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Posted in: Facebook throws in towel on email See in context

I didn't know facebook even had an email service....

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Posted in: China, with eye on Japan, seeks WW2 focus for Xi during Germany visit See in context

Germany to China: "Uh, no.... Get over it, dude."

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Posted in: Sporting gesture See in context

'Rei ni hajimari, rei ni owari'. Everything begins and ends with Rei (courtesy).

Japan etiquette and sportsmanship, gotta love it.

it's Great that they got this far.

I now bow the these ladies who deserve the respect for coming this far without the proper funding like other sports. As I know it, Hockey isn't a very well funded sports in Japan, and these ladies are still consider amateur, they all have regular day jobs and play hockey on their free time, before their qualification, it wasn't even organized with a full sponsor. I hope things will get better for them.

I bow to you...

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Posted in: If the populace is steady in its pursuit of enjoyment of culture, it will not be shaken easily by political problems. See in context

FINALLY! A Japan-Korea exchange that actually benefits one another in these last couple of months. I'm tired to the exchange of angry and idiotic comments between the 2 nations.

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Posted in: Japan shocks Belgium with 3-2 victory See in context

The two new FWs, Kakitani and Osako are doing a great job, no longer need Maeda and Havenaar for Samurai Blue.

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Posted in: Broken toilet flush forces JAL Dreamliner to turn back to Moscow See in context

Poor Boeing, problems just keep piling.

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Posted in: Startups gain appeal as some Japan Inc names fade See in context

Great article. And I hope the startups companies find success.

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Posted in: Man jumps onto train tracks to save woman See in context

Bravery for jumping to her rescue and quick thinkingfor laying flat on the tracks, HERO!

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Posted in: Putin bans protests in Sochi during Winter Olympics See in context

time for all international sporting events to reconsider choosing Russia as a host due it it's violation of Human rights. IOC should condemn RUSSIA as well as FIFA (2018 World Cup). .

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Posted in: SDF sees surge of popularity thanks to anime tanks See in context


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Posted in: Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler gets friendly with fans in Osaka See in context

Similar to j-rock L'arc~en~ciel. He reminds me of HYDE

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Posted in: Japan's giant robot proliferation continues as filming starts on live-action Patlabor movie See in context

A Japan live action Patlabor movie? Awesome. Loved the anime series.

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Posted in: Honda not going to AC Milan, says CSKA See in context

Moscow stand to lose a key player for free in December. Milan can either sign him now or in December. I hope Honda maintain a top form with WC next year. Can't afford him to dip in form unless Kagawa and Co. Can play without him.

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Posted in: 'Cool Japan' gives anime heroes a new mission: boost the economy See in context

I hope they also work on improving the animators working conditions and increase their salary and wages do not to outsource the anime which comes back as crap. Best example is Naruto and Bleach. While I love the manga, and many more, I couldnt stand the animation quality in the past 2-3 years. I still like to watch the old episodes, but the animation has been terrible to the point that I havent watch a new episode for the past year and a half. Also, dont try to westernize the anime, thats what make Japanese manga and anime unique compare to Disney and Nickoloden.

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Posted in: Dish abandons Sprint bid, clearing way for SoftBank See in context

because of the recent NSA spying scandal going on, do you think Dish might drop their bid, thinking that the US govt might overturn their earlier approval to block takeover of Sprint from Softbank? then Dish can buy out Sprint for cheaper than their current bid.

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Posted in: Japan becomes first team to qualify for 2014 World Cup See in context

Congratulations, Japan! Everyone believed Japan would qualify for a year now, but they sure know how to do it in dramatic fashion. Leave it all in the last 10 min, they had us on our knees only to equalize with a rocket penalty from Honda.

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Posted in: Next stop: Brazil See in context

Congratulations, Japan!

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Posted in: Japan still skeptical of PSY’s popular appeal See in context

just accept that there are those who are fans and those who are not. Just like everything else, some people are fans and some who are not. We all don't have to be fans of something.

I remember last year when someone first reported it, I don't get why Korean fans are making such a big deal why it's not that popular in Japan. It's like they are trying to shove Kpop down our throats. I like the occasional kpop, like Shoujo Jidai, KARA, etc., mainly girl groups. but doesn't mean I like everything thing they do. some of their songs, I don't really like.

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Posted in: Man places ad for 'Girlfriend' on Google – gets 5 girls at once See in context

an internet love story? Sounds like the new decade's Densha Otoko, aka Train Man.

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Posted in: Japan's top three automakers post record sales in 2012 See in context

Japan "Top" 3, pop or Biggest 3. Not the only three. Other JPN automakers had made profits, Subaru in particular. Mazda and Suzuki are progressing nicely.

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Posted in: New iPad app 'The Legend of Momotaro' brings Japanese folk tale to life See in context

Should have it available on iPod touch and android markets as well.

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Posted in: What fashion trends do you think never go out of style? See in context

T-shirt and blue jeans.

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Posted in: Woman attempting to rob convenience store asks clerk to call police See in context

Only in Japan. I'm just glad no one got hurt.

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Posted in: Shooting rampage in Philippines leaves 9 dead See in context

terrible, just terrible.

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Posted in: Happy New Year See in context


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Posted in: U.S. teachers take up arms to prevent mass shootings See in context

I'm really for it, but as long as there are having the children and safety of students and staff in mind, I guess. But all firearms should be locked and hidden away from view. maybe a emergency lock box. and make sure the firearms isn't loaded, for fear of accidently discharged.

I'm against the assault rifle ban, mainly because it will give the criminals who already own and/or can obtain them illegally a huge advantage over law-abiding citizens.

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Posted in: Toyota ups 2012 sales forecast to 9.7 mil vehicles See in context

okay, who called it? someone from the earlier Toyota Crown article once mention about a Pink Toyota Crown.

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Posted in: U.S. gun sales soar as owners fear new regulations See in context

all news are basically talking banning of assault rifles and hi-capacity weapons, but what about the handguns, pistol and revolvers and shotguns and hunting rifles? would those be banned/ regulated as well.

If the ban ever pass and turns into a law, what would happen to the existing firearms currently own by civilians? would they force them to turn it over to law enforcement and authorities?

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Posted in: Ready to take over See in context

no point in complaining about him, now. I just hope he can fix Japan's most serious issues. Good Luck, soon-to-be-again Prime Minster Shinzo Abe and the LDP.

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