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Posted in: Biden to send U.S.-authorized vaccines abroad for first time See in context

The largest numbers of people refusing vaccinations are white male Republicans.

Go figure what's wrong with them. Other slices of the US population are far less hesitant in getting vaccinated. It's misplaced machismo if anything.

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Now it's going to be interesting to see how the US will play the vaccine diplomacy game. With China and Russia already on a headstart in that game, the salespitch has to be strong in order to sway many nations towards those US-made vaccines.

I hope those US vaccine shipments will be successful nevertheless.

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Posted in: Mother in Arizona denies killing 2 children with meat cleaver See in context

I'm sorry, but that woman is a lost cause. Nothing can ever forgive the murder of children, not even mental illness if there is any.

As far as Arizona is concerned, capital punishment still exists although the last execution in that state was carried out in 2014. It's the only way forward now.

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Posted in: 'Evangelion' studio receiving threatening fan comments; will report offenders even outside Japan See in context

I think Studio Khara should quote and adapt Rikki Farr's epic rant from the Isle of Wight 1970 music festival as a direct reply to those few weirdos. Studio Khara put this project for the fans with a lot of love, and they worked for 14 full years to get this done.

I'm just disgusted by such destructive behavior from a few disgruntled idiots.

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Posted in: Israeli strike destroys Gaza building with AP, other media See in context

This is the time for Western powers to seriously reconsider their support for Israel. That country has become exactly what the first people of Israel escaped from after WW2, and it's walking on a tiny thread before slipping into what justified a NATO intervention against Yugoslavia back in 1999. I have no sympathy for a country that is doing exactly what their forebears from 3-4 generations ago escaped from. It's not because people survived the Holocaust that we should tolerate their descendants choosing to put a new Apartheid in place.

And for those who whine about the deletion of comments supporting the destruction of the AP building, it seems you're better off living in China or in any other country where freedom of press is not recognized. I would love to see you forsaking your life privileges and then live in those countries if you don't understand what the destruction of that building actually means when you between the lines.

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Now that you remind me of the geriatric part, it's more than time for Japan to have a mandatory retirement age for public service.

In any cases, those people are the deplorables dragging the country down with them. As a wise man, who is no longer with us, once said: IT'S TIME TO GO!

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That sums up a lot of things many people feared. There is still a third-world country mentality in places where you need to be far above that, and it's the reason why Japan has seen such a mess in their vaccine rollout.

If the supply is more than enough to cover everybody, then start lowering the age limits to get as many adults vaccinated ASAP. That's how you move towards herd immunity.

Getting shots from pharmacists at drug stores as in the U.S. or from volunteers with no medical background other than brief training as in Britain remain unthinkable in Japan.

That's only because that government refuses to deal this crisis as they would do in the event of a natural disaster. And in the context of a natural disaster, you need as many people on deck to get things done. This is just silly decision-making when man shortage can easily be solved by training and mobilizing pharmacists, paramedics, veterinarians, police officers, and military personnel.

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As more studies come out showing that weed is less damaging to one's body compared to alcohol and tobacco, I swear many countries need to review their antagonism towards marijuana. Want to keep banning it? Ban alcohol and tobacco as well, and then we'll see how people react.

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Posted in: Japan speeds up COVID vaccine rollout for elderly See in context

They cited the lack of medical staff to administer the vaccinations for the additional delays.

Oh please! How many times do we have to say it again? They have to gather other professionals to deliver shots. Giving shots into arms is all that matters. That can be done with pharmacists, paramedics, veterinarians, police officers, JSDF troops and more. All of those people could be trained in a single day or two and then get the job done on the field. Why is that so difficult?

To think that Japan has a grade A playbook on how to deal with natural disasters, it's beyond comprehension that the government is not using that same guideline nor extrapolating from it to activate emergency measures as means to solve the issue a lot faster.

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Posted in: Japan speeds up COVID vaccine rollout for elderly See in context

Prepare a timeline for vaccination in other age groups among adults. That is also very important to take the country towards the end of the tunnel.

If a number of people among the elderly don't want to be vaccinated, that's their loss and they will have to queue alongside increasingly younger age groups. The current priority to seniors should not penalize other adult age groups in getting vaccinated before vaccines meet their expiry dates.

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Posted in: China criticizes Japan, U.S. for creating exclusive group on supply chains See in context

Cry me a river, China. What else is new? It's beyond pathetic at this point that they complaint for this or that after spending several years screwing up the rules themselves.

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Lockdowns and curfews worked in Britain, in some Canadian provinces (willing to go that far), and in other Western countries for the time that vaccine rollout could reach full speed. Impatient, selfish and neglectful people are the reason why emergency measures drag on and on when the problem could be solved with enough society-oriented discipline from everybody.

Where I live, we are crushing the curve mostly thanks to drastic measures while the province next door has been too soft on the same job of preventing new infections. I will not apologize for it nor I will give any credibility to anyone unwilling to do the part for society instead of whining.

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Posted in: Packed trains, drinking: Japanese impatient over anti-virus measures See in context

Hard lockdown, online classes for kids, remote work for all workers not deemed as esssential services, curfew at 8:00 PM, and mass vaccine rollout even if that means the second dose is due in 3 months' time. That's how you crush the curve.

Now that every half-hearted effort has failed, why not go one step harder? It's time for that government to either stop burying their heads in the sand OR to go out with their heads between their legs in shame.

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Posted in: Tokyo’s anti-crowding coronavirus countermeasures backfire on trains See in context

That is what happens when the government shows no balls in imposing rules that protect citizens first and foremost when it matters. First of all, there is a strong need for a full lockdown worth a few weeks in order to crush the curve. Second, vaccine rollout has to be accelerated by all means, even if that involves the military for logistics. Third but not least, the government should provide their citizens all LEGAL measures to protect employees from any employer who chooses profit over safety.

This garbage. Old bosses in charge who are inept and unable to change or adapt.

I swear. I hope there's a special place in hell for those bosses for the utter disregard they show towards human life.

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Posted in: Action star Steven Seagal gives samurai sword to Venezuela's Maduro See in context

And famous for some very unsavoury sexual abuses. Allegedly, natch.

Lots of cases of sexual harassment, illegal trafficking of females for sex, sexual abuse, wrong termination of a contract (on a woman), etc. If you discount that, he has also been involved in many incidents where he's accused of intentionally hitting stuntmen. In many aspects, he's a really bad person.

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Posted in: Ishikawa town builds giant squid with COVID relief funds See in context

An irresponsible waste of money.

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Posted in: Man United fans storm stadium, forcing game to be called off See in context


So you're OK with greedy b*stards taking money out of the football club? Thank you very much for showing how much BS you're consuming on top of showing zero understanding about what the football club is all about. Most top pundits who cover the Premier League have shown a far better understanding of the situation than anyone from the outside writing stuff to promote a negative agenda against the fans.

This is not just a Manchester United thing. It also happened at Arsenal, at Chelsea, at Tottenham and at Liverpool. The reason why it has gotten this bad at Manchester United is because of everything the Glazers have done in the last 16 years.

Here are the facts:

1) Glazers bought the club with a loan;

2) Transferred the debt of the loan to the club;

3) Have put £0 of their own money into the club;

4) All transfers have come from club revenue;

5) The Glazers have taken over £1 billion from the club to pay interests, debt and dividends.

If that is not enough for you to show an iota of understanding as to why fans are angry, then don't bother replying. Tell me how you would feel if a foreign owner of your favorite J-League club bought the club on a loan, puts the debt of that loan upon the club, and then take the money out of the club to pay debt and dividends when that money should be invested to improve the team and the facilities.

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The Glazers, who also own the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers, have declined to engage with fans or media since buying United in 2005.

Former Manchester United defender Gary Neville, who was inside Old Trafford preparing to commentate on the game for Sky Sports, called on the Glazers to put the club up for sale.

“There’s huge discontent, not just across Manchester United fans, but I think for football fans up and down the country and I think they are just saying enough is enough,” Neville said. “The Glazer family have been resilient and stubborn for many, many years. I think they are struggling to meet the financial demands that this club needs and have done for some time.

“This stadium, if you go behind the scenes, is rusty and rotting. The training ground is probably not even in the top five in this country."

This part sums it all about the Glazers. You can ask any Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans from before the awarding of the last Super Bowl in Tampa and before the signing of Tom Brady, and those fans would tell you about how despicable the Glazers are as owners. They are cheapskates and being despicably greedy people with no iota of genuine respect for the best traditions of sports. If they think people will let them off the hook when they live in their ivory tower and grab money from the masses without a response, they are mistaken.

After the mess that was the ESL, I only hope that the British government will push towards a legislation that requires 50%+1 of the shares of the club to belong to season ticket holders like in Germany. Football is the people's game, and fans are right to demand respect.

Bar a few idiots going overboard, the protest was necessary to bring worldwide attention upon the real problem at Manchester United and in other football clubs. I'm glad that the game was postponed to show how much power fans still have over clubs. The Glazers deserve to be humiliated as they are today. #GlazersOut

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Posted in: Japan's unused 14 mil doses of COVID-19 vaccines point to logistical hurdles See in context

This is just ridiculous beyond belief.

How is it possible that you need a whole month for the JGSDF to set up a mass vaccination site in Tokyo? Those military guys are trained to deploy enough logistics for anything in almost no time at all, and I'm sure they are begging to be more helpful on the field right now. They can set up more than one mass vaccination site out of stadiums and convention centers in the Tokyo Metropolitan area if any.

As for municipalities that may be a little more remote or that may have less accessibility to medical services, it could be as simple as to mobilize a mobile vaccination clinic on a bus that reaches those municipalities. If necessary, get a truck with loud speakers to warn residents of the mobile clinic's arrival. It has been done in many Western countries, and they also mobilize the army if necessary. If people still don't want to get their shot after deploying resources on the field, then move onto the next place.

As for personel, don't get me started. You should have given the right for dentists and pharmacists to vaccinate a while ago. Even paramedics and other people (military personel) can be trained to inject a dose in an arm. This is no time to bother about reserved acts for doctors and nurses only.

Sheer stupidity all around. Do me favor.

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Posted in: India's crematoriums overwhelmed as virus tears through country See in context


Indeed. When Modi and his cronies will be taken out of office, I hope they will be prosecuted and then jailed for their negligence. They can rot in hell.

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Posted in: Salvage effort under way for Indonesian submarine that sank with dozens aboard See in context

It's a really sad turn of events. I can only hope that a proper investigation will eventually find out what happened so such misfortune will not repeat itself.

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Posted in: Table tennis star's alleged illicit romance bouncing all over Asia See in context

I say there is a matter of context that has to be considered. If a strong percentage of marriages become toxic for xyz reason while attitude towards gender roles and divorce is not exactly up to speed with other cultures, could you really blame women? That being said though, I think that 49% is exaggerated to an extent.

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Posted in: 19-year-old mother charged with murder of newborn son See in context

For a country that has plenty of access to contraceptive means and abortion at one end of the spectrum to child adoption and other services at the other end of that same spectrum, I just cannot understand how a mother-to-be can make such a decision that matches nothing sane on either end of the spectrum. What is wrong with some people?

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Posted in: Athlete protests remain banned at Tokyo Olympics, IOC says See in context

Go figure where those surveyed athletes come from or who they are. I don't think the real majority would allow such cowardice when topics about fighting racial and social inequalities have been at the forefront for the last 2 years now. Three national football teams have already used qualifiers to send messages against the workers' situation in Qatar.

Screw the IOC people living in their ivory tower.

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Posted in: Brazil's Bolsonaro promises Biden to end deforestation; seeks financial help See in context

Bolsonaro deserves one thing and one thing only: end up in jail for his crimes against both Brazilian forests and the Brazlian people.

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Posted in: Aso repeats claim that treated Fukushima water is good to drink See in context

I couldn't care less about what China and South Korea say, but history teaches me that PR has to be better to convince people of something good after a disaster. After the 1966 Palomares B-52 crash, Spain’s then-Minister of Information, Manuel Fraga Iribarne, and United States Ambassador, Angier Biddle Duke, went as far as to splash around Palomares' Quitapellejos beach as means to prove to people that the waters were safe to swim in. So I (alongside everyone or so here) openly challenge Aso to drink that water and put the matter to bed.

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Posted in: 'Please drink' treated Fukushima water, China asks Aso See in context

One thing that is certain is that the Japanese government will need to do a hell lot better when it comes to PR and showing the population that it is safe (IF it is safe). After the 1966 Palomares B-52 crash in which hydrogen bombs were dropped in the region (including one at sea), Spain’s then-Minister of Information, Manuel Fraga Iribarne, and United States Ambassador, Angier Biddle Duke, went as far as to splash around Palomares' Quitapellejos beach as means to prove to people that the waters were safe to swim in.

The ball is still in Japan's court until further notice.

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Posted in: 60% dissatisfied with Japan's COVID vaccine rollout; 44% approval rating for Suga cabinet: poll See in context

Talk about sheer incompetence. You would expect Japan to open up the chequebook paying millions of doses and also mobilize stadiums/arenas as mass vaccination centers. Mobilize the JGSDF for better logistics in remote areas if necessary. What is so difficult to get done here?

Unacceptable, I swear.

One important, related stat that is missing: 38% of the Japanese population does not want to get the vaccine

Does that really matter? You shouldn't exclude what the majority chunk of the population wishes because of those anti-vaxxers and vaccine skeptics.

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Posted in: Matsuyama makes history by winning Masters See in context

I watched the final round live on TV and I have to say that there were a few nerve-wracking moments as all eyes were on Matsuyama, especially with 3 bogeys in the last 4. Will Zalatoris really kept the pace right behind before the triple bogey at 16th, but I guess that tournament is always about those very fine margins and late drama. Nevertheless, he made it home with the green jacket at the end of the day.

Many congratulations to Matsuyama-san being the first Japanese and first Asian golfer to win the Masters among la crême de la crême.

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Posted in: N Korea's absence at Olympics likely to extend diplomatic deadlock See in context

After everything that North Korea has done, they don't even deserve a dialogue until the day they are so starved that they will be on their knees begging.

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