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Posted in: Make an impression on paper and your peers with a katana-hilt name stamp See in context

"...As nice as it sounds, all I can think of is that it makes forgery much much easier. All they need is to remake another hanko or 3D print one then, they are in business. So, I will leave this as a niche..."

No, it doesn't. You're not in East-Asia, obviously, and you know nothing. It is not a niche. Hundreds of millions of people use hanko. You are ignorant and your opinion is worthless. I have spoken!

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Posted in: Koizumi backs sick U.S. sailors who blame Fukushima radiation See in context

Something fishy going on here with these sailors. The U.S. is a litigious society I think these deck-hands are just trying to make a quick buck, advised by some shyster ambulance-chasing lawyers. If their claims are true we would have more Japanese people turning up sick as well. Greed is what we have here, folks.

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Posted in: Japan authorizes $2 mil to study high-speed train from Baltimore to Washington See in context

High-speed rail is the future and if you don't like it you are a tool of the oil and car companies. Primitive right-wing "Gods and Guns" troglodyte. Keep your car in the garage and take a walk!

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Posted in: Seoul: Surviving sex slave victims will receive $90,000 See in context

I think timing has to do with Olympics too. Has Germany ever paid to concentration camp survivors or descendants? There could be no end to all this payment for past crime mess. Somebody probably owes me.

Germany has paid billions, Buster. Billions! No one owes you anything. You're from the White Suburbs and maybe deserve a kick in the butt.

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