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Posted in: Only 11% of Japanese people willing to fight for their country: Gallup survey See in context

Yes. let's all kill each other over pieces of colored cloth. Nationalism stifles the planet and species.

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Posted in: Which English words or expressions annoy you the most when you hear them repeatedly used by other people in conversation? See in context

"...going forward." You mean in the future?

I overheard a conversation between some young English teachers and it sounded something like this: "...be that as it may, if you will, as it were, per se..."

And everyone's favorite: "...like, you know..."

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Posted in: Review: Samsung's Gear VR shows the promise of VR - today See in context

The elephant in the room remains the unresolved problem of motion sickness that users feel. The cheerleader PR writers masquerading as journalists working for the controlled media don't like to write about that.

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Posted in: Gov't targets boosting birth rate to increase economic growth See in context

Everyone in Japan already knows everything that everyone is posting.

There, that should settle it.

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Posted in: Apple apologises after African students ejected from Australian store See in context

Is it true that Korea and China have demanded the Japan apologize for this incident?

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Posted in: Man arrested after hiding in drain to peep up skirts See in context

What a country!

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Posted in: Apple sets release this week of iPad Pro See in context

I just had to quit using my new iPad mini, since the iOS upgrade hosed everything. I've been an Apple fan for decades and now I have to move on to Windows. They're upgrading software to cripple hardware only a year old now so you have to buy a new model. Apple is a disaster now.

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Posted in: VW CEO: 'I am endlessly sorry' brand is tarnished See in context

Google is your friend.

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Posted in: VW CEO: 'I am endlessly sorry' brand is tarnished See in context

GM killed 124 people with faulty ignition switches and the "fine" was 1/20th of the figure being thrown around for VW. No one at GM resigned or suffered any penalty, except for the customers who died.

The differnce is that GM gives $millions to politicians in campaign conributions and (wink wink) $100's of millions in lobbying, while VW only gave less than $50,000.

About 2.2 million large US diesel engines in Dodge pickup trucks and tractors trailers pollute far more, but are not required to pass the emissions test the small imported engines must pass.

I trust the "bad button" stalkers will be out in force soon. Facts are so inconvenient.

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Posted in: Instagram tops 400 million users See in context

Instagram reminds me of McDonald's. Billions served, but only a handful digested.

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Posted in: VW CEO: 'I am endlessly sorry' brand is tarnished See in context

Honda and Ford were caught too. The huge potential US fines for VW come from VW deciding to build a new engine manufacturing plant in Russia and not give in to the arm twisting of the US to build it in America.

This was meant to teach the Germans a lesson.

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Posted in: Respect for the Aged Day See in context

The formula for determing old age is:

Ea = DNa(c) + 1

Ea = Elderly age DNa(c) = DARNAME's age (currently)

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Posted in: Do you think Donald Trump would make a good U.S. president and how do you think it would affect U.S.-Japan relations if he were elected? See in context

Trumo: big ego, loud, obnoxious, thinks he's right about everything, says whatever pops into his head without any thinking, agressive, likes to argue, not well read, makes up his own facts, has no world knowledge or grasp of history, thinks the US should rule the world, has no solutions to anything, only boistrous talk.

He is just like most Americans I've met in Japan (or on Bulletin Boards), so Japan is used to people like him...

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Posted in: Abe faces backlash over security legislation; cabinet support rate falls See in context

Constitutional legal challenges are a waste of time. Japan is a parliamentary democracy where votes change the people who vote for laws.

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Posted in: Cutting-edge Scandinavian products make their mark in Japan See in context

Ah yes, the 1960's again.

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Posted in: Big Republican field looking to deflate Trump in 2nd debate See in context

None of them are real. They're holograms. There's isn't a dime of difference between any of them, Republicans or Democrats.

Buffoons electing buffoons.

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Posted in: S&P downgrades Japan's credit rating See in context

Great. English teacher economists.

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Posted in: Okinawan governor to revoke permit for U.S. base relocation work See in context

Ease the worry of residents by moving Futenma to Ebisu. See if you can gain the understanding of Tokyo people.

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Posted in: Gov't resumes work on controversial U.S. base in Okinawa See in context

There was another post between my two posts above claiming that it was was "baseless garbage" that there are less Okinawa employees than dependents or contractors. My play on words was lost in the shuffle.

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Posted in: Five types of foreigner you’ll meet in Japan See in context

The only rule you need to remember is the 80% rule. 80% are disfuctional in their own society...

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Posted in: Gov't resumes work on controversial U.S. base in Okinawa See in context

There are approximately 20,000 US military dependents on Okinawa and another 2,500 civilian employees. In addition, there are civilian contractors.

There are approximately 8,000 local Okinawan employees.

The garbage is not baseless. The bases are the garbage.

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Posted in: Golf in Japan has an image problem. Golf paid for by your company is bad, golf for entertaining clients is bad, golf as a status symbol just by having the membership is bad, golfing and sacrificing th See in context

Why don't you all just let people do whatever the hell they want to do, since they're paying to play and you aren't.

What the hell is wrong with you people? More gaijins telling everyone how to run their lives and how it's always "better" over there.

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Posted in: Gov't resumes work on controversial U.S. base in Okinawa See in context

If I were governor of Okinawa, I would have the prefecture police start harassing all Y tags immedately. Every Y tag car coming out of all gates would get tickets for something, relentlessly, day after day. Anyone living off bases would be hit with huge "adminstrative taxes."

Tokyo and Washington are both bullies. You can't negotiate with a bully.

Only a naive child would blindly following the mantra that the US is "protecting" Okinawa and Japan. The US is in Japan for its own purposes and doesn't give a crap about "defending" Japan.

The same idiots said that The Philippines would be defenseless and invaded by China after they kicked the US military out 25 years ago.

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Posted in: Japan Post IPO's unstated aim: Shake up sleepy regional banks See in context

The burning question is what will the new mascot look like?


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Posted in: Furious man attacks SoftBank's robot Pepper See in context

Hey, he could easily be the next prime minister...

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Posted in: New Prius See in context

The US streets are full of Japanese cars that look nothing like the Japanese models. They're designed for the US market (they come with a huge rear end...) and most are built in the US. The US models are fat, barely fit in a lane and they turned Japanese cars into Chevy's. They even turned Mercedes Benz into Ford SUV's. They look exacly the same, same large rear ends that Americans love.

Oops, I have to go. The Kardasians are on...

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Posted in: Superheroes, for once, don't rule Hollywood's summer See in context

You didn't miss anything. It's all been crap for the last decade.

I was watching an old movie on TV the other day in the US. Now, they edit (usually the best parts) out so they can add commercials. They've lowered the rates for TV spots so any business can buy a 30 second spot. They run 20 (20!!) commercials in a row now. That's 10 minutes of commecials for every 10 minutes of edited out movie.

The place has gone nuts. And there hasn't been a decent movie in years.

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Posted in: EU ministers to meet on migrants as drowned boy's father speaks See in context

Let's not forget that this refugee crisis is the result of the US meddling in the middle east. Complain and chastise the cause and not the effect.

The US should be held responsible for the actions that have thrown the middle east into the turmoil of people fleeing terrorists that the US created and supported in the foolish gamesmanship by Secretary of State Clinton to overthrow governments.

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Posted in: LDP studies lowering legal age for drinking, smoking to 18 See in context

Ban people who want to ban what other people do.

Did all of you rush to the conbini on your (insert legal age of where you were then) birthday to stock up on cigarettes and beer?

The issue is valid. If you are considered mature enough to make a voting decision, that should carry over to other decisions. It's not about the choice,it's about the right to choose.

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Posted in: Little League champs See in context

L-O-L-A Lola...

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