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And if they think that they should have stood up to China, even meaning that China would refuse to let the WHO operate in China, then how would the WHO be expected to offset the loss of being able to operate on a pandemic in an area with 1/5 the population of the planet?

Are notions of international norms and respecting the WHO charter not a thing anymore? As far as China goes, they have signed the WHO charter and thus must respect the whole set of rules. If a rare and deadly disease started spreading in South America or in Europe, would you see that kind of reaction towards WHO investigators?

What I'm trying to understand here is why one country here should be treated differently compared to other countries where WHO want to investigate the origins of a deadly disease. Because the government from that country has the mentality of a 24-month-old toddler when everyone else expects a more mature reaction? In any case, China has been blatantly wasting a huge opportunity to come out clean.

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Behaves like a spoil child.

Even that is an understatement after everything he has done.

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You should have come with a plan that is clear, firm, and precise like 9 months ago. And being an island nation should be an advantage as well. How in the world can there be so many incompetent people in Japanese politics?

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Promoting travel during a pandemic is crass.

It's totally insensitive, alright. They should keep that for AFTER the pandemic.

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The impeachment is just the first step. If everything that has been revealed so far can be corroborated, there could be at least 3 US representatives worth being arrested, tried and jailed almost for life. Mo Brooks is the most obvious case of those 3 since he was on the stage alongside Trump, Giuliani, Don Jr. and co. to get the crazy crowd pumped up.

In any case, the war against domestic terrorists cannot end until the authorities deploy the full extent of the resources that were once used against foreign terrorism.

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I wish to understand how and why the DC police did not take appropriate measures to prevent this. Yesterday's clashes with police were quite a good taste of things to come. DC authorities had 24 hours to prepare themselves. One other thing that irks me is how restrained cops have behaved towards Trump supporters now compared to how they took action against some BLM protests.

As for Trump, he should impeached, then tried for treason and then sentenced to whatever maximum punishment is there for such charges. His big mouth created this and thus he must be held accountable. Election officials, states, and the Electoral College have already certified everything that needed to be certified.

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Congratulations to him!

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Worked well with sports that used the bubble system like the NHL or the NBA. Apply those lessons to the letter and there should be little to no problem.

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While the other leaders of G20 are discussing the covid-19 pandemic, at the exact time Trump is playing golf at his club.

That is beyond disgraceful. I have read about lousy and lazy monarchs before they were overthrown by the angry starving people, but even their levels of negligence did not reach the same as Trump's levels of non-administration.

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The Republicans warned embracing "socialism" would make the US a failed state leading to bread lines. The Trump admin's dereliction has brought that without any socialism except for companies.

Yep. It is what it is - socialism between the wealthy and corporations, nothing but savage capitalism for the poor and the middle class. That is just not right.

Many people seem to forget that if it wasn't for those "socialist" policies in FDR's first 2 terms, the US would have been in a deeper hole by the time the following decade arrived. I don't know what Republican lawmakers are even thinking, but implementing a temporary and renewable-if-necessary "socialist" aid program for the time the pandemic is still on should be a bare minimum. The temporary part must be emphasized time and time again; it is not a substitute for a job after the pandemic is over.

Right here in Canada, we have a minority Liberal government that implemented what we call the Canada Emergency Response Benefit to help workers in need. That measure did not meet too much opposition from the Conservative Party in the context that it is TEMPORARY. We all know that we will have a huge deficit, but we allow people to not be coerced between either making enough for a living or taking care of themselves.

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Even if a state of emergency is declared we already know that they have no power to do anything. They can't name establishments unless given permission, they can only ask nicely.

And that is a huge part of the problem. Asking nicely is only wasting more valuable time when swift and firm action is required to curbstomp the problem.

Those in power in this country never learn from the past or by looking at whats happening in other countries.

The sad truth is that we have too many countries out there not even willing to learn and apply what is done in successful countries. In Japan's case, looking at Taiwan, New Zealand and Australia for examples of island nations doing well should not be too hard. By the way, NZ's motto in this pandemic is "Go hard, go early", which simply translates as "We may suffer for now with tough restrictions, but we will quickly return to normal after we succeed."

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@Sven Asai: Does the name of Francesco Schettino ring any bell to you? There are reasons why some areas are off limits to certain ships, and the captain is supposed to know about those as part of his daily job. If the captain chose to disregard, then that's his fault all day.

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Let China attack Taiwan first.

Let them attack Philippines or Vietnam.

That is arguably the most embarrassing thing I've read. Not only you say that Taiwanese, Filippino and Vietnamese lives are not the same worth as Japanese lives, but you're basically saying that Japan should not stand up for any kind of principles whatsoever. That kind of thought is no different from the current South Korean president wanting to show open arms to his northern neighbor, who has shown nothing deserving of such a welcome nor any form of détente.

Baltic countries and Finland sit right next to Russia BY LAND, but they are showing far more backbone as nations with their own democratic principles vis-à-vis Russia regardless of how much money comes from Russian-based trade and tourism. It shouldn't be that hard for Japan to learn something over there.

Détente is not something you give from a country to another. It has to be earned.

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Those who follow Trump may well create their own party like UKIP in Britain or the Front National in France down the road. It's better for the GOP to split into two entities.

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Plain ridiculous. What disappoints me the most of Japan is that they don't have the guts to apply lessons coming from another island nation in fighting COVID, New Zealand. It should be quite simple though: go hard, go early. What does that motto used by New Zealand mean? It means it's better to suffer and endure now for a short period of time, but then things would be more likely to go back to normal later.

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That person must be desperate like hell to force entry, threaten the student, and then steal the equivalent of a mere 700 bucks. It's disgusting regardless. I hope they will find that SOB.

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Thanks for proving my point then.

One of the reasons why I think a number of people are foolish is that they don't even try leaning lessons from history. People and nations are doomed to fail when refusing to learn from history.

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It would have been great if I could see an empress reigning in Japan. Guess it is not for my lifetime now.

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Disappointing to say the least when having an empress nowaday would have been quite a symbol for modernity in Japanese institutions. I guess it will not be for my lifetime.

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These are the same morons who thought that Trump had a quality foreign policy with North Korea - even though America's position with North Korea is worse under Trump than any outgoing president in 40 years. They clearly aren't very intelligent when it comes to understanding how the world outside their red bubble actually works, and aren't socially responsible enough to want to investigate.

It's the cold and hard truth, unfortunately.

People and nations are doomed to fail when they don't even try learning those valuable lessons from history. I have no sympathy for such instances who will not try to look at the big picture, especially when tools are available to do so.

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For all the simpletons who believe that Biden would not know how to deal with China, you better start digging a share of history lessons. There are 2 ways to deal with a geopolitical opponent: the Bismarckian way and the Wilhelmine way.

On one side, you have the Bismarckian way. After Prussia defeated France in 1870 to pave the rise to the newly formed German empire in 1871, Otto van Bismarck skillfully used balance of power diplomacy to maintain Germany's status in a peaceful Europe while making rivals France look like the sloppy bloke at the ball. To quote historian Eric Hobsbawm: Bismarck "remained undisputed world champion at the game of multilateral diplomatic chess for almost twenty years after 1871, [and] devoted himself exclusively, and successfully, to maintaining peace between the powers". France was masterfully isolated and strangled so it had no strong allies until 1891, which coincidentally came after Bismarck fired by the young impulsive Kaiser at the time - Wilhelm II.

The Wilhelmine way is very Trumpian; one could say that Trump's approach is Wilhelmine instead. Both men were insecure and undisciplined. There were many instances of xenophobia, deluded attempts at making grand things for Germany, and a frequent use of THREATS by Wilhelm. Here is what Wikipedia wrote about it, and you can find about the same in any history book:

[Wilhelm II] frequently undermined such progress by making threatening statements towards other countries and voicing xenophobic views without consulting his ministers. Likewise, his regime did much to alienate itself from the world's other Great Powers by initiating a massive naval build-up, challenging French control of Morocco, and building a railway through Baghdad that threatened Britain's dominion in the Persian Gulf. Thus, by the second decade of the 20th century, Germany could rely only on significantly weaker nations such as Austria-Hungary and the declining Ottoman Empire as its allies.

France being Germany's main rival, took advantage of Russia's concerns with the 1891-1894 agreements and then the British Empire's perception of German threat in 1904. The good news for now is that China is not in the kind of diplomatic strength that France got in 10 years before the outbreak of the First World War. Foreign Policy wrote an interesting text 3 years ago.


The moral of the story is that a masterful use of diplomacy can damage your rival far more than using any hawkish approach that would lead up to open war. China is not exactly different from where France was on the world stage around 1890, but we are at the inflexion point. Do we want to use a Bismarckian approach that would ensure peace while strangling China in a context of peace? Or do we want to do things recklessly in a way that China would go have no fear at building up for war because it would have found stronger partners? Think about that. I know I would prefer the US to maintain and strengthen existing alliances rather than giving China new allies on a silver plate.

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Excellent. No room for sympathy with covidiots in this day and age.

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Not sure why Fox News is giving Arizona to Biden. Way too many votes left to count. I still call the entire election a toss-up with a possible Trump victory if he does take AZ.

Probably because what is left for counting are mail-in ballots. Those were ordered in a large majority by registered Democratic voters. AP already called AZ that during the middle of the night on that same basis.

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There could be more activity coming from Georgia's Fulton County (Atlanta Metropolitan). Officials there expect to report additional votes.

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Trump’s reaction to losing will be remembered for a very very long time as future generations look back at the worst president in history of the America.

Exactly. Regardless of what will happen next, you expect an incumbent President of the United States of America to show better behavior to the prospect of defeat. It is not the first time nor it will be the last time that an incumbent president is defeated. The way he came out to say that he won when the counting was nowhere near finished yet was already embarrassing, but his reaction to a losing situation is even worse.

Let the counting be done. The PEOPLE always decide.

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AP have been extremely reliable so far. Trump is nearly finished.

Karma for 2000, fellas!

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We should all learn from the world leader in fighting this pandemic - Taiwan.

Exactly. I'm just baffled at the lack of visibility towards the Taiwanese and New Zealander ways of combatting COVID. Every time we mention those, it's almost like we're barely scratching the surface. People need to carry the message over continents and oceans so we can learn from those ways and then get rid of that virus for real.

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That is just ridiculous to the point that I'm seriously questioning whether he has COVID or he is not ill. For the record, Boris Johnson spent one entire month between his positive diagnosis and his return to Downing Street after he got the disease. In Canada, the First Lady spent 16 days in isolation before she was declared fully clean.

Until someone says that he does not have COVID, I say it is pure recklessness for Trump to use the White House as a petri dish when it (the White House) has already more positive cases than New Zealand right now.

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The kindest thing that can be said about this debacle is that it was a train wreck caused by a dumpster fire, and should not be repeated. The saddest aspect of it is that after Trump has been removed from office, his cult will remain a source of trouble for the country.

Exactly. After Trump is removed, standards for having a shot at the presidency must be raised considerably. I personally believe that candidates on either party must have served at least a certain number of years as elected officials. One thing I like about the parliamentary system of the UK and Canada is that each and every single elected person is someone elected to represent first and foremost her or his own district for a while before one can get into a senior cabinet position, even being the Prime Minister. A parliamentary system is not going to happen in the US, but the concept of having to answer to constituents for a while in order to earn political stripes should always be a must-have.

Another thing that I would like future Presidents of the United States to do is to take part in a British-style political grillings as a means to address criticism directly. Not only that job would demand more transparency from POTUS, but all politicians would learn how to ask and answers questions while keeping things short, fast and straight to the point. Does anyone know who was among the last people to suggest that idea into American politics? It was John McCain back in 2008.


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@bass4funk I wish you lived in the 1930s and 1940s in any country that was under Japanese control during WW2. You would see how it feels when white privilege is not recognized but is like a scarlet letter instead. Racial domination against minorities is despicable, nothing less. It is even more despicable nowadays when cops are major culprits of racial injustice.

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