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Darkichi comments

Posted in: Woman police officer, driving drunk, causes crash with baby daughter in back seat See in context

Let's see if we got this straight she's on maternity leave with her daughter who is five months old and she is hiding her depression with alcohol and I think she is breast-feeding so there'd be two drunk people in the car. Wow mom of the month. People if you need help speak up alcohol, drugs and stupidity doesn't do anybody any good. GET HELP it is safer for ALL

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Posted in: Charges filed against man for punching schoolboy during class See in context


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Posted in: Charges filed against man for punching schoolboy during class See in context

As an ALT I see this all to often in school many teacher are over work to see the bulling. Plus that was how it was when they were in school. This father followed the rules talked to school watched the class and still she was bullied to where she stopped going school. The father was at the end of his rope and he did not want come home one and see her hang from one. Punch is wrong slapping a few times and one punch at the end six who know for I am sure no one counted. NO he should have done it that was not right. But you as a dad watch, love and protect you send that joy of your life to school and hope the teachers can at least protect them some. Sad truth is they can't to busy working late night seven days a week for must things that have nothing to do with with class. Better question what would you do in the months that lead up to this? I just hope it all comes to light start to finish.

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Posted in: Mother murders her 2 children; then tries to kill herself See in context

Remember when feeling suicidal and you are think of taking your family please start with yourself. This way other have a choose.

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Posted in: Man arrested after killing wife, 2 children in Osaka See in context

If you are going to commit family suicide start with yourself.

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Posted in: Woman jumps to death from bldg; 1-yr-old daughter found dead in bedroom See in context

If you are going to comitte family suicide start with yourself. Because other may not want to join you just yet. I feel sorry the father because her family will blame him for being at work not there stopping her.

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