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darkaura comments

Posted in: Body in Chiba river confirmed as that of missing 7-year-old girl See in context

SpideyToday  07:54 am JST

Sorry but a 7 year old child, with plans to play at the park, doesn't just wander off for about a kilometer to go check out a river. I sure hope the police are treating this as an abduction case.

Yes they do. If I wasn't looking closely at the children I was watching here in Japan, they would have and I wouldn't have known where they had gone. That's why it's important to always know where the children are. You're the adult you should know that a child is curious. Maybe this was the first time but it only take once.

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Posted in: Japan finds new COVID-19 strain, while immigration faciliity reports infections See in context

klausdorthToday  11:07 am JST

Here we go and I hope that those vaccines will be effective concerning those strains, too.

From what I hear the vaccine does not attack the actual virus but it attacks the protein layer around the virus that makes it infectious. So in theory it should be effective against all strains because the protein layer is the same.

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Posted in: High school student arrested for sexually assaulting 4-year-old girl in toilet See in context

All I'm going to say for the fourth time. This article and most of the people are assuming too much. We don't know the full story. The little girl needs to be shown the where did he touch you doll. If it was in a bad place then he needs help if not the boy should be thanked for taking care of the girl. Also what would have happened if this was a 16 year old girl and a little boy. I don't think it would have gotten this much attention and the 16 year old girl would be touted as being a good girl and helping a poor boy.

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Posted in: Japan had record 610,000 school bullying cases in FY2019 See in context

I'm only an ALT, so no real teacher authority. But in one of my schools I've worked at, a kid from another class walked into the middle of the English class that was going on. The he started punching a kid. I put that shi!t to an end right there right then. I got right in the middle of the two and the kid started punching me. I laughed it off as they didn't hurt that much. Other teachers saw then rushed into the room and dragged the kid out. The kid came back, but at that point I was teaching class from around the kid to protect him.

Also I abhor bullying. I was bullied as a child. I'm guessing that's why I have a softer heart than most. If I see bullying of any of my students, I'm right there right away and stopping it. No bullying happens when I'm there.

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Posted in: Father arrested for forcibly giving 11-year-old daughter buzz cut See in context

I said it before and I'll say it again. I am one of those people who love children but probably will not have them. But if I did it's a parents duty to move heaven and hell for their children so they can grow up safe, strong, educated, and happy. I am angered at hearing stuff like this.

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Posted in: Parents arrested after leaving daughters, aged 3 and 1, at home alone for 11 days See in context

I said it before and I'll say it again. My heart longs to have children of my own. I would treat them so kindly and spoil them a little. But they would learn the value of things. And then you have stories like these. I don't understand how people can leave precious things like these children alone. Yes, they are work. They are suppose to be. They are young they depend on people who should know better.

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Posted in: Woman arrested over attempted murder of 5-month-old daughter See in context

Why is all this happening when there are people who wish for children everyday and can't have either because of medical reason, or because of circumstances.

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Posted in: 2-year-old girl dies after being left in car for 7 hours See in context

In America I believe there was a slogan saying "put something important in the backseat so you don't forget your child" I'm like wtf isn't a child important enough. It's sad to see all this abuse towards children, and what's worse I may never have a child of my own to look after, when that is all I would want in life.

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Posted in: Male babysitter arrested for molesting 5-year-old girl See in context

Sorry about my previous post first time I've tried to post a quote.

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Posted in: Male babysitter arrested for molesting 5-year-old girl See in context

Raw BeerJune 16  11:16 pm JST

I would never hire a male babysitter. Why would a man want to be a baby sitter?

Because maybe just maybe there are men who love working with children. Maybe there are men who have more parental instincts that some females. Maybe there are females who hate children. Like I said I work in 1 JHS and 5 kindergartens. While I do love my JHS, my most memorable times are when I'm at my kindergartens helping the children, playing with the children, and teaching the children. And you want to know what makes it all worth it....I'll give you a hint it's not the money. It's the smiles on the children's faces when they see you. Its the hugs that you get throughout the day, it's the children wanting you to see everything they have done, it's the drawings and the little presents they give you. And maybe, just maybe it's that one student who doesn't open up to others, but for whatever reason opens up to you and you have no idea why. That's why I would be a babysitter, and that's why I love my kindergartens.

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Posted in: Male babysitter arrested for molesting 5-year-old girl See in context

Oh and one more thing I forgot. When I'm at my kindergartens, and if some stranger tries to hurt the children there, I will be one of the first people to defend that child with my life. I watch them like a hawk when I can and that will never change.

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Posted in: Male babysitter arrested for molesting 5-year-old girl See in context

I use to babysit when I was younger. I also work at 5 kindergartens. I'm also 40 years old. The children at my kindergarten trust me to the point where a girl who didn't like going to men, actually came to me and stuck to me. The teachers were so surprised. The teachers trust me, too. How anyone could do this is beyond me I love children so much, that even thinking of anyone who did stuff like this to children makes me sick. Children are so innocent and trusting it's hard to believe that anyone would do this.

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Posted in: Fearful of bias, Google blocks gender-based pronouns from new AI tool See in context

Really does this need to be a thing, if I get "mis-gendered" all I would do is send an email politely correcting the mistake, and that would be that. To stop word prediction is not right. This is more censorship than anything else. I mean I'm all for taking care of the next person but how does this help?

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Posted in: Sony unveils new, slimmer PlayStation 3 console, cuts prices See in context

Neil there can alway be a balance. Will people buy this yes, especially if they don't have a blu-ray player. Yes it is more expensive than one, but you can play games. Will you have people not buying this yes because people are happy with what they have and don't need it. Me personally I won't buy it just yet, I will eventually.

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Posted in: 22-year-old couple arrested for burning 2-year-old son with hair dryer See in context

womanforwomen - I was making a refrence about another poster who said that the father of this child just stayed at home while the wife worked as a hostest. Would I make my wife work as a hostest? Hell No!!! Would I be lazy and not look for work? No! And honestly I should have mentioned this as well, I would look for a job while taking care of the child. Lets face it though a great percent of the problem today is that children don't get enough love.

If I did have to stay home because of no job, and my wife had a respectable job, I would then take on the responsiblities of making sure the house was clean, looking after the kids, and doing all the stuff that comes with being a stay at home parent.

If things were tight and we need to make ends meet, I would go to work for a temp agency, I am not ashamed of doing that. Work is Work. There is a piece of advice that I take to heart to this very day. When your paycheck is gone it's okay to have no money as long as these things are taken care of: There is a roof over your head, a bed to sleep on, clean clothes on your back, and food in your stomach. The extras are just that extras.

Womanforwomen again I thank you for your concerns and I hope I cleard them up.

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Posted in: 22-year-old couple arrested for burning 2-year-old son with hair dryer See in context

I'm just going to say this if I ever have a child during a sucessful time in my life and that gets taken away nothing will change I would love the child to (not literally) death. Even if the mom had to work as a hostest, and I was out of a job the childern comes first, I would give them clothing and food even before I would eat and buy new clothes for myself. I would always shower them with love and affection. I wasn't raised the greatest, but I used how I was raised as a realisation of what not to do.

Someone give that child a good home please.

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Posted in: Akihabara marks 1st anniversary of deadly stabbing rampage See in context

I'm sorry to hear about this, and eventhough I personally cannot feel the tremendous pain that happen that day, I still feel sad about this. My prayers and condolences are there for all those families.

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