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Posted in: Bombs at mosque, restaurant kill 44 in Nigeria See in context

no way. islam means 'peace'.

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Posted in: IS executioner 'Jihadi John' named by media See in context

Mohammed was an illiterate and that is well known, even by I slamic scholars. His 'revelations' were recored by scribes.

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Posted in: Osaka police admit hiding 81,000 crimes to clean up image See in context

Osaka, the city a few years ago dispatched 2,240 (sic) police officers and mobilised 460 cars (sic) and a helicopter to catch one man (sic). The crime? The culprit one Hirofumi Fukuda punched (sic) a couple of officers after a traffic violation. Now this is a true story and if that doesn't conjure up an incompetent police force more reminiscent of the Keystone cops than a modern force, then I don't know what does?

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Posted in: Dolphin-killing town to open marine park See in context

Japanese logic at its silliest and very worst. Like the Hamamatsu yakaza group in the face of public criticism years ago, painted their building white. duh .. The only time I've gotten close to understanding Japanese logic was in a Happy Bob cartoon in the Japan TImes years ago. A salaryman on a train is getting up on a train to sit next to a foreigner and the thought bubble above his head, read; 'He probably never gets the chance to speak with someone who's English is as good as mine'

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Posted in: White car seen near vacant lot where girl's body found in Mie See in context

A white mini-vehicle? Well that really narrows it down I guess ..

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Posted in: Elementary school principal resigns after responding to knife threat with a heavy smack See in context

'Shame on the kids' he says. Oh? I'd thought you might have thrown in "counselling" the mixture? Nothing like a little 'counselling' when knives are brought to schools and principals throw in the hat because they've been manipulated by morons and this society is full of them.

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Posted in: Elementary school principal resigns after responding to knife threat with a heavy smack See in context

HokkaidoKuma: Yes, all makes perfect sense, seminars, more education for teachers, all very sensible. You've explained it well and you probably have a nice smile and set of teeth which is amazing as you've bitten off far more than you can damn well chew. The bottom line here is there a great many wonderful teachers here in Japanese being manipulated by media savvy parents not to mention kids.

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Posted in: Elementary school principal resigns after responding to knife threat with a heavy smack See in context

@gaijininfo & Mark: And we're all paying the price for it with self-centred egoistic young people everywhere in Japan. The future looks grim indeed when we keep in mind they're the ones who will in theory at least, be taking care of us. One isn't allowed to express opinions like this anymore, I say to Hell with it. I support teachers and their struggle to educate, not idiot parents as the tail that wags the dog. Too much corporal punishment is also wrong but in the case the principal is a broken man because the parents and kids used the media to great effect. I suppose they're all happily playing gameboy and having a laugh. A pathetic system, a hopeless ministry.

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Posted in: Elementary school principal resigns after responding to knife threat with a heavy smack See in context

Humiliation? A more effective method? Are we on the same planet? The damage from humiliation is far worse psychologically. I stand by the telephone book across the head and suspension, say whatever you want. As and addition, I'd expel the kid with the knife. We're all paying the price everywhere for years of wishy-washy education policies and no, that doesn't mean unbridled corporal punishment, rather a return to reality and sanity in schools.

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Posted in: Elementary school principal resigns after responding to knife threat with a heavy smack See in context

Spare the rod spoil the child. RIght now we're all paying the price for the last 30 odd years of vague A.S.Neil influenced education policies. The next time you see selfish behaviour by young people which will be today, blame the lack of moderate corporal punishment. Active word, 'moderate'. The principal is wrong in as much as he should have given them all a whack across the head with a telephone book and a suspension.

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Posted in: Fans outraged at soaring Rolling Stones ticket prices See in context

One would think that in the twilight of their careers, they'd give something back to the many who've made them so wealthy, so successful. Instead they behave like the greedy prima-donnas they perhaps always were.

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Posted in: People power See in context

Thomas Anderson: Thorium LFTRs reactors pie in thsky, huh? Do some research before spreading your nonsense. LFTRs are about to come online in China and two in India early next year.

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Posted in: Massive anti-nuclear power rally held in Tokyo See in context

The Romanians had the only solution to idiots like these. The Ozawas, Tanakas, Hatayamas et. al. Get rid of the bloody lot and if it's to be through radical or even extreme action, so be it ..

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Posted in: Night lights See in context

They 'come and go' because they think customers are stupid. Good izakayas are still around because they serve good portions at reasonable prices, unlike the chains that try to serve small portions at high prices in the hope that customers won't care because they're half tanked.

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Posted in: Lawson to expand in Myanmar See in context

Great, just what a country with a long culture needs; kids serving preservative laden snacks and light porno 24/7 Cynical? You bet ...

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Posted in: DPJ coalition partner PNP dumps Kamei as leader See in context

error: I'd meant to write 'opportunist' not populist

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Posted in: DPJ coalition partner PNP dumps Kamei as leader See in context

Kamei=drone .... a populist thinking about ways to keep warming his bum forever. No imagination, no talent, zero imagination just a cunning old-style populist. The tax hike through VAT is inevitable and this guy tries to ingratiate himself with the public with this nonsense and for what? To make himself look good before and electorate and before an election. Good riddance drone ...

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Posted in: Woman dies after being hit in face with beer glass in Tokyo bar See in context

Bad combination; 3:00 a.m., booze, dames with the same dress on ...

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Posted in: Roppongi Art Night See in context

"Art is whatever you can get away with" Read that on a T shirt once. Still, I like her stuff but not enough to have it in the 'ol house. No siree ...

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Posted in: White rice linked to Type 2 diabetes, say researchers See in context

@Reckless; Yes you can cook it in a rice cooker, it just takes a little longer. The newer rice cookers are built to cook both white, brown and the admix of the two. For best results and super quick, use a pressure cooker as it takes hardly any time at all.

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Posted in: White rice linked to Type 2 diabetes, say researchers See in context

I love the smell and taste of warm rice ... splosh a little milk and sugar on it for taste and whammo! It's a real filler and freaks all the Japanese out. I then tell 'em all about rice custard pudding. Genmai has been the way to go for us for many years. Curiously, our J friends think this is rather low-brow culinary speaking. Bollix, genmai is very tasty and satisfying than the pure starch white stuff.

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Posted in: AKB48 to sing national anthem before Giants-Swallows season opener on March 30 See in context

More hard-hiting news from JT ...

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Posted in: Professor wraps electrical cord around student's neck in class See in context

Hey, I want to do this to students often. Don't want to hurt them mind, just wake them up from grinning at their laps in class (cellphones).

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Posted in: Gov't enlists AKB48 as 'gatekeepers' for suicide prevention See in context

Only in this idiot of a country would we find halfwitted, pouting bimbos with a collective IQ of 18 warning us of the grave dangers of suicide. How much are they getting for this? I mean apart from the free publicity? Do they intend to donate something? Work as volunteers? I think I've answered my own question ...

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Posted in: New Ranger See in context

@Piltdown Man: Hey, don't worry ... that's the kind of medieval thinking that all through history gets this country into trouble over and over again. Can't you see it for what it really is? Deep-seated inferiority manifesting in drivel. People call our sons 'hafu' I say no, you're 'double'. You have two of everything. Two languages, two cultures, two passports and far better looking that most. I think Darvish will do well and hope he gets the language down soon.

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Posted in: Court throws out key evidence against Ozawa See in context

The guy's heart is about to give out and there's some justice in that.

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Posted in: Former gang member shot dead in Denny's restaurant in Chiba See in context

Good... one less and another about to get life.

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Posted in: Job interviews - 'Fools using a foolish method to pick fools' See in context

How times have changed. In the 70s, jobs found you. I can clearly remember sitting in a couple of interviews and at the end, telling the interviewer at the end; "lemme think on this and I'll get back to you." I actually said that ...

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Posted in: Ex-U.S. diplomat Maher pulls no punches on Japan See in context

Kevin Maher is a breath of fresh air, no ... make that a strong gust in the putrid stifling air that is Japanese politics. He's had that reputation for many years well before the gaff to the students in Okinawa. And he's right, they DO and HAVE used the bases issue as a tool. No big news there. It was and still is an open secret. Power to the man for calling a spade a spade. At least someone gives an accurate assessment of the farce that is the Japanese political situation. Much like Karl Van Wolferen's 'The Enigma of Japanese Power' which a great many educated Japanese people say is right on the money, this is high up on my reading list.

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Posted in: 2,000 protest against nuclear power in Yokohama See in context

bah bajhista65. Your comments about Thorium being dangerous are downright fallacy. Where's your data? Sources? Worse, posting misinformation just makes this terrible situation harder to resolve. Save the misinformation and mischief for somewhere else.

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