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Posted in: Japanese researchers show masks do block coronavirus, but not entirely See in context

Does not make sense if you do not wear eye protection that protects eyes , the goggles should have seal aroud your eyes same as work shop people wear. They are cheap and have foam around frame and can get tinted or optic correction too.

your future may be so bright you might have to wear shades :)

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Posted in: Fauci says rushing out a vaccine could jeopardize testing of others See in context

FAUCI is just mad they are not using the vaccine he invested in $$$$$ and why he does not like HCQ even though there was no other treatments past months. When science and medicine mixes with politicians we all lose

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Posted in: Elderly, those with health conditions to get priority for flu shots See in context

early reports say those with Flu shot had much higher death rates than those who did not get them . But I do understand that political agendas override science with China Virus . US wants ban use HYQY treatment now ??

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Posted in: 'Lupin the Third' unisex reversible sukajan souvenir jackets; hoodies and tees See in context

where can I buy one for my son ?

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Posted in: First drug proves able to improve survival from COVID-19 See in context

Media pumped hope story with little accuracy or proof.

It seems quality care will prevent you from being put on ventilator and save your life. Doc Hansen explains it better so subscribe to him for accurate reports https://youtu.be/jrwSo9ZDZEg

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Posted in: Taking aim See in context


sweet smooth weapon, Best there is and an HK version too

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Posted in: Japan braces for worst postwar economic slump See in context

But how will Japan pay back the historiically largest debt ratio in the planet Earth ? Do I hear the great RESET at the door ? This is a BUY GOLD moment for all plain folks so pay attention

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Posted in: Japan to test 10,000 people for coronavirus antibodies See in context

NEW YORK tested and found over 20% already had the virus. Healthcare workers expected to have over 30% who were infected with no symptoms

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Posted in: Obama emerges as central figure in 2020 presidential race See in context

If Millennials, Gen X and Y have not learned from the last failed without realizing how he destryed the middle class then let Clueless Joe and 0bama back in.

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Posted in: A coronavirus drug seems to work. What's next? See in context

marginally effective but has a great profit margin

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Posted in: Brad Pitt portrays Fauci in SNL's 2nd at-home edition See in context

Fauci proclaimed he would like to be played by Brad in one interview. So he got his wish :) but SNL crew really hated Fauci when AIDS was running rampant in 80s and 90s when Fauci was NIH Coordinator and later directors AIDS . many were very unhappy he made dying people wait for promising drugs

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Posted in: Britain launches COVID-19 vaccine study, latest in race See in context

WHO says you can catch it again

so and vaccine will not work.

but then of the WHO what can you trust ? USA said not to wear masks now requires them.

POLITICAL AGENDA vs PROFIT AGENDA vs SCIENCE agenda and the bogus science agendas paid to play.

Media far worse also

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Posted in: Abe touts Avigan as COVID-19 treatment despite experts urging caution See in context

Its; a world of Political agendas, Pharcuetical profits vs Vaccine business profits and what else to we have to help patients right now ?

profit centers ? expendable herds or fellow humans ?

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Posted in: Tokyo care home for babies reports 8 coronavirus cases See in context

We can only hope that none are permanently effected by this virus. My wife and I both were sick with this virus (untested) but fever cough and loss taste in 2nd week Feb. She was 5 mo pregnant and we worry. Don't think enough experience to know yet. We are both fine but also concern reports this virus had added HIV strains, Will it cause AIDS in future ? None know yet

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Posted in: United Auto Workers union endorses Biden for president See in context

Wait till those union members find out most of their pensions are ripe to collapse. This virus will hasten this greatly but will be held back till after election. The real PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE WILL BE VP CHOICE cause Clueless Joe suffering early dementia ! Remember HRC had an 98% chance of winning :)

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Posted in: Economists predict coronavirus job fallout will be greater than Lehman shock See in context

My message to world


this is one of those things in life that may be threatening but be assured EVERYTHING IN LIFE IS TEMPORARY.

No matter how bad or how good its melds to a new future. Take time to help those in need or may not be as strong as you. Assure those depressed it will pass. You are only here for a grain of sand in time so make best of every day. Reemeber those things that made you happy as a child as they are still there for you and does not need money to enjoy.

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Posted in: Economists predict coronavirus job fallout will be greater than Lehman shock See in context

Be far worse and no cure for the economic impact of covid19 . Tourism will take years to recover and sorry Japan Olympics may not be attended even next year. Everything will stop soon and all supply chains for everything you use. Prepare for worse and be hopeful the best happens.

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Posted in: Animal ventilator maker looks to boost output for human coronavirus patients See in context

VENTILATOR survival rate Covid19, only 14% survive once put on ventilator

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Posted in: Out-of-season snow falls in Tokyo, surrounding areas See in context

Global Warming ? No its Grand Solar Minimum and the loss of food growing season time means less food globally.

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Posted in: Dolphin show See in context

Don't bother to see a dolphin show at USA aquariums cause they are not allowed to train dolphins to do any ticks as inhumane. So when visiting Baltimore MD aquarium now they just explain howe they ued to train them then lecture you on plastics use and how you are destroying the oceans . Even if they paid me to go back I would not go at 5x what they charged me to lecture me about a problem mostly caused buy other countries.

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Posted in: Mask diplomacy: China tries to rewrite virus narrative See in context


How many of these viruses and Flu's came from China ?

think time China cleaned up farming and how they handle food and animals to prevent this and be glad it's not worse. Next time may be more deadly

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Posted in: IOC reviewing Games scenarios; cancellation not among them: Bach See in context

IOC wants the money now !!! do as we say or else :)

poor call imho, disband the IOC !

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Posted in: Diamond Princess quarantine critic says Tokyo Olympics should be halted See in context

Having Olympics NEXT YEAR 2021 would be even better . I bet to push it this year is IOC idea $$

dumb idea at this time

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Posted in: Rakuten postpones free shipping plan after backlash from retailers See in context

Once Amazon started free shipping small business and private citizens rates went sky high to subsidize Amazons low rates. When they give something away it's just that someone else pays it. Amazon ships a box for $3. while private person may pay $12 to ship same. IN USA much has been twisted this way. When u pay full price for you child to go to college your also paying for that scholarship or minority person paying nothing

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Posted in: Do masks offer protection from new virus? It depends See in context

check this link as will help understand what grade you need and how effective.


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Posted in: Japan urges citizens not to travel to China because of virus See in context

won't help at all unless you wear Goggles that will not allow air to pass your eyes. Look for N95 or better and they will help but not totally prevent as virus particles will get through. But know the virus usually rides on water or dust droplets so will help.

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Posted in: Japanese husbands in survey say they do half the housework and childcare; wives say 'Nope' See in context

when American men say they did 50% it means we took out the garbage that day :) :)

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Posted in: Antitrust watchdog launches probe into Rakuten's free delivery plan See in context

Once Amazon started giving free shipping small business and individual shipping rates skyrocketed to subsidize Amazon. No I have to pay $12. to ship same box as Amazon pays $3. When postal gives a discount one place they replace the profit paid by another.

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Posted in: 5 Japanese evacuees from Wuhan taken to hospital; 2 have pneumonia See in context

simple math says 20-30% on the plane with them also infected. Aussies have right idea


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Posted in: Costs for managing Japan's nuclear plants to total ¥13 trillion See in context

Nuclear electric has always run at a loss. They make it look good with heavy govt or should I say Taxpayer subsidizing hidden into cost per KWhr. It's no where as near safe as they origionally reported when building these plants and they ignored earthquacks and other natural events that is very obvious now. Beware false claims up to 50% power generation using wind and solar as wind does not always blow and it gets dark at night :)

Not developing cleanest cheapest power HYDROELECTRIC was Obamas big fail as most green sprouts went bankrupt but media hid this fact.

Tooo bad about Germany as they are down wind of the highest amount of N power plants in France.


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