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Posted in: Whaling documentaries from Japan rebut 'The Cove' See in context

I would actually say that releasing these counter-documentaries is a bad idea, as it just sheds a spotlight on the dolphin hunt all over again. "The Cove" achieved nothing and the dolphin fishermen carried on as usual with no change, but now they will have to put up with silly protesters all over again. Maybe at least they'll crack down hard on the saboteurs this time

All anti-fishermen are virtue signalers with short attention spans, so they have all forgotten about the dolphin hunt by now and probably focused on single use plastic bags or whatever silliness is trending these days. But now they will remember and come crawling back

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Posted in: Child statue in protective suit in Fukushima criticized See in context

The whole point of art is to get people talking, so in this sense this artist has been entirely successful. There is nothing worse than art that no one notices or talks about, so well done to the artist!

As bad as this piece is, there will always be conservative prudes and virtue signalers out there and everyone is an armchair art critic, so almost all criticism can be dismissed out of hand

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Posted in: Smoking-linked losses in Japan estimated at over ¥2 trillion See in context


Haha well put!

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Posted in: Smoking-linked losses in Japan estimated at over ¥2 trillion See in context

Overblown. Japan has a lower smoking rate than Switzerland, Norway, Ireland, Germany, and France, among others. These nations are not know to be blighted by health issues and have (behind Japan of course) the highest life expectancies on Earth.

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Posted in: S Korea to unveil monument for 'comfort women' on Aug 14 See in context

A dead non-issue, literally no one cares about the bleating of South Korea

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Posted in: Abe, U.N. chief agree to keep N Korea sanctions in place See in context

Good to hear the UN is committed to strangling North Korea into submission, much to the dismay of the useful idiots strangely found in dark corners of developed nations. They will be acted against too

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Posted in: Japan wage growth hits 21-year high See in context

Excellent news and am definitely seeing very high wage growth in my industry this past year. Highest in 21 years, very impressive

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Posted in: Japan asks ASEAN to steadily implement U.N. sanctions on N. Korea See in context

Good to hear North Korea is being put in its place again. What an absolute farce and joke Trump's summit was, achieved absolutely nothing. Nut thankfully now Trump knows how much he got played and this will never be repeated. Hopefully North Korea's total collapse and disintegration is just around the corner

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Posted in: Supporters, opponents hold rallies over constitutional amendment See in context

Glad to hear momentum is building on this change, and well done to China and North Korea for helping to accelerate this momentum! Never again will Japan be threatened

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Posted in: Pingpong diplomacy: Koreas join teams at table tennis worlds See in context

We've all seen this silliness before, nothing concrete has been agreed yet on North Korea's nuclear program yet some seem to think that eternal peace is achieved in the Koreas.

Until all North Korean nukes are removed and destroyed and the nuclear program is permanently dismantled, and peace is agreed and demilitarization occurs on the Korean border, this is all a facade and once again a strategic diplomatic play by North Korea to get some aid.

Remember, the main issue here is North Korea's denuclearization. They didn't even have nukes until a few years ago, so this is an entirely North Korean created issue. They engineered a crisis and are now working to resolve this crisis they themselves created.

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Posted in: American man indicted for killing woman in Osaka See in context

Good to hear this monster's life is over now. Get the trash off the streets

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Posted in: Japanese whaling town holds annual memorial service for whales See in context

Well done to Taiji, and hope the whale hunt is upped 10 fold. It's time for a return to commercial whaling!

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Posted in: Immigration authorities prevented Turkish man with appendicitis from seeing doctor See in context

Well at least he got some free healthcare before his deportation. I assume that's one of the objectives of these guys.

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Posted in: Iceland company to resume commercial hunting of fin whales See in context

Why is it good for Iceland? Why is it good to hunt whales?

It boosts their employment, local economy, and exports. Protecting whales over human livelihood is a nonstarter and invalid.

What is even better is whale watching has become an important part of Iceland's economy since 1997. Whale watching creates a bigger economy than a limited whale hunting when much of it must exported.

That is for Iceland to decide, not international "anger" over some big fish. It appears Iceland has chosen whaling over "whale watching"

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Posted in: Senior SDF officer rants against opposition lawmaker on street See in context

Perhaps you would feel differently if the SDF officer had called an LDP politician an enemy of the state?

Not really, I would say the SDF officer is exercising his right to free speech.

One difference though is that the LDP would not be so stupid as to immediately demand the resignation of the Defense Minister. In fact, I didn't think anyone could be that stupid but we unfortunately have found them in the DP

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Posted in: Iceland company to resume commercial hunting of fin whales See in context

Good for Iceland!

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Posted in: Japan eyes new residency status for foreigners amid labor shortages See in context

sf2k: Of course I'm worried about being tarred with the same brush. We are all foreigners who will never be completely welcomed in Japan in the eyes of the Japanese, but the status quo is perfect at the moment if you are a skilled expat here. Unskilled work is a different story and no country really welcomes hoards of unskilled labour into the nation without a big backlash like we are seeing in almost every nation around the world today.

A backlash against foreigners in Japan would be highly brutal and all would be included. This is why I don't want these guys ruining it for the rest of us

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Posted in: Abe sticks to denials as scandal doubts keep swirling See in context

The problem is with the japanese themselves. They expect nothing more from their sham democracy

Yeah silly Japanese! Why can't the Japanese be more like the "critical thinking" real democracies like Trump America and Brexit Britain!? Until Japan elects Trump or inflicts a grievous self inflicted economic wound on itself like a real democracy, they are a "sham democracy"!

Hypocrisy seems lost these days

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Posted in: Japan eyes new residency status for foreigners amid labor shortages See in context

If normal work for foreign nationals in Japan so resembles "slave labour", Why on Earth even bother coming here in the first place? There are many foreign nationals in Japan who don't seem to be complaining at every little thing and are leading productive and fulfilling lives. As an expat in Japan myself, in my view agitating and complaining foreign nationals demanding better pay or whatever does absolutely nothing for the image of all of us and makes life difficult for all of us as well

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Posted in: U.S. ambassador meets families of Japanese abducted by North Korea See in context

This annoying side issue

Yeah, don't the families of the innocent kidnap victims know that their children are just annoying side issues and that their claims are invalid? Do they not realize that Kim Jong Un is a moral leader who is wise and inspiring?

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Posted in: Opposition steps up calls for Abe's wife to testify at Diet over land deal See in context

Is that the official investigation conducted by the government, i.e. the ruling parties? Yes, I'm sure it will be more trustworthy.

An official government investigation or unsubstantiated and baseless conspiracy theories thrown around by a bitter and divided opposition desperate for relevance?

Um.. Yeah.. The proper investigation wins hands down. Maybe it would be different in Trump's America, but thankfully not in Japan

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Posted in: Opposition steps up calls for Abe's wife to testify at Diet over land deal See in context

Good to see that the opposition is doing something, even though it's a mindless pet project with no results. The clearer minded will wait for the official investigation results I think, far more trustworthy

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Posted in: Sagawa says he got no instructions from Abe or Aso to alter land sale documents See in context

Case settled then. So what else does the opposition have or are they still trying to waste all our time with this garbage?

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Posted in: Abe faces challenge of maintaining momentum for constitutional reform See in context

A few hundred protesters out of 128 million? Yeah right. Glad to hear the majority of the populace is level headed

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Posted in: Japan seeks additional preconditions for U.S.-N Korea summit See in context

Good on Japan for keeping Moon on his toes here. He will sell out Japan in a heartbeat, such is his quality, so this will ensure he does so at his own risk.

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Posted in: Protestors demand Abe resign over scandal See in context

How low can you go. The anti-Abe crowd crying about getting down votes now? I guess we can all be glad they can't vote

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Posted in: Japan tells N Korea it wants Abe-Kim summit See in context

It's good on Abe that he is bringing North Korea to the table after the global sanctions broke that terrible nation.

It's disturbing to see the anti-Japan crowd take such personal and bitter offense at any attempt by Japan to resolve this crime against humanity committed by North Korea, as if they were wishing for direct harm on the nation.

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Posted in: Japan condom makers hope for 2020 Olympic lift See in context

Hopefully they get out on the world stage, Durex condoms are terrible and need to go

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Posted in: LDP to urge gov't to possess capability to strike enemy bases See in context

This is long overdue, Japan needs to be able to defend itself from its neighbours

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Posted in: Japan would lose voice of fiscal prudence if scandal brings down Aso See in context

Would you say that indeed. Care to elaborate?

Elaborate on what? Aso's idea of the sales tax is popular among fiscal liberals and conservatives alike to raise revenues and also pay down the public debt. Aso's monetary policies are what is causing such a big economic expansion at the moment, so all businesses are benefiting. Inflation targeting is also working better than expected considering the 2 decades of deflation experienced here.

You really think any businesses care more about some land deal which by the day seems like nothing, than the health of the economy? Not in a million years, they would never risk their livelihoods for something like that

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