You're silly if you think he doesn't already command respect.

I couldn't care less about his record; there are ways to cheat your way around with that. There is also a boxer who held matches against not-so-dangerous opponents for years to keep his championship belt, and he was WBC light-heavyweight title holder between 2013 and 2018. He never got a major beating until very recently.

Guess what: that guy faced a truly dangerous opponent just a few weeks ago and for the first time in years in a mandatory defence, and the defending champion got sent into the hospital by the Ukrainian contender.

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Posted in: Mayweather stops Nasukawa in 1st round, flooring him 3 times See in context

Cocky MMA fighters think they can win everything. They’re just jack-of-all-trades master of none. Same thing happened to Conor McGregor. At least he lasted until round 9 before surrendering.

If Floyd wants to command respect, he better play by MMA rules against a semi-retired Georges St-Pierre, who is a MASTER in Kyokushin (Black Belt, 3rd Dan) and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Black Belt). Only then we will talk. Where I respect both Conor and Nasukawa is that they actually tried fighting outside of their comfort zone while Floyd hasn't fought against a real contender nor outside of his own comfort zone in ages.

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Posted in: Chinese air force lands bombers on South China Sea island See in context

In response, I believe the appropriate response from Japan would be to send engineers to the Senkaku Islands, expand the largest island artificially, and build infrastructures that can host both JMSDF ships and JASDF. At the same time, no time should be wasted in exploiting the nearby natural resources in the area.

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Posted in: N Korea fires missile over northern Japan; Abe speaks with Trump See in context

 so why waste billions of Yen of tax-payer money on target practice?

For the same reason you warm up before doing sports. You don't want to get into action with your muscles being cold, so you have to be sure they get warmed up for optimal performance. Should the interceptors never get tested, how would anybody know if corrections need to be made and what would they be if any? At the same time, Japan really needs to send a clear message that no one screws with them.

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Posted in: Japan wakes up to N Korean missile warnings See in context

As for those advocating shooting down the missile, that is easier said than done.

Then explain to us why loads of money have been spent into the THAAD, the Patriot batteries, and Aegis destroyers if not for the main purpose of intercepting anything that flies unauthorized above Japan. I always thought that defences need to shoot down live targets after all the so-called exercises. What would be wrong with shooting the thing down or at least trying to do so? The lack of reaction from the JSDF here is a PR disaster to say the least.

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Posted in: Japan's soccer players too respectful, need to be more vicious, says coach See in context

What an idiotic thing for Halhilodzic to say. Sportsmanship is supremely important.

Then I guess the amount of contact you have with top tier football is extremely limited because all winning teams know how to show grit and borderline viciousness as long as the main driving force behind that is the hatred of defeat. Vahid's main point is spot on though: unless the team shows more grit and dumps the "good guy" tag, it cannot hope to win. Some might call me old school, but players like Roy Keane, Patrick Vieira and Lothar Matthaüs epitomize what I expect to find in players who hate losing more than anything. I want Japan to develop players with that kind of killer mentality - true warriors.

No, people call it the beautiful game, based on the Brazillian ethos of having racial harmony by avoiding vicious hits on opponents. Lesser talented players who act viciously get consigned to history's dustbin. Does anyone actually remember who collided with Neymar to take him out of the 2014 World Cup? Compare that with how many millions of fans respect Neymar after cleanly leading Brazil in the Olympics.

Who cares? The only thing I remember from 2014 is that Germany took the game straight into Brazil's faces and showed no mercy to the home nation by scoring 7 goals. If you want to show respect for the game, then you give it all like a madman for 90 minutes and play as if the score was still 0-0. Would you prefer to see Japan have that lone star on top of their badge while playing a gritty/ugly game and yet being recognized in history books as a winner (like West Germany 1974), or would you prefer to see Japan play a clean game while being known as losers at the very end of the day?

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Posted in: Japan awaits news of hostages as deadline passes See in context

Yet the Middle East wonder why the U.S. military armed forces are always killing their people and bombing theor country. Taking out innocent people from any country for you selfishness only give more reasons why the Middle East will continue to suffer.

It's a shame, but it's the hard truth. For a group of countries that used to be colonized, they are the least capable of living in the reality of the 21st Century. Those countries will earn no sympathy whatsoever until the locals decide to grow a pair and do whatever is necessary to ban those crazies from their world just as other nations did in the past to get rid of their radical elements for the future's sake.

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Posted in: 3 Chinese men arrested for buying too many diapers See in context

Great job setting the record straight, Kawachi.

Talk about the weirdest news in a while. Nevertheless, it's a good warning for all countries to remain vigilant because we cannot allow those people to eat up other countries' supplies and resources. Force them to take their own stuff all day long, I say.

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Posted in: Japan's soccer coach denies team lacks passion See in context

Scholes was shorter at 5'7", but he was unique in that he more than made up for it with his ferocity in the midfield. IMO, he WAS a physical beast.

Very good point. Nevertheless, he would be quite an example to follow if I was a young Japanese footballer looking to make a mark against the best without needing a body like Zlatan's or Cristiano Ronaldo's nor hoping to have Messi's crazy dribbling skills. There is also a middle ground and it also works for smaller players.

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Posted in: Federer wins Shanghai Masters See in context

The hallmark of a true champion!

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Posted in: S Korea urges Japan to calm down over Japanese reporter See in context

I guess the principle of freedom of press still doesn't exist in South Korea after all the so-called democratization. I mean: what the hell? No one forces you to read and take to first degree whatever is written in the papers, you know. You don't like what is written, take a hike and go for the next news outlet.

Also, South Korea certainly wouldn't take it calmly if the Japanese government brought charges against and put a travel ban on a South Korean journalist for libel for a story on PM Abe. Hypocrisy.

Exactly what I was thinking for a second just now.

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Posted in: New daycare centers held up by residents opposing noisy kids See in context

I don't think I have ever read any that stupid before. Those old residents ARE the parasites who are blocking the way to future generations and in many ways than one. Someday, someone will have to tell them that we shove any concept of old people-overfriendly society where the sun doesn't shine because that's the natural course of things.

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Posted in: Japan's soccer coach denies team lacks passion See in context

Being small

People already named Messi, but I can also bring Paul Scholes and Michael Owen (in his prime) on the table. They are not physical beasts, but they knew what they needed to do to have success.

Back on topic, Aguirre is a waste of money and time from Day 1. Looking for Japanese coaches who can control a number of egos looks tough to me, but there are foreigners with better pedigrees than Aguirre out there. How and why this man has been chosen, I don't know. What they need is a new form of team discipline and pragmatic approach to the game. For all the ties (political, cultural, etc.) between Japan and Germany, I'm surprised the JFA never went for a German coach.

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Posted in: Russia to block US agricultural imports See in context

Blocking agricultural imports... to starve his own people. Go on, Putin.

Oh dear, dear, dear. I can almost laugh at it.

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Posted in: Chinese ships sail in disputed waters after Japan warning See in context

For people who may not aware: Obama declined to stay at the official guesthouse offered by Abe in his April visit instead he chose to stay in private hotel.

Would you trust Obama for anything these days, being the foreign policy weakling he is? No one does.

Get your facts right first. China is going into trouble with several countries around, from Japan to India, including Philippines, Vietnam and Taiwan. Notice that I only mentioned the main disputes; there are a dozen countries who are in the middle of territorial disputes with China, and those countries didn't stop expressing their concerns in the last couple of years.

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Posted in: Japan protests N Korean launch of 2 ballistic missiles See in context

With such a fat buffoon leading that godforsaken piece of continent, NK deserves nothing any longer until they just eat between themselves. C'mon Japan, put those sanctions back up and even harder now.

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Posted in: Chinese newspaper posts map of A-bombed Japan See in context

This just shows you how ignorant and brainwashed the Communist Youth League are. Japan doesn't want war. Once is enough for them. They paid a steep price for WWII, and they've learnt a hard taught lesson. Japan isn't looking to revoke it's Pacifist Constitution in its entirety, they merely want to be able to support their allies should the need arise. Japan is doing everything it can to avoid a war, with China or anyone else. If Japan wanted war, it wouldn't be constantly calling for closer diplomatic ties, it would just launch air strikes and missile bombardments. Diplomacy isn't the action of a warmongering nation, something these brainwashed kids don't seem to understand.

Very much this. That's the problem when you have a country full of low-IQ kids who don't have the balls to do whatever it takes to understand the world in a broader sense and then do something more constructive inside their own borders for a start: like fighting for better social conditions, a more transparent government, and more. Also like you said, blame the parents as well for being utter failures at teaching values as parents. They may shout out loud how Japan and the West are decadent, but I can only call it pure hypocrisy because one sometimes has to look in his/her own backyard. I read more than enough stories to see how China can get as bad, if not worse, as a decadent society.

One of these days, China will get on the wrong end because of their leaders' foolishness and the results will bear consequences for decades. Even the greatest countries of their respective time periods suffer badly when doing something reckless.

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Posted in: Protesters march against Tokyo Olympic stadium See in context

Listen, it's one thing to be attached to existing infrastructures. But this protest against the New Olympic Stadium is taking things a little too far for the sake of an obsolete structure. We have to look around the world to see how all great cities have those giant multipurpose stadiums. Unlike the Bird's Nest in Beijing, there are plenty of events that can see this new stadium useful: the Blue Samurai using it as their main home stadium (like England's Wembley or France's Stade de France), mega-concerts, the annual high school football tournament final, and many more. It's not difficult to find some use to a big stadium when you have a good negotiation team to lure huge events of all kinds.

Of course, costs and construction design are a concern, BUT those are thihgs that CAN be worked out. Adopting an extreme position by just saying "no" is not going to help anything either.

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Posted in: Japan's soccer chiefs play hardball with Aguirre See in context

I agree with maxjapank. So much is lost in translation. Native to native communication is a lot deeper and can convey more detailed and nuanced instruction to one another.

What people should be more interested in is the JFA to find a manager who can "show some balls" while being tactically intelligent at the same time when leading that Japan team. One of the things I've noticed during the World Cup was how Zaccheroni (despite how tactically good he is) looked out of his depth in his man-management skills when the players needed a kick in the rear. In short, it's a crazy genius who can deliver results that Japan needs.

The question needs asking: is there a Japanese coach out there who can do what Van Gaal does for the Netherlands, Klinsmann with the US or even Troussier back in the days? To me the answer is "no" because a Japanese coach would have been hired long ago if there is someone from the same mould as those people.

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Posted in: Japan's soccer chiefs play hardball with Aguirre See in context

I read everything that can be read about Aguirre. Since his controversial spell with Mexico in 2010, he only managed a 13th place and a 14th place in 2 seasons at Espanyol; it's hardly an achievement. No matter how some people might rate him, I don't want him.

Japan are better off with a Dutchman or a German. For some reason, a number of them are known as quality teachers of the game while never being afraid of speaking out their mind when something is wrong.

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Posted in: Thousands protest greater Japanese military role See in context

I think a number of people are freaking out just too much for the sake of their own health considering the big picture. It took centuries of a warring culture to lead Japan into the militarism that was seen in WWII. However, I just don't see how anyone can fear another rise of militarism when that kind of mindset was been skipped away for nearly 3 full generations (69 years to be accurate) as well as how the government structure in Japan has considerably changed since. Several decades of peace change mentalities a lot faster than centuries of military culture, especially when the former came under a democratic government compared to various forms of dictatorship in the latter case.

If you ask my opinion, I believe Japan are right to change their constitution. It is just plain silly to believe Japan can build something with other countries while depending that much from the US. If they adjust their constitution to match what the Germans did when their Federal Constitutional Court ruled the term "defense" has been defined to not only include protection of the borders of Germany, but also crisis reaction and conflict prevention (also abroad), it would just bring Japan within the limits of normality for any sovereign nation. Who would not ask a country like Japan to restore something that should be normal to any country? I would love to see Japan becoming in Asia what Germany has become in Europe.

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Posted in: Zaccheroni quits as coach after Japan's World Cup flop See in context

Japan needs to hire an agressive Latino or German coach, almost bullish. This is the way to make Japanese team play like Uruguay, Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia, USA.

For some reason, I would trust Germans and Dutchmen a little more. Perhaps it's because of the way they are thinking forward. If we hire a coach from a Latin country, the JFA better make sure his credentials are good first and not just hire anybody in panic. So the people talking Aguirre should tone it down because more candidates will come up eventually at the very end of this World Cup. Still, the best mould to follow when looking for a coach who can influence a hell lot more through his work on a team's mental aspects as well as tactics is Louis van Gaal. Obviously, Japan would look better with a manager who acts like Van Gaal does for Holland, but we shouldn't ditch the tactical aspect even if man-management is a forte for some when interviewing candidates. Hence, the choice of the national coach and his assistants will have to be made very wisely.

Regarding player development, I think there is work to do from the ground up. One plausible solution would be to hire foreign technicians to work with teenagers and kids on aspects that might help them getting better depending of playing positions (physicality/tackling for defenders and defensive midfielders, dribbling for wingers, shooting for strikers). Nevertheless, Japanese coaches at youth level are the ones who must find a way to take those youngsters to become key features of their respective teams and to let them use their best assets to win.

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Posted in: The boys from Brazil See in context

If anything, they should be lucky to have such a reception from their fans because they would have been in a very legitimate position to display an angrier reaction to their arrival.

I say that because I still have a clear memory in mind of 2006 where a number of Brazilian supporters gave their team the middle finger and shouted a fair share of discontent outside of their hotel after they lost to France in the quarter-finals. Yes, you aren't mistaken: for losing in the quarterfinals, Brazilian players were told by their own to get lost in disgrace.

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