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Posted in: Philippine court orders arrest of Japanese casino mogul Okada See in context

This is poetic. Now if only they could trick into coming back and then arrested him before he realizes what happened.

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Posted in: Man robbed of ¥80 mil on street near Tokyo's Roppongi See in context

Whoever it was knew they had that much money on them. Probably an inside job.

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Posted in: ANA pilot fails alcohol breath test one hour before he was scheduled to fly See in context

A lot of factors go into how fast you can process alcohol. It's not always cut and dry. Perhaps they should issue breathizers to the pilots so that they can check themselves before flight. If they find that they are over the limit, it would be thier responsibility to let someone know. If they are caught by someone else, they should be immediately fired.

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Posted in: Crammed in See in context

Perhaps the population decline isn't a completely bad thing.

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Posted in: U.S. to hold missile drill on Okinawa: report See in context

If america leaves Japan, we don't need conflict with our neighbours and we can live in peace. the american provocation will only increase tension and china will react. probably the best resolution is for China to jam the exercise and it is abandoned.

China is not going to leave Japan alone if the US leaves. It will simply assert more of it's dominance on the region. It has already claimed parts of Japan for itself. There was an article released a while back by a state run source that asserts a Chinese claim on Okinawa. China will expand it's influence until it meets sufficient resistance. How much are you willing to sacrifice for peace?

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Posted in: China lands probe on far side of moon: state TV See in context

A truly impressive feat for the Chinese. They are outdoing the US in just about every category now.

Hardly. The US sent actual people to the moon 60 years ago with 1960s technology. That's less tech than is in my phone. China is late and only managed this with stolen US tech. The moon is old news. Been there, done that Now if they beat us to Mars, I'll be impressed.

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Posted in: Taiwan reunification with China 'inevitable,' says Xi See in context

If China plays it's cards right, there's really not going to be much the world can do about it. Any kind of military action would not go unanswered but they could influence Taiwan elections and get pro China people in office. Then it will be over.

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Posted in: U.S. Army looks for a few good robots, sparks industry battle See in context

...a few good robots.

Looks like someone got army and marines mixed up.

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Posted in: 'Tech addicts' seek solace in 12 steps and rehab See in context

I guess lack of self control is now a disorder.

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Posted in: Mother dies in apartment fire; 9-year-old son jumps from 7th floor See in context

It's too bad the daughter couldn't wake up her mother or brother in time.

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Posted in: Police ask train operators to shut some exits at Shibuya station during New Year countdown See in context

So I did wind up going there. They herded us like sheep away from the station. There were no instructions or signs in English so if you didn't speak Japanese, you were stuck following the crowd not knowing where you are going. After twenty minutes of squeezing my way through the crowd I decided to walk to another station. Im on my way back now. The police made this so much worse than it had to be. I probably won't go next year.

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Posted in: Top Republican Graham more upbeat on Syria troop withdrawal after Trump meeting See in context

I'm sorry, I had missed that the Democrats had been doing this, so I'm very open to being educated. Which wars did the Democrats start?

Obama bombed the he'll out of Libya and Syria. Obama also increased troop numbers in Afghanistan. He expanded the drone program in Pakistan and Yemen. Not to mention their belligerent attitude towards Russia. The dems are the new war mongers.

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Posted in: Are you better off financially than you were this time last year? See in context

I'm one of the 22%.

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Posted in: Sydney to kick off global New Year parties with dazzling spectacle See in context

Is this wise with the current worst ever heatwave and fire bans?

When I read this I did a double take. Then I remembered it's summer in Australia. You guys must have the best new year's parties.

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Posted in: Police ask train operators to shut some exits at Shibuya station during New Year countdown See in context

I was planning on spending New Year's in Shibuya but forget it now.

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Posted in: 2 die in accidents as heavy snow falls on northern, western Japan See in context

You shouldn't have to clear snow off your roof. Roofs are slopped so that rain and snow run off naturally. I lived in the northeast US and have never had to clear snow off my roof.

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Posted in: Oregon hotel apologizes a week after kicking out black man See in context

Why didn't he just tell them his room number? That's what I would have done and this would not have happened despite me being a minority. Some people just feel entitled and think everything is about them.

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Posted in: Truck, cars run over man lying on road in Ibaraki Pref See in context

Sounds like more of an accident than a crime. JT should have a section for accidents.

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Posted in: Man arrested for setting his house on fire See in context

A man can't set his own house on fire? What kind of world we living in?

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Posted in: Parts of China start to restrict Christmas festivities See in context

So Xi Jinping is literally the Grinch who stole Christmas?

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Posted in: Dual nationals feel cast adrift in Japan See in context

If you born in japan... u're japanese, if u born in jamaica... u're jamaican... she wasn't born in Japan. Period.

You really should think about the stuff you post. Anyone who looked at that for more than a second would know that's obviously false. Foreigners born in Japan have never been accepted as Japanese.

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Posted in: U.S. government partially shuts down in fight over Trump's border wall See in context

According to a Reuters/Ipsos poll in late November, only 31 percent of those surveyed said improved border security should be one of the top three priorities for Congress.

Are these the same polls that said Trump stood no chance of winning the election? Don't trust polls. They can be easily manipulated to get the result you want. We have no idea where the poll was done and what questions were asked.

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Posted in: The Carlos Ghosn case: What next? See in context

Prosecutors are public employees while lawyers are civilians. The lawyers work for money not necessarily for human rights. It is known that many suspects got free by hiring lawyers who outsmart prosecutors not only in Japan but in U.S. as well.

It is better to let the guilty go free than to punish the innocent. Once Japan figures this out, it will truly become a 1st world country.

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Posted in: 'Maple Smoked Bacon' Cup Noodle mixes Japanese noodles with 'American' indulgence See in context

As a British person, I admit, I foolishly assumed maple smoked bacon was Canadian in nature (due to the presence of the word “maple”). Upon asking some Americans and Canadians, neither party was willing to stake sole claim on it, though people from both countries conceded that flavoring bacon with anything at all “seemed like a very American thing to do”.

@runner3 Americans did not take credit, we were given credit which we were more than willing to share with our neighbors up north.

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Posted in: Ghosn re-arrested for aggravated breach of trust See in context

The Japanese justice system is that of a 3rd world country.

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Posted in: Pentagon chief Mattis quits, citing policy differences with Trump See in context

Trump is turning out to be the best President of my life time. Not getting involved in conflicts the world over? What a novel idea. Now we can focus on fixing infrastructure and countering China. Thanks Trump!

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Posted in: Police renew appeal for help over murder of 'gyoza king,' shot dead in Kyoto in 2013 See in context

Looks like someone didn't pay their protection money.

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Posted in: Main landfill work begins at disputed U.S. base relocation site on Okinawa See in context

Bugleboy, you beat me to it. I was gonna post the same thing. I for one can't wait for the base to be finished so we can finally hear the end of this. The last bit of Hatoyama's legacy.

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Posted in: MSDF punishes senior official who paid for sex with 30 minors See in context

So he gets a paid one year vacation? Good god Japan!

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Posted in: Ghosn planned to oust CEO before his arrest: report See in context

Sounds like an episode of house of cards.

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