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Posted in: Federer says he plans to play at 2020 Tokyo Olympics See in context

I hope he will be able to add the one thing he has never won in his illustrious career yet: Olympic gold.

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Posted in: Cyber-bullied K-pop star found dead at her home See in context

Cyberbullying needs to be criminalized everywhere. If you think that words online don't matter, than I have no sympathy for you. If you think that in 2019 you can harass people just because they are advocating rights for people who have been needing those equal rights for so wrong, then you are a deplorable and a despicable person.

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At one point, Western companies need to realize that there are other markets out there. People speak of China as if they were the El Dorado while it is utterly false. Just across the border to the Southwest of China, there is a market where the population is set to exceed China's very, very soon: India. Until further notice, India is the biggest democracy in the world, and they are not interested in imposing anyting to the West. Furthermore, the middle class in India keeps on growing; they can easily erase whatever revenue is lost because China are pulling out. It's quite simple once Western businesses start waking up: China's loss is India's gain. Play that 4D chess game to great effect, and China will end regretting being a thin-skinned entity.

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The Japanese navy could escort their oil tankers, a show of flag for other to keep off.

That is about how far I would be OK with a Japanese military presence in the area. Otherwise, any talk of building a military maritime coalition should be off the table considering that another Gulf of tonkin incident is not so far away.

For as long as the Donald, John Bolton, and other warmongers rule supreme in Washington, the Japanese government should start growing a spine and standing up against their shenanigans. Personally, I think Abe has reached his expiry date some time ago.

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Posted in: More details emerge about anime studio arson attack that killed 33 See in context

The culprit will definitely be executed according to existing laws and criteria. Mental health issues or not, that is what he will get after the death toll has gone to 34 now. Personally, I think he deserves to be forced into a walk of shame in public and on the way to the gallows.

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Posted in: 33 dead after man sets fire to Kyoto anime studio See in context

I wonder if the guy's life was not destroyed by stealing his work.

And? There is a reason courts of law and attorneys exist to settle legal battles on copyrights if he felt that wrongdoing was committed. How many times have we seen successful lawsuits on the topic of copyrights before? Even that part cannot be confirmed, which would set doubts on the man's mental status.

But all of that doesn't matter anymore because the man is now a mass murderer who deserves to see the end of his days before the gallows (hopefully very soon), isolated from all and rejected by all of his ashamed relatives on whom he brought the good name into the mud himself. Since I learned more and more of the news, I don't think I have stopped cursing the perpetrator by all names under the sun.

33 innocent lives lost... There is just no way anybody can justify this.

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I have heard that anime studios work their employees to death. Could this be a person who finally snapped?

Not KyoAni. It's true that many animation studios have poor working conditions, but not that studio.

Again, I'll wait for a final report to tell everyone who the perpetrator is as well as to what motivated him to do that. However, I think it is disingenuous to pin the problem on working conditions at KyoAni.

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My guess is that the guy is another jobless twat who got angry at the studio because he was upset about how one of their anime shows turned out. Disgraceful!

Strong assessment, but quite plausible. I will wait to see what the profile of the arrested suspect says about him.

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Who in the world can have such a grudge against a studio that is known to be the very best in terms of working conditions? Man, the world is going too crazy nowadays.

Whoever did this better be ready for a severe sentence now that we can talk of premiditated action leading to homicide (murder). Of course, we can all talk of mental illness and the need to treat it. But it still and always takes a huge lot for anybody to come up with murderous intent.

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Posted in: Trump slams congresswomen; crowd roars, 'Send her back!' See in context

Remember the typical demographics of a typical Trump voter and try to understand their challenges of time concept. Please be kind to them. God bless 'em

They had plenty of time to adapt with the new and changing demographic reality of the last 40+ years; minorities have been establishing themselves more and more as neighbors and inhabitants of suburban or non-urban areas during that time. Forty years is a big chunk of lifetime to change views towards minorities, gender, and other religions. Now is just too late to be kind to any form of bigotry and racism.

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Posted in: Trump slams congresswomen; crowd roars, 'Send her back!' See in context

Trump's comments are very interesting and often very much to the point. America was built originally by Anglo-Saxons. I understand they get frustrated when they are driven to the corners of the society overwhelmed by immigrants who came later to America. I love America that has basis on the European civilizations and christianity in religion.

I hope you're kidding people. The French and the Spanish have had settlements on the North American continent for a while before the English built their first settlement in Jamestown in modern-day Virginia. The French were the first who established trustworthy relationships with native tribes in North America, but all of that was lost after the British took everything. So all of that talk of Anglo-Saxons being the people who built America is just sheer ignorance of facts and disrespectful of people who came before, especially those who earned the trust of the locals unlike the English.

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Posted in: Dutch advance to Women's World Cup quarterfinals with 2-1 win over Japan See in context

Well-deserved victory by the better team who also happen to be rather pleasing on the eye.

The Dutch looked good in the first 30 minutes, but then Japan took over the last 15 minutes of the first half. Then in the second half, the Dutch faded away in terms of energy levels while Japan became more aggresive on the attack with those many chances.

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WolfpackToday 08:47 am JST

Doesn’t seem like a fair call even though it is technically correct. Just too easy for the ball to touch upper arm without intent.

Exactly. The element of distance was a fair part of context to consider in the awarding of any penalty. Now that this part doesn't appear to stand anymore, we will have a million penalties because players will be instructed to shoot into players' hands. The can of worms has been well and truly opened.

I don't need football to be a high-scoring affair because a number of newbies can't appreciate the game for what it has always been. I'm not gainst VAR, but I'm against the way rules have been changed and are applied for the sake of satisfying those who want to see more goals.

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David VarnesToday 08:23 am JST

Upper arm, lower arm, hand or fingers, the handball rule applies from the tip of the shoulder to the ends of the fingers. So regardless of where it hit the arm, the handball rule comes into effect.

This is where the whole mess about the rule change is wrong. Less than a month ago, everyone knew that several elements of context had to be considered in the awarding of the penalty. In this particular case, the most striking argument to go against the awarding of a penalty is the very short distance between ball and hand. In most leagues, referees would give around 2 yards as the maximum tolerable distance since there is just no time for the defender to react when the ball is shot. Unless you want players to play with their hands tied in the back like in Medieval times, it makes no sense to not consider that element since Kumagai appeared to stand well within 2 yards from the shot.

Rugby has a lot of subtleties to their rules when referees call upon the TMO to give a verdict. But they are fully transparent in calling the decisions with regards to those contextual elements. Depite all the changes FIFA may want to bring, I don't think those are fair nor transparent enough.

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Posted in: Dutch advance to Women's World Cup quarterfinals with 2-1 win over Japan See in context

The person who eliminated the contextual bit about "the distance between the opponent and the ball" from the FIFA rules on hand balls and penalties needs to get his or her head checked. There was just no way that Kumagai could have reacted quickly enough to avoid contact. I have watched the beautiful game for 21 years now, but that was for sure one of the weakest calls I've ever seen made to decide the outcome of a match.

Some things are better left untouched when they are not broken to begin with.

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Posted in: England beats Japan 2-0 to advance to last 16 at Women's World Cup See in context

Japan are a side in transition at the moment but there are some good prospects there.

So are Germany, mind you. Nevertheless, the Germans keep the bar high and yet get results. Since Takakura has been given the reins of this teams, I fail to see what she is planning to do when her team simply can't find a way to compete against the top sides when that is the bar that must be set.

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Posted in: Former KAT-TUN singer admits to marijuana use See in context

Such a waste of taxpayer money. What's the purpose of punishing people for something they do in private and yet do not really affect anybody else around them? There are other things that are more worthy of police and prosecution procedures than this. And considering how hectic Japanese society is about working conditions in all spheres, can you blame people for using pot as a means to escape for just a moment? Some US states, Canada, and the Netherlands do fine after legalizing marijuana and after putting forward prevention campaigns against DUI.

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Posted in: Trump visit to Japan eyed for May 26; may be 1st guest to meet new emperor See in context

Considering what happened the last time Trump visited the Queen of Great Britain, this has all the ingredients of a major mess in the making. That president has no respect whatsoever towards the protocols in place, and he thinks he's better than anyone else.

If the new emperor wants to be serious about his early days on the job, he should order to shut the entrance gate to the Imperial Palace if Trump is late once again.

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Posted in: S Korean parliament speaker compares Japan to 'brazen thief' See in context

Someone above made a good comparison between the Japan/South Korea situation with the UK/Ireland situation. It's also the parallel I would make. South Korean politicians are acting like a petulant children that just won't grow up at all, and we all know how it usually ends for countries and leaders who are like that. They become the eternal laughing stock of all.

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Posted in: Abe nominated Trump for Nobel Peace Prize on U.S. request: Asahi See in context

Abe has no spine. But then again, this is the guy who rolled down a bunker and then quickly got up and ran after the low-IQ man child like a lost puppy. He'd fit very well into the current Republican party. What a laughing stock the current American and Japanese administrations are!

Absolutely. Ever since Trump became POTUS, Abe has been doing nothing but licking his boots on top of being a Mitch McConnell-style spineless coward. I don't know how this will pan out in the next session at the Diet, but there has to be a major negative fallout after this. Opposition parties and the LDP itself cannot stay still after this.

I know that the LDP leadership race ended only a few months ago, but I think it's time for real contenders to show up within the party. Abe deserves to finish his political career the same way Margaret Thatcher got the boot in the UK.

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Posted in: Mayweather stops Nasukawa in 1st round, flooring him 3 times See in context

Look at Floyd's record. The guy has never received a major beating in the ring, in any of his fights.

You're silly if you think he doesn't already command respect.

I couldn't care less about his record; there are ways to cheat your way around with that. There is also a boxer who held matches against not-so-dangerous opponents for years to keep his championship belt, and he was WBC light-heavyweight title holder between 2013 and 2018. He never got a major beating until very recently.

Guess what: that guy faced a truly dangerous opponent just a few weeks ago and for the first time in years in a mandatory defence, and the defending champion got sent into the hospital by the Ukrainian contender.

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Posted in: Mayweather stops Nasukawa in 1st round, flooring him 3 times See in context

Cocky MMA fighters think they can win everything. They’re just jack-of-all-trades master of none. Same thing happened to Conor McGregor. At least he lasted until round 9 before surrendering.

If Floyd wants to command respect, he better play by MMA rules against a semi-retired Georges St-Pierre, who is a MASTER in Kyokushin (Black Belt, 3rd Dan) and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Black Belt). Only then we will talk. Where I respect both Conor and Nasukawa is that they actually tried fighting outside of their comfort zone while Floyd hasn't fought against a real contender nor outside of his own comfort zone in ages.

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Posted in: Chinese air force lands bombers on South China Sea island See in context

In response, I believe the appropriate response from Japan would be to send engineers to the Senkaku Islands, expand the largest island artificially, and build infrastructures that can host both JMSDF ships and JASDF. At the same time, no time should be wasted in exploiting the nearby natural resources in the area.

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 so why waste billions of Yen of tax-payer money on target practice?

For the same reason you warm up before doing sports. You don't want to get into action with your muscles being cold, so you have to be sure they get warmed up for optimal performance. Should the interceptors never get tested, how would anybody know if corrections need to be made and what would they be if any? At the same time, Japan really needs to send a clear message that no one screws with them.

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As for those advocating shooting down the missile, that is easier said than done.

Then explain to us why loads of money have been spent into the THAAD, the Patriot batteries, and Aegis destroyers if not for the main purpose of intercepting anything that flies unauthorized above Japan. I always thought that defences need to shoot down live targets after all the so-called exercises. What would be wrong with shooting the thing down or at least trying to do so? The lack of reaction from the JSDF here is a PR disaster to say the least.

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Posted in: Japan's soccer players too respectful, need to be more vicious, says coach See in context

What an idiotic thing for Halhilodzic to say. Sportsmanship is supremely important.

Then I guess the amount of contact you have with top tier football is extremely limited because all winning teams know how to show grit and borderline viciousness as long as the main driving force behind that is the hatred of defeat. Vahid's main point is spot on though: unless the team shows more grit and dumps the "good guy" tag, it cannot hope to win. Some might call me old school, but players like Roy Keane, Patrick Vieira and Lothar Matthaüs epitomize what I expect to find in players who hate losing more than anything. I want Japan to develop players with that kind of killer mentality - true warriors.

No, people call it the beautiful game, based on the Brazillian ethos of having racial harmony by avoiding vicious hits on opponents. Lesser talented players who act viciously get consigned to history's dustbin. Does anyone actually remember who collided with Neymar to take him out of the 2014 World Cup? Compare that with how many millions of fans respect Neymar after cleanly leading Brazil in the Olympics.

Who cares? The only thing I remember from 2014 is that Germany took the game straight into Brazil's faces and showed no mercy to the home nation by scoring 7 goals. If you want to show respect for the game, then you give it all like a madman for 90 minutes and play as if the score was still 0-0. Would you prefer to see Japan have that lone star on top of their badge while playing a gritty/ugly game and yet being recognized in history books as a winner (like West Germany 1974), or would you prefer to see Japan play a clean game while being known as losers at the very end of the day?

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Yet the Middle East wonder why the U.S. military armed forces are always killing their people and bombing theor country. Taking out innocent people from any country for you selfishness only give more reasons why the Middle East will continue to suffer.

It's a shame, but it's the hard truth. For a group of countries that used to be colonized, they are the least capable of living in the reality of the 21st Century. Those countries will earn no sympathy whatsoever until the locals decide to grow a pair and do whatever is necessary to ban those crazies from their world just as other nations did in the past to get rid of their radical elements for the future's sake.

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Posted in: 3 Chinese men arrested for buying too many diapers See in context

Great job setting the record straight, Kawachi.

Talk about the weirdest news in a while. Nevertheless, it's a good warning for all countries to remain vigilant because we cannot allow those people to eat up other countries' supplies and resources. Force them to take their own stuff all day long, I say.

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Posted in: Japan's soccer coach denies team lacks passion See in context

Scholes was shorter at 5'7", but he was unique in that he more than made up for it with his ferocity in the midfield. IMO, he WAS a physical beast.

Very good point. Nevertheless, he would be quite an example to follow if I was a young Japanese footballer looking to make a mark against the best without needing a body like Zlatan's or Cristiano Ronaldo's nor hoping to have Messi's crazy dribbling skills. There is also a middle ground and it also works for smaller players.

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Posted in: Federer wins Shanghai Masters See in context

The hallmark of a true champion!

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