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Posted in: Woman gives birth on flight from Canada to Japan See in context

I can see the birth certificate already. Place of birth: The Pacific Ocean.

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Posted in: Convenience store employee in coma after trying to stop shoplifter from escaping See in context

Why not just read them in the store? That's what everyone else does.

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Posted in: Residents up in arms over children's noise at daycare centers See in context

Why are Japanese people, particularly the old ones, so obsessed with silence? It's 2015 not 1715. Noise is life. Deal with it.

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Posted in: After actor's death, 'Furious 7' director drives film to finish See in context

47 is three years from 50. Once you hit 50, you're officially old. Minus ten years for women so yeah, they're all getting there.

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Posted in: 'Paris Cannibal' Sagawa reminisces over his grisly crime See in context

Turbotsat ,before making some stupid French bashing , you should check the background of this story 1- This insane guy is the son of Sagawa Publishing and the Japanese governement at this time put a lot of pressure on the French government to release him. For humanitarian reasons ,the deal was that he would be interned in a psychiatric hospital upon his arrival in Japan. If I remember well, he just spent a couple of months and was considered as cured and released. You can imagine that we , in France were not happy about the breach...

That's a very different account from What I heard on Vice documentaries. According to them, the French people pushed to have him deported to Japan because they weren't Happy about a book deal he signed while in a mental Ward. After he arrived in Japan, the Japanese found him mentally fit for trail and attempted to prosecute him but the French government would not cooperate as they considered the matter closed. Sagawa was glamorized in Japan for a while but he has Since been ostracized and is unable to even find a job.

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Posted in: Don’t want to pay your NHK TV license fee? Beat Takeshi agrees with you See in context

Why can't the government just use tax dollars to fund nhk? That's how we fund public broadcasting like NPR in the states.

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Posted in: Leonard Nimoy, famous as Mr Spock on 'Star Trek,' dies at 83 See in context

At least he lived long enough to see his flagship role get passed on to another. Mr. Spock still lives.

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Posted in: English school commercial as likely to make kids terrified as bilingual See in context

Lol. That kid is so cute. "Are you OK dad?"

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Posted in: 43-year-old woman arrested for spraying graffiti on over 200 telephone poles See in context

She broke bad pretty late. 43?

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Posted in: Woman, ex-partner arrested for forcing cicada onto crying child's face See in context

That poor cicada. That thing must have been scared to death.

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Posted in: Apple plans to develop electric car: Wall Street Journal See in context

In keeping with apple fashion, you probably will not be able to open the hood or modify it without consent from apple. All components will be proprietary and you will not be able to connect anything to it that isnt made by apple. You will only be able to charge it at designated apple charging stations. I hope they will not make there cars like they make their phones.

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Posted in: Man accosts woman walking home and steals her underwear See in context

I think this perv needs a good kicking by a gang of angry office ladies -

I think he'd just get off on it.

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Posted in: Man accosts woman walking home and steals her underwear See in context

Why didn't he just get some used panties from a vending machine?

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Posted in: 32-year-old woman arrested for burning son's buttocks with lighter See in context

She really light a fire under his rear.

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Posted in: Jordan ready to swap inmate for pilot but no mention of Goto See in context

I realize she's emotional due to her sons predicament but she has to know there's not much Abe Can do. The demands being made are toward Jordan, not Japan.

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Posted in: No. of overweight children in Fukushima on the rise See in context

Move over US. You might lose your title as the fattest nation in about 100 years.

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Posted in: Japan says it is looking at all possible ways to free hostages See in context

Their is only one way that is to Bomb them into oblivion.

Guys, seriously. You haven't learned by now that that doesn't work...

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Posted in: Mystery in Shinjuku as woman plunges to death from restroom See in context

As you Can tell from some of the comments, this is actually a very common design feature on Japanese buildings. Even the A club on yokosuka base has a door to nowhere on the 2nd or 3rd floor. Completely idiotic.

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Posted in: DIY hydrogen bath kit See in context

Water is two parts hydrogen one part oxygen. Haven't had any problems with water exploding. This is just adding more hydrogen to the water. I don't think there is enough oxygen for it to burn.

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Posted in: Gov't considering to change Japanese passport design by 2020 See in context

What nationalistic imagery is on the American passport?

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Posted in: Louvre is world's most-visited museum See in context

The davinci code really helped.

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Posted in: Do sports cars have a future in a driverless world? See in context

Not everyone will feel comfortable putting thier lves in the hands of a computer. What will the car do if it gets cut off suddenly orthi e guy in front slams on his breaks or shows he has lost control? There are lots of dynamics on the road and it will be a long time before you find me asleep in the driver's seat as my car drives me home.

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Posted in: Woman held for trying to strangle 6-month-old son to death See in context

I meant postpartum depression. Sorry.

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Posted in: Woman held for trying to strangle 6-month-old son to death See in context

Post mortem depression is a serious problem.

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Posted in: 4 things women are banned from doing in Japan See in context

Who wants to see two fat women in daipers going at in a ring?

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Posted in: Car skids on icy Sapporo road, hits 4 students See in context

I wonder if the driver will be charged.

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Posted in: S Korea balks as U.S. picks Japan, Australia to service F-35s in Asia See in context

At first I thought south Korea was just being immature but really it is unreasonable to expect them to trust a country they have strained relations with to maintain thier military equipment. How would the US feel if Russia was in charge of providing maintenance for American planes?

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Posted in: 5 dead in snow-related accidents; travel disrupted See in context

Another was hit by snowplow - that's like saying a person run over by a watermelon truck was killed by watermelons.

If there wasn't snow, there wouldn't have been a snowplow. The snow was indirectly responsible for their death.

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