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I would like to see the videos to understand what actually transpired during those contested moments.

I don't condone the alleged treatment of Wishma but Japan is very strict in terms of immigration and has always been so. It's a very nice place for foreigners to live and work until they break the law. Like any country, including the U.S., over staying your visa will get you in serious trouble. What Wishma should have done was to have gone to the immigration office before her visa had expired and explained her whatever reason to not or unable to renew her visa, not neglect it. It would of made a difference. I think she was naive to think not seriously about the severity in neglecting her visa. But nonetheless, it is a tragedy.

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As I spent thirty wonderful years living in Japan, the rule of thumb is not to break any laws there, especially if you are a guest. That applies to any country regardless if you are a citizen or not. Every country has its own different system of enforcing the law. Japan's laws might seem a little strict to some, but that is why it's one of the most safest countries to live in. I'm not saying it's completely crime free, no country is perfect. Since coming back to the States, it's very disturbing to hear so many violent crimes committed daily. It's almost a way of life here.

As of Carlos Ghosn, he was arrested for a reason. What I have read about him over the years in Japan, was that he is a selfish, cunning man with shady ways of doing business. All of his self enrichment practices that is finally being unraveled and revealed! It's just the tip of the iceberg. It was coming to him. That's why he illegally bought the great escape! Just by hearing his whining, desperate one sided plea is disgusting! It's only obvious he's guilty.

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