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Posted in: Sony to sell new version of Aibo robot dog in U.S. See in context


I want one

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Posted in: Human traffic jam on Mt Fuji shows why weekdays are best days to climb See in context

Put a cable car in so all ages can see the top and charge $50.

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Posted in: Emperor expresses deep remorse; Abe vows never to repeat horrors of war See in context

A very important announcement as those who Japan transgressed against are now future leaders of the world. While not spoken, ancestors are remembered and honored by all.

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Posted in: Nearly 70% of young Japanese women self-identify as 'otaku' in survey See in context

a sampling of 400 responses is insignificant and I would also question the methodology and reporter of this study.

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Posted in: Water world See in context

A wonderful park. I visit the water park every time I am in Tokyo.

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Posted in: Couple films own suicide jumping in front of train in Sapporo, streams it online See in context

As long as media keeps showing their need for fame they will keep doing stupid and criminal acts. Many just want a grand epitaph and have suicidal destiny. COPY CAT CRIMES

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Posted in: 2020 Tokyo Olympics consider daylight saving to beat heat See in context

It just might be cool and crisp beautiful week in 2020. Grand Solar Minimum is truly whats happening and expect cooler weather in future. China claims they can change weather if you want to try it :) Enjoy your Olympics Japan https://youtu.be/4Ew05sRDAcU

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Posted in: Twitter suspended 58 million accounts in 4th quarter See in context

Einstein said "Its all relative"

So who is fake news and who is not ? Much what is sold as news is simply paid for propaganda or advertising. So who is Twitter to be the sole judge ?

You should reseach news that unsettles you as it just might be true.

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Posted in: Trump claims victory after forcing NATO crisis talks See in context

NATO was designed to stop European countries from waring with each other, But now they are one country EU. So does this make NATO obsolete ?

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Posted in: NATO leaders fear Trump crisis at key summit See in context

Once they created the EU they no longer needed a NATO. The biggest danger was that one nation who seemed to be aggressive previous 2 wars, Germany. But now Germany too over Europe using money and debt this time so no need for NATO anymore. I hope Trump pulls out totally.

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Posted in: Nuts may boost male fertility: study See in context

Nuts are good for your nuts after all :) :)

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Posted in: Natto-flavored potato chips are now yours for the taking (or trashing) See in context

It would be interesting to see response without knowing a camera was recording them. Ms Canada really wants to get on a commercial. Reminds me of Meg Ryan When Harry met Sally restaurant scene :) :)

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Posted in: End of the line for Asimo, Japan's famed robot? See in context

aaaahhhh So sad, My son met Asimo on stage auto show Bangkok 2006 or so. Shook his little robo-paw

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