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DarkKnghtZ comments

Posted in: Exhibition puts Japan's child prostitution in the limelight See in context

Ive met quite a few girls like this, and nearly every one of them said they just want the easy money. Some of them said when they started out, they really liked sex but because they started doing it all the time it became boring, and the only motivation left was the paycheck. MOST of these girls are CHOOSING this lifestyle because they are too lazy/stupid/uneducated (one or more of those) to go to school or learn a trade. Which fascinates me because a Japanese who can speak multiple languages has a huge amount of doors open compared to one which does not. All that takes is a) school b) date a foreigner c) study abroad and you can land a FAR longer list of Jobs in or out of Japan. another aspect which fascinates me is that most of these girls don't even require "Customers" to wear protection. Russian Roulette at its finest.

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Posted in: Apple and Microsoft unholster new gun emojis See in context

How do you emoji a single parent? I'm thinking its a picture of a taxi, and the animation is people going in one side, and going out the next very quickly, then as the passenger is leaving, it randomly pops a baby out the trunk or something.

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Posted in: Obama boosts Clinton; Trump talks emails and Russia See in context

You people clearly have no idea how the internet works. Heres a free short lesson: For an email to go from one computer to another, it has to pass through a lot of computers. In addition, many email servers have mirrors for availability/redundancy.

If you think every trace of an email is gone simply because you clicked "Delete" or turned the server off, you need to kindly step aside... you have no idea what you are talking about.

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Posted in: TEPCO, rail firms request removal of Pokemon Go characters from sites See in context

You have to be within a certain radius of where the pokemon would "spawn" to even see it on the map. There is no way in hell someone, unless there were already inside the premises, would even realize one was there.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for attempting to kill 2-month-old daughter See in context

Post partum generally lasts about up to 2 weeks after birth, according to the Mayo Clinic. If she experienced the RARE case where it lasted past that, then heres an Idea: Tell your husband, and your parents, and your siblings if you have any. Those people will surely help you through it, and maybe even watch baby for a few hours so you can have your peace and quiet. Even better idea: Suck it up. Everyone goes through some sort of depression in their life. Depression isn't a justification for murder. By siting that in a murder case, you are simply giving out another variation of the old "P**** pass"

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Posted in: Japan Post embarrassed after passerby spots open post box in Chiba See in context

How exactly would they be able to confirm no mail was lost? Since he was there to pick up the mail, there could have been some left inside the box and taken while he was away.

Security in Japan is LAUGHABLE. I'm sure a deep bow with "Moshiwake gozaimasen deshita" or "i was drunk and don't remember doing that" will patch things up though.

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Posted in: More girls turning to sugar daddies to wine and dine them See in context

This is great for us who have good jobs and are married to maguro.

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Posted in: Newborn baby found in bag in Naha See in context

@Jack and the Beanstalk: The decision by said pregnant woman should have been made prior to said pregnancy. Do I want to get pregnant? No? Okay then there are: /deep breath: Pills, condoms, shots, day after pills, proper abortions, and spermicidal lubricant to name only a few.

It would be great if people would start thinking ahead more than 10 seconds. And if they make mistakes, then take responsibility and act appropriately instead of both literally and proverbially, dumping their problems on others.

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Posted in: Duterte to be sworn in as Philippine president, launch crime war See in context

I think some of this is a bit extreme, but death penalty for drug possession is no different from Singapore, and I think is good. Even if you can argue some drugs are fine if used responsibly by adults, I would point out that same drug may end up in my kids hands if its legal. No thanks. Kill em.

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Posted in: Microsoft readies Windows 10 update, answers critics See in context

@5Petals: what sort of toaster are you using which doesn't have at least 1gh of speed on the main processor? You would have to have a 10+ year old machine... the first 1ghz was shipped in 2000....

Win 10 is fine, way better than 8. XP is way too dated. If you have 7 and like it, probably no need to upgrade. If you have any other os, its better.

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Posted in: 'Ghostbusters' backlash brings out Internet trolls See in context

I'm sure some people are lashing out due to the (poor) choice of an ALL female cast... BUT the overwhelming majority of said "internet trolls" are giving negative comments because a) the movie looks terrible, b) it doesn't even come close to living up to the original, and c) Reboots generally are shit.

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Posted in: Man held for confining sleeping woman on train in his apartment See in context

Protip: If you starting to feel drunk, you've probably drank enough already. Stop drinking so you don't get so drunk that you fall asleep and have no clue whats going on. Absolutely no sympathy for people who make choices which get them into trouble.

1) What do you mean I have cancer after smoking for 30 years and cant afford treatment. Government handouts anywhere?

2) I left my door unlocked and a burglar came in and stole my valuables. IM A VICTIM!

3) I drank 4 bottles of jack and woke up in some weird apartment. DONT BLAME ME!

Wake up to reality folks. If you leave yourself vulnerable, it is the same as inviting trouble.

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Posted in: Ghibli producer provokes backlash for comment regarding abilities of women to direct anime See in context

I still fail to see the problem with this. If the company does not hire women and that is the correct thing to do, it will fail. There is absolutely nothing stopping any woman from starting their own animation company, JUST LIKE THESE GUYS DID, and succeeding. The question is: How bad do you want it? If you want it bad enough, you will go out and do it.

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Posted in: 50 dead, 53 wounded in Florida nightclub shooting See in context

Looking forward for President Trump to deal with this sort of nonsense. Cant get here fast enough.

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Posted in: 6-year jail term sought for man who cut off love rival's penis See in context

I'm wondering what came of the female here... it always seems like when three is a problem involving a love spat and the man is punished, no word of the woman. If the woman is punished we get this "IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO," "SHE WAS LONELY," or some other nonsense. Since the man involved in the infidelity lost his member, maybe a good clean uppercut from her ex-boxer husband would set her straight. He should, at the very least, divorce her with no compensation to her.

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Posted in: Fox apologizes for billboard showing strangling from 'X-Men' See in context

Headline: Crybaby SJW gets butthurt about any little thing.

More at 5.

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Posted in: Electing Trump would be 'historic mistake,' Clinton declares See in context

Hillary is an idiot. Instead of discussing what she will do, what her focus is, etc, she is trying to play Trumps game by flat out blasting him. Although I don't think so, MAYBE she is a better politician, but she WONT win at HIS game. By stooping to his level, she is shooting herself in the foot.

Bad move, crooked Hillary.

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Posted in: Man arrested for forcibly kissing, groping woman See in context

Simply amazing that "I was drunk" absolves you of all responsibility.

If you say "I was drunk" you should be auto-convicted. If you were irresponsible enough to get so drunk that you cant remember what you did, then you should be held responsible for whatever it is you did.

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Posted in: 'Guys' fails Australian workplace test See in context

How about instead of trying to worry about how everyone else's feelings might be nurtured or hurt, you say whatever you want as long as the INTENT to offend is not there. if someone takes offense to things like this, they probably should not leave the house, or log onto the internet.

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Posted in: Abe has no plans to visit Pearl Harbor; Obama offers condolences over Okinawan woman's murder See in context

to do “everything that we can to prevent any crimes from taking place of this sort and that involves reviewing procedures and making sure that everything that can be done to prevent such occurrences from happening again are put into place.”

Know what would accomplish that? Death penalty for anyone convicted of a felony crime overseas.

Somehow I think the threat of death would deter the majority, and the ones it doesn't probably aren't worth having around anyway.

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Posted in: Johnny Depp's wife files for divorce See in context

Hold on a second... there must be a misprint or some confusion. A younger woman divorces an older rich man and demands alimony? NO FREAKIN WAY!!?

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Posted in: Clinton: Trump could bankrupt America like his companies See in context

@SimondB Well, if he really wanted the wall to be paid for by mexico, they would be foolish not to do it.

If you are making, lets say for example, 100 million dollars in revenue per year from the US as mexico, and the wall costed 250 million, and the options are:

1) build the wall and maintain that level of revenue (or more) and recoup the loss in under 3 years vs

2) Refuse to build the wall and drop that revenue to 30 million a year after all the tariffs and taxes you have to pay for refusing

Any first year math student would understand why Trump (as long as the people back him) can say this.

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Posted in: Trump willing to meet N Korea's Kim; wants to renegotiate Paris climate accord See in context

Trump will run the country like a business, like it should be, and not care about your feelings, which he shouldn't. If him doing something for the betterment of America makes you butthurt on some level, suck it up. No one cares if your feelings are hurt.

Trump in 2016

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Posted in: End of a saga: Becky to return to showbiz; Kawatani divorces wife following scandal See in context

I never understood the infatuation with celebs. Becky can fall out of a plane or rise to Hollywood superstar, shes still just a normal person with feelings who makes stupid decisions.

On a related note, I wonder if Japan actually put some bite into its punishments, would it actually change the peoples behavior? Suspended sentences, 3 months "Being banned" from media, slaps on the wrists for killing children.

Its kind of like a dog that wont shut up but as soon as you get near it, it tucks its tail and runs into a corner, whimpering.

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Posted in: Pizza Hut Japan asks customers: 'Don’t you hungry?' See in context

@Strangerland How many of said Japanese companies are making materials specifically aimed at Non English Speaking Japanese in America? Id willing to bet the percentage is a tenth of a percent of the Japanese company's trying to get the non-Japanese speaking foreign cash in Japan.

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Posted in: Anime talent agency rejects voice actress applicants who have appeared in porn See in context

@Tim_Fox: Explain that. how does "being involved with illegal activites >OR< who have done adult work" imply one is the same as the other.

One protects the company from being associated with criminals, which I think all companies would like. The other is to prevent the possibility of the legions of akibake from dumping one of their products because their favorite character isn't what they thought she was.

Like it or not, this AKB "we don't know what a penis looks like" image sells millions. Its childish and stupid, but that's the beauty of a free market. If people are willing to pay for it, someone will supply it. These customers want the AKB type voices, so the company will either supply it and make money, or give them something else and risk losing it all.

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Posted in: 'Space Invaders,' 'Grand Theft Auto III' among hall of fame games See in context

The SIMS is garbage. That is all.

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Posted in: Trump struggles to explain his 'America first' foreign policy See in context

Trump may not be the ideal candidate to do it, but he is right about a lot of things. America needs to turn inward and fix its own problems instead of trying to fix everyone else's

Why donate 1 billion to country X to help starving people when that same 1 billion can be used to help starving americans? Homeless (Specifically ones who are through no fault of their own, IE drug usage caused them to lose their job) americans are plentiful and the ones that are capable of leading a normal life could use that money to clean up, buy a suit, go to a job interview, and live in subsidized housing until they are back on their feet.

The world needs a good neighbor, not a big brother.

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Posted in: Struggling Nintendo puts shares in Seattle Mariners up for sale See in context

Well Nintendo, I can give you precise moments in history that you doomed yourself: Alienate your user-base by deciding to go Family friendly instead of wanting to win. Mortal Kombat with no blood/fatalities, Letting Final Fantasy go to PS because you refused to evolve past cartridges, and losing loads of what used to be Nintendo only titles because you refused to get with the times.

Mario and Link can hold their own, but they couldnt carry you from the 8-bit era to where you are now by themselves. Square, Enix, Capcom, and Konami made you, and you pretty much flipped them all off at some point.

THIS is why you are having financial problems.

I used to be a Nintendo fanboy but I will be laughing when you sink into the abyss.

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Posted in: Miss Hooters Japan Contest 2016 See in context

There is food at Hooters? I remember going in hungry and coming out not hungry, but I don't remember eating any food.

This is a great contest. Superficial and shallow. It represents Japan well.

With that said, these are some hot women!

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