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Posted in: World powers call for calm as India and Pakistan trade fire in Kashmir See in context

Pakistan's envoy to the United States, Asad Majeed Khan, said Islamabad would like to see the Trump administration play a more active role in easing the crisis.

Trump: The peace maker.

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Posted in: Pakistan shoots down 2 Indian air force planes; carries out strikes in Kashmir See in context

Pakistan better be careful. India would trounce them.

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Posted in: Trump hails North Korea's 'awesome potential' See in context

Out of curiousity, why did the US chose Vietnam as the venue and not Singapore again?

Because it's a hassle to host these talks. You canimagine the security measures and the cost. It's a burden on the locals as well. I for one am glad since I'm in Singapore right now.

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Posted in: Russia rolls out fast internet to islands that Japan claims See in context

They rolled out high-speed internet? How dare they?

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Posted in: Trump says he won't rush N Korea on denuclearization; peace deal possible See in context

Why would anyone give up thier ace so early? Insisting on it would only derail the talks. This is a good move.

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Posted in: Abe says gov't to stick to Okinawa base plan despite referendum result See in context

Marcelito, 72 percent of half the population were against the relocation. Which means 28 percent of half the population were in favor or did not care. And what about the 48 percent who didn't even bother to show up. How passionate do you think they are about opposing the move. It's not that complicated.

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Posted in: Abe says gov't to stick to Okinawa base plan despite referendum result See in context

So out of 52 percent of the population, 30 were in favor or did not care and the rest couldn't be bothered to vote. Hardly overwhelming support. And since when is one prefecture voting on an issue that affects the entire country democracy. Okinawa needs to stop thinking like it's it's own country.

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Posted in: Okinawa holds referendum on controversial U.S. base move See in context

It is time the Japanese people used "people power" and voted in a government with enough spine to tell the US to stop making Japan a target and remove all bases off its shores.

They can, they know they can and yet they won't. That should tell you something.

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Posted in: U.S. airlines to offer non-binary gender options See in context

How will they ensure kids or vulnerable adults are not seated next to men?

Because men are all sexual predators. This is blatant sexisim.

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Posted in: Venezuela humanitarian aid met with teargas and gunfire on borders See in context

Chippstar is right. The fight for change has to come from within. And outside country imposing it's will for the betterment of the people there? What does that remind you of? Colonialism maybe? It is the responsibility of the Venezuelan people to build a prosperous society for themselves. Any attempt at outside interference will only be resented. Just look at Africa.

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Posted in: Okinawa holds referendum on controversial U.S. base move See in context

They should have another referendum asking if they want Ginowan to remain open and those 9000 marines to stay on the island. Okinawa is acting like this is a defeat for them when if fact, it is a victory. I support Okinawa and want to see a reduced burden, that's why I support this deal.

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Posted in: Gov't to conduct body scanning experiment at subway station in Tokyo See in context

Great! We're all gonna get cancer. Thanks Japan!

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Posted in: Does U.S. President Donald Trump deserve the Nobel Peace Prize? See in context

Obama got the prize for giving speeches. Certainly Trumps actions on North Korea alone deserve it. Talks which stopped the missle launches over Japan and opened dialong between the two countries. Not to mention pulling troops out of Syria and wanting to foster better relations with Russia. Something the dems have made impossible. Anyone who can get over thier bias for a second can appreciate this agrument.

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Posted in: Couple indicted over death of granddaughter bitten by their dog See in context

The dog should know better to distinguish between child play and life-threatening attack. If it cannot, it should never be allowed to be near children, unleashed.

A dog is a dog. How can it be responsible for not knowing something? That's like saying the kid should have known not to go near the dog. Sometimes kids really hurt these animals, horseplay or not. They have not developed empathy for animals and see them as little more than toys to be abused for their amusement.

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Posted in: IS teen 'shocked' after UK revokes her citizenship See in context

You mean there are consequences for your actions? Who knew!?

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Posted in: Couple indicted over death of granddaughter bitten by their dog See in context

That's rather odd behavior for a golden retriever. They are usually mild mannered and great family dogs. I bet some details are missing here.

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Posted in: Woman in mental institution who killed another patient says she is 'robot' See in context

Yep. She is definitely where she belongs. In a Looney bin.

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Posted in: Japanese fighter crashes in Sea of Japan; 2 crew rescued See in context

Glad the pilots are safe.

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Posted in: 67% plan to vote against U.S. air base transfer within Okinawa: poll See in context

You can't compare crime rates between U.S. bases and Okinawan society at large. If you want to compare U.S. bases with something else in regard to this problem, that something must be SDF bases or Japan’s law enforcement body. Or if you want to stick with Okinawan society, then a counterpart in the U.S. for comparison must be New York or Los Angeles.

I don't understand. Why can't we compare the US bases with the local crime rate?

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Posted in: Hollywood 'your name.' anime live-action movie will feature Native American girl, Chicago boy See in context

Without having seen the anime, I can say the premise should work well in a live action and western setting. I'm pretty there was already a similar comedy movie done.

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Posted in: Japan to recognize indigenous Ainu people for first time See in context

Tatoos don't have to be permanent.

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Posted in: Man gets 15 years in prison for strangling woman, dumping body in lake See in context

Initially, Iida was arrested on a charge of corpse abandonment after admitting to disposing of the body in the lake. However, he was released from custody because police were unable to find the body despite his statement.

So he confessed but they let him go anyway? So much for confession being the king of evidence. I guess that's only when they want it to be.

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Posted in: Japan to recognize indigenous Ainu people for first time See in context

And it only took them 2000 years. Well, better late than never I suppose. Kudos to the GOJ for doing the right thing.

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Posted in: From judo to ice cream See in context

Her arms are pretty thick. She could probably benchpress the average Japanese guy.

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Posted in: Deer-related injuries in Nara reach record number already this year See in context

People should not be feeding wild animals. The deer population should be kept in check through culling and hunting if there are no natural predators. Deer are prey animals. They breed fast and can overrun the area if not kept in check.

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Posted in: Japan bars journalist from going to Yemen See in context

If you're gonna go, just go. Don't tell anyone. I don't believe in preventing journalists from doing thier job. They know the risk. If they get into to trouble, they're on thier own.

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Posted in: Nissan to freeze payments of unstated remuneration to Ghosn See in context

Nissan is not just one person. It's a corporate entity. Nissan as a whole is responsible and should pay heavy fines in the billions range for any gross negligence. Ghosn has other shareholders he must answer to as well.

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Posted in: Mother of fatally abused 10-year-old daughter admits withholding food from her See in context

Can only imagine what kind of upbringing this guy must have had. Geez!

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Posted in: Nissan poised to propose Ghosn replacement on board: report See in context

All the pictures we see of Ghosn are pre-incarceration. Are they afraid to show what he looks like now?

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Posted in: Hip-hop turns 40 -- and its parents are beaming with pride See in context

Sad thing is that precious few rap artists are worth listening to at all anymore.

It's like that with all genres now. Let's face it, music went out with the 80s and 90s.

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