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darknuts comments

Posted in: Fukuoka police officer arrested for fatally beating sister See in context

“I don't remember punching anyone in the face with my fist.

That's quite a detailed thing you don't remember.

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Posted in: U.S. to provide Japan quake support See in context

Japan gives billions to US annually and they just returned 100,000 dollars as part of aid! Even Taiwan being such a small island nation donated almost 5 times more than what the US is… shame on the USA for not helping out its closet ally in a bigger way!

What part of 'that would be a down payment' did you not get? It's not like Japan gives billions to US for nothing in return.

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Posted in: Baseball fans leap into river as 'Curse of the Colonel' lifted See in context

And I thought the Europeans got rowdy when it comes to sports.

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Posted in: Kishida, in U.N. speech, vows to spend ¥3 bil to help achieve world without nuclear weapons See in context

Please don't waste money. Such a world will never exist.

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Posted in: China says Britain's plans to disrupt Hong Kong 'doomed to fail' See in context

Extremely hypocritical coming from a colonizing slave trading and prejudice County

Europeans ended slavery as an institution and decolonized almost all overseas possessions.

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Posted in: Trump refuses to say in TV interview how he watched Jan 6 attack unfold at U.S. Capitol See in context

He does have an ongoing court case on the matter so it makes sense he would be tight-lipped.

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Posted in: In Japan, which bans dual custody, a table tennis star refuses to hand back her son to her ex See in context

It's ridiculous that Japan still has not worked out this issue.

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Posted in: Japan preparing military aid to shore up Philippines' defense See in context

Money put to good use is when a country invest in its own people..

Isn't investing in defense, investing in your own people?

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Posted in: Human bones found in closet after woman confesses to giving birth to 3 babies '40 to 50 years ago' See in context

This is an issue she has deal with herself. Why in the world would want to involve the police after 50 years? What are they supposed to do now? So strange.

What a weird response to someone who murdered their children. Are we so far gone that we have no moral qualms about this?

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Posted in: Employee of Niigata City child welfare center resigns after hitting child See in context

Spare the rod, the spoil the child. They figured this out thousands of years ago but somehow we think we figured out something they didn't. I have to say it was uncalled for in this case though.

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Posted in: Woman fatally stabbed on train platform; suspect jumps to his death in front of train See in context

Another love story with a tragic end. Broken hearts all around...

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Posted in: Teenage girl arrested after saying she strangled man in Toyama See in context

But, how did she kill him?

I assume she wrap her hands tightly around his neck until he stopped breathing.

Sounds like possible erotic asphyxiation gone wrong.

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Posted in: Crimes in Japan rise in 2022 for 1st time in 20 years See in context

Poverty breeds excess crime, simple as.

No it does not. Both poverty and crime are caused by certain conditions such as poor upbringing and mental health. Japan is not exactly a poverty stricken country.

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Posted in: Trial of Abe shooter to face issue of sympathy for church 'victim' See in context

He might be a murderer, certainly not a threat to society. Death penalty would be a political lust for retribution. Not a matter of justice, but it’s Japan!

He certainly is a threat to society. He has shown his willingness to kill those associated with the church. Has he shown remorse? Abe wasn't even a member, just someone who dealt with the church. Who knows who he could kill next? He should get life in prison or 25 years.

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Posted in: Japan is paying families ¥1 million to move to countryside – but it won’t make Tokyo any smaller See in context

I think they're going about this the wrong way. They need to incentivise businesses to move to the country side. People go where the jobs are. Taxes breaks for businesses with offices in a rural area would be a great start. And it's already cheaper out there. University campuses can bring jobs and working students as well.

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Posted in: Travelers on New Year's holidays flood planes, trains in Japan See in context

I rode the shinkansen up to Aomori this past weekend and I was the only one in the car. It was delightful.

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Posted in: 3 death-row inmates file suit to end hanging as inhumane execution See in context

So a bunch of murderers are complaining about the method of their execution. Cry me a river. Did their victims get to choose the method of their execution?

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Posted in: China censors rare, nationwide protests See in context

Anyone with an iota of historical knowledge of China knows the government can snuff out large demonstrations almost instantly.

> These new protests won't get too far.

This is way bigger than Tianamen square. Also the situation is different. You better believe the Chinese people are not just going to go back to being welded in their homes. The government will have concede or this will be the end of the CCP.

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Posted in: Defense minister, Okinawa governor at odds over U.S. base relocation plan See in context

This agreement was made in 1996. Why the hell is it taking so long? You trying to tell me it takes damn near 30 years to move a military base? Militaries are supposed to efficient and mobile. Get this done already so we can put this issue to rest!

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Posted in: U.S. Vice President Harris seeking computer chip partners in Tokyo See in context

On another note, I find it very disgraceful to pursue such economic goals after a funeral.

The funeral was the previous day. How long should one wait before conducting business after a funeral?

Moreover, if the US wants Japan's support and parts, the US shouldn't fund only domestically produced EV sales with an incentive.

Why would the US subsidize something it get no benefit from? The US is simply looking out for it's interest.

This is the US treating everyone as a vassal state over and over. There's simply no respect.

Cry me a river.

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Posted in: Friend of mother who starved son to death sentenced to 15 years See in context

Friend talks mom into killing child, 15 years. Mom who actually kills child, 5 years. Lot of sense this makes.

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Posted in: Japanese man sets himself on fire in apparent protest at Abe's state funeral See in context

Now if the rest of those who are against this memorial service, should look at this, get off their butts, and hit the streets in protest!

Dont let this man's protest be for naught!

Man, you're on fire today. LoL.

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Posted in: Man fatally stabbed outside Hokkaido home See in context

What was the point of stabbing this guy just to stand there and go jail?

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Posted in: Drunk driver arrested after head-on collision kills 2 women See in context

It's true, k cars are death traps. I saw one completely flip over from a 10km collision. They're all many people can afford, however.

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Posted in: North Korea passes law allowing for nuclear first strike See in context

They can have the first strike. They won't get the last.

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Posted in: Teacher, student brain drain hits Hong Kong schools See in context

I visited Hong Kong in 2005. It was great. Not so different from Japan or Singapore. The locals said nothing had changed since the handover. Things are certainly different now.

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Posted in: LDP scores big victory in upper house election See in context

Low voter turnouts aren't necessarily a bad thing. It's better than having people who are unengaged in politics being pressured into voting for things they know nothing about. It does leave me to wonder, however, what will happen when the oyajis does out.

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Posted in: Ukraine pleads for more weapons as defiant Russia warns West See in context

More weapons to sell on the black market? No. Zelensky made his bed. He should lay in it.

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Posted in: KDDI mobile service failure ends after 86 hours; minister criticizes company's handling of disruption See in context

Possible cyber attack by China?

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Posted in: Man arrested after sending knife to Imperial Household Agency See in context

Remind me never to send a knife to anyone as a gift around here.

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