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Posted in: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck pictured kissing as 'Bennifer' returns See in context

Why not? If they have come to grow a lot more mature and readier for more than they were back in the days, I'm all for it.

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In Tokyo alone, 60% vacancy would be 6,000 shots/day — enough to vaccinate Tokyo’s 40,000 police officers, its 18,000 fire personnel, and the entire nation’s 14,000 Coast Guard personnel between now and June 27. 


I swear that I'm fed up with vaccine skeptics regardless of wherever they come from. If the elderly don't want to get vaccinated, their loss. Frontline personel should have been vaccinated first and foremost a while ago. Also if anything, I'm glad that it will soon open up to younger adult age groups who don't want to make covid become a pre-existing condition if they catch it.

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Tell me that some of the opposition party leaders are preparing a strong message about fighting corruption in the upcoming elections. Even though some people will say it's part of Japanese society, then I will say that the last couple of years should be fueling a popular/populist desire to wage some form of war against corruption more than ever before.

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Posted in: Man suspected of killing Canadian Muslim family with his truck was motivated by hate: police See in context

If there is one thing I wish Canada could adopt from Japan, it's the Nagayama Standard as the sentencing guideline for capital punishment. I just like the way everything is solidly detailed and explained as a scale to mesure who should live and who should die as dictated by the law after commiting a crime.

There are cases out there where you know you don't see possible redemption in a perpetrator. Death penalty should be a last resort. But those who commit multiple premeditated murders, like that vile creature of a 20-year-old did, are among those cases of last resort.

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@Johnnie Walker

I agree. Some people fit the profile of subscribers to the Daily Mail, The Sun or any other hate-filled outlet from the Murdoch media empire. They can always comment on those places among other garbage dwellers if they want. I hate it that JT allows this mess to be spilled here.

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This whole saga reminds me how much sports media can be by far the worst in the entire profession, especially those in Continental Europe. The worst part is that it's pretty much well documented on how much of a negative impact they have had former top champions in women's tennis like Steffi Graf and Martina Hingis.

I swear there are a number of sports journos out there who deserve to be banned for years before athletes get the axe. There is absolutely no need to be nice to journalists who willfully behave like stupid people, especially those who are willing to ask silly questions or trying to fit a specific narrative. They should not even be allowed at press conferences. And besides, they are becoming totally irrelevant and obsolete in the age of social media.

Personally, I couldn't care less about what athletes say about their performances because I don't need that to appreciate them. I want them to perform at the top of their capabilities, even if that means getting rid of all needless distractions whatever those are.

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Posted in: Britain records 5,274 new COVID cases; highest daily figure since March See in context

I saw this in a different thread. Thought it would be in everyone's interests to share the following.

In the UK, Over 70% of people over 18 have at least the first vaccine dose and about 40% have both. In England, 46% of the people have had both doses.

London is less vaccinated. 50% of adults with at least the first dose/29% of adults with both doses.

Ref: https://www.bbc.com/news/health-55274833

If the chunk of the new cases are based in London, then it would explain a lot. Still, it remains disappointing that London are so far behind the vaccine rollout curve compared to the rest of Britain and that it could be the reason we see such numbers.

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Posted in: COVID-19 spurs shutdown of 'Mission Impossible' set See in context

It's disappointing to read that Londoners are way behind the curve compared to the rest of England/UK. You'd believe that such a big city would be the top target for better vaccine rollout as it is about everywhere else in the world.

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Posted in: Japan donates more than 1 million AstraZeneca doses to Taiwan See in context

87% of Brits trust the Covid vaccinations. In Japan, only 47% trust vaccines. About the same in S. Korea.

I've also read that it's around 19% or so in the Philippines. What the heck is going on in Asia as a whole?

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A section of my previous comment was perhaps poorly formulated. What I meant is that Washington needed a general like that 26-year-old French equivalent from 225 years ago to crush the anti-democratic rebels on January 6. Optics wouldn't have mattered one bit if such general and his army corps were going regardless in to stop the riots because that is what their oath commanded.

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It wasn’t an insurrection

Do you think the then-young French Republic thought the same when news of 30,000 royalist rioters were marching on Paris on 5 October 1795? The Convention (parliament) sent everything they had albeit heavily outnumbered by 1 to 5, but the genius of a 26-year-old French general crushed the riot to sign the final chapter of the French Revolution.

I swear that many January 6 rioters should never have been treated any kinder than their French counterparts from 225+ years ago. What was missing in Washington was a general not caring one bit about appearances for as long as American democracy was under threat by those anti-democratic rebels.

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Posted in: COVID vaccines to be available to all under 65 in Japan at same time See in context

Wait, Did you know that Denmark has banned the J&J vaccine for safety reasons?

Do you know what I think of Denmark here? Kneejerks. Since J&J has been put put in the mix, the number of registered cases with negative side effects are a drop in the ocean compared to the number cases with no negative side effects. Same thing with Astrazeneca.

And as far as Denmark is concerned, AstraZeneca and J&J vaccines have been offered to people who are volunteering for them since May 20. In my home province in Canada, Astrazeneca vaccines are pretty popular despite the fearmongering about blood clots. Anti-vaxxers need to shut their mouths for good measure this time after the amount of damage they have made for over 20 years.

That being said, I'm waiting to see the effects of opening the vaccine rollout to people under 65 in Japan. It's already doing wonders in Western countries that have been doing the same for weeks, and we're moving ever closer to full normality as a result.

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Posted in: Osaka fined $15,000 for skipping French Open news conference; could face disqualification See in context

Sir Alex Ferguson once said to a journalist in a press conference "You don't deserve to be here, to come at a press conference. Why should I bother with you [with] the way you behave?"

What is my point? I'm just pointing out the fact that many media people sent to those press conferences are absolute muppets, and the worst thing about them is that they still keep their jobs while playing careers can be destroyed without impunity in the process.

Having seen the same media circus nearly destroying Martina Hingis at a young age, I have the lowest level of sympathy towards sports journalists covering women's tennis. Many of those pereneially frustrated people need to keep their mouths firmly shut.

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I mean... how can such a mess happen in the first place when weather surveillance should be able to call the race on or off based on the data they get? Furthermore, where are the EMTs who are supposed to shadow the participants at decent intervals on the path? It's such a shame that 21 lives were lost because safety measures were not applied.

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Posted in: Shinkansen driver leaves controls for toilet while train running at 150kph See in context

Gross negligence of the highest order on all fronts. We were lucky this time, but you have to make sure that the driver and the conductor are fully qualified and capable of doing the job on each train like qualified pilots and co-pilots on jetliners.

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Posted in: Dutch court orders Ghosn to repay 5 mil euros in salary as Nissan-Mitsubishi case backfires See in context

Ghosn is so screwed.

From the moment that more countries started taking a closer look at his situation, it was always going to be a loosing battle.

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Posted in: Global-Dining restaurant operator defies Tokyo government’s early closure request See in context

If contact tracing following a spike of infections leads directly to that restaurant, I know who will get the blame first and foremost.

Bars having to close at 8pm during an emergency is a small price to pay for not having a Kenpeitai equivalent sitting there ready to shut down all forms of dissent.

This. As much as the government shares a big chunk of the blame for various failures in dealing with this pandemic, it's also because of idiots like that owner that the problems will carry on and may well become bigger down the road.

In the province I live in, a gym owner defied public health's orders. The result of that defiance was a spike of new cases in the entire region, all tracable to that gym. The mayor of the city was not shy in ripping that gym owner a new one with some strong sarcasm in a press conference.

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Posted in: Pelosi calls for U.S., world leaders to boycott China's 2022 Olympics See in context

But things will move if the US offers alternative venue for the 2022 Winter Games. Majority top athletes, Olympic officials as well as business sponsors care less about where it takes place.

Well, Aspen annually hosts the Winter X Games. I don't see how nor why it would not be possible to use Denver, Aspen and other places in Colorado as an alternative bid if we have to move Winter Olympics on a short notice. The State of Colorado as a whole is by far the best place one can ask of the United States to hold winter sports events.

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Posted in: Australian PM stands firm on border closure, as industries plea for reopening See in context


Australia had 3 new cases yesterday, which makes 7 new cases on a 7-day average (source: Johns Hopkins University). Tell me what is bad about the way they handled their share of the problem then. Going to extremes to protect a country's population in front of such an extreme threat is never wrong.

If anything, it's Japan who had and still have plenty to learn from the Aussies. Not the other way around.

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Posted in: Biden to send U.S.-authorized vaccines abroad for first time See in context

The largest numbers of people refusing vaccinations are white male Republicans.

Go figure what's wrong with them. Other slices of the US population are far less hesitant in getting vaccinated. It's misplaced machismo if anything.

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Posted in: Biden to send U.S.-authorized vaccines abroad for first time See in context

Now it's going to be interesting to see how the US will play the vaccine diplomacy game. With China and Russia already on a headstart in that game, the salespitch has to be strong in order to sway many nations towards those US-made vaccines.

I hope those US vaccine shipments will be successful nevertheless.

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Posted in: Mother in Arizona denies killing 2 children with meat cleaver See in context

I'm sorry, but that woman is a lost cause. Nothing can ever forgive the murder of children, not even mental illness if there is any.

As far as Arizona is concerned, capital punishment still exists although the last execution in that state was carried out in 2014. It's the only way forward now.

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Posted in: 'Evangelion' studio receiving threatening fan comments; will report offenders even outside Japan See in context

I think Studio Khara should quote and adapt Rikki Farr's epic rant from the Isle of Wight 1970 music festival as a direct reply to those few weirdos. Studio Khara put this project for the fans with a lot of love, and they worked for 14 full years to get this done.

I'm just disgusted by such destructive behavior from a few disgruntled idiots.

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Posted in: Israeli strike destroys Gaza building with AP, other media See in context

This is the time for Western powers to seriously reconsider their support for Israel. That country has become exactly what the first people of Israel escaped from after WW2, and it's walking on a tiny thread before slipping into what justified a NATO intervention against Yugoslavia back in 1999. I have no sympathy for a country that is doing exactly what their forebears from 3-4 generations ago escaped from. It's not because people survived the Holocaust that we should tolerate their descendants choosing to put a new Apartheid in place.

And for those who whine about the deletion of comments supporting the destruction of the AP building, it seems you're better off living in China or in any other country where freedom of press is not recognized. I would love to see you forsaking your life privileges and then live in those countries if you don't understand what the destruction of that building actually means when you between the lines.

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Now that you remind me of the geriatric part, it's more than time for Japan to have a mandatory retirement age for public service.

In any cases, those people are the deplorables dragging the country down with them. As a wise man, who is no longer with us, once said: IT'S TIME TO GO!

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Posted in: Many reasons why Japan has been slow to roll out vaccinations See in context

That sums up a lot of things many people feared. There is still a third-world country mentality in places where you need to be far above that, and it's the reason why Japan has seen such a mess in their vaccine rollout.

If the supply is more than enough to cover everybody, then start lowering the age limits to get as many adults vaccinated ASAP. That's how you move towards herd immunity.

Getting shots from pharmacists at drug stores as in the U.S. or from volunteers with no medical background other than brief training as in Britain remain unthinkable in Japan.

That's only because that government refuses to deal this crisis as they would do in the event of a natural disaster. And in the context of a natural disaster, you need as many people on deck to get things done. This is just silly decision-making when man shortage can easily be solved by training and mobilizing pharmacists, paramedics, veterinarians, police officers, and military personnel.

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As more studies come out showing that weed is less damaging to one's body compared to alcohol and tobacco, I swear many countries need to review their antagonism towards marijuana. Want to keep banning it? Ban alcohol and tobacco as well, and then we'll see how people react.

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They cited the lack of medical staff to administer the vaccinations for the additional delays.

Oh please! How many times do we have to say it again? They have to gather other professionals to deliver shots. Giving shots into arms is all that matters. That can be done with pharmacists, paramedics, veterinarians, police officers, JSDF troops and more. All of those people could be trained in a single day or two and then get the job done on the field. Why is that so difficult?

To think that Japan has a grade A playbook on how to deal with natural disasters, it's beyond comprehension that the government is not using that same guideline nor extrapolating from it to activate emergency measures as means to solve the issue a lot faster.

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Prepare a timeline for vaccination in other age groups among adults. That is also very important to take the country towards the end of the tunnel.

If a number of people among the elderly don't want to be vaccinated, that's their loss and they will have to queue alongside increasingly younger age groups. The current priority to seniors should not penalize other adult age groups in getting vaccinated before vaccines meet their expiry dates.

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Posted in: China criticizes Japan, U.S. for creating exclusive group on supply chains See in context

Cry me a river, China. What else is new? It's beyond pathetic at this point that they complaint for this or that after spending several years screwing up the rules themselves.

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