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It's disgusting, free market or not, regardless of legality in Japan. These retailers need to take responsibility, or at least show some morality in their business models. I won't be buying anything on either of those 3 sites until this is resolved. And, even then, I'll have to have a very good reason to continue shopping there. The damage is done.

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Ultimately, I think the keyword here is "cultivation."

Clearly, Mikitani and his team are cultivating a new culture of leadership, not just new hires who speak English. I'm sure that if one were to delve deeper, perhaps with the HR people at Rakuten, one might find a new set of specific requirements in line with Rakuten's global goals.

And yes, I suspect that some of the exisiting Rakuten folks who don't speak English and don't possess competitive skill sets will be looking for new work soon as well, however unfortunate that may be.

I applaud the effort, especially since Rakuten and Fast Retailing are clearly in that "10%" that Naruke mentions.

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