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Posted in: Man saves woman in her 90s after she falls onto train tracks a minute before train’s arrival See in context

Well done mate.....well done.

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Posted in: Mother gets 8 years in prison for leaving 3-year-old daughter alone at home for week to die See in context

This is utterly heart breaking......

Some people don't deserve children......

Rest In Peace little one.....no more pain now.

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Posted in: Man breaks into school to recover stuff teacher took from him…over 40 years ago See in context

This is gold.......

Knocking down a few beverages.....then thinking "Stuff it.....I want my stuff back......let's go get it" hahaha

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Posted in: Australian rugby player arrested on cocaine possession charge See in context


I've been wanting to come to Japan for past 2 years......and it sucks mate....but sadly I'm not an elite sportsman, rich or a Politician.

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Posted in: Father, daughter found dead in apparent murder-suicide See in context

So extremely sad.....

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Posted in: Japan to lift state of emergency nationwide See in context

When do you think they would begin accepting international flights again?

Australia's hopefully looking likely around Christmas.....

Im not a Politician, wealthy or an elite sportsman.......so haven't been able......haha

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Posted in: Iranian refugee on verge of medal after 3 taekwondo wins See in context

Now this is awesome :)

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Posted in: Osaka wins in debut at Olympics; Barty beaten; Murray withdraws from singles See in context

Well done Naomi......

Ash seemed a little bit flat.......alot of unforced errors.

Take nothing away from Sara though....hope she progresses further.

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Posted in: Tokyo's real life Paw Patrol keeps crime on short leash See in context

This is a wonderful thing.....

I can imagine the doggos would be very happy to have the extra attention :)

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Posted in: Mother arrested after 1-year-old daughter, left in car, dies of heatstroke See in context


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Posted in: Little cheer in Tokyo for Olympics See in context

It is extremely difficult to get excited about the Games.....

Can't imagine the Anxiety and Stress everyone must be under.....

To be honest.....when Brisbane was named host in 2032 (not realising they'd even put in a bid for it).....I didn't feel much at all.

Everyone please Take Care and Stay Safe

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Posted in: 16-year-old girl hit, killed by train in apparent suicide See in context

So very very sad

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Posted in: Man uses rope to lower himself from building roof in Pokemon card theft See in context

"Gotta catch them all"

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Posted in: Man arrested for fatally beating mother in 80s with bamboo sword See in context

Poor lady........


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Posted in: Suspect in murder of homeless woman turns himself in See in context

So very sad.......

This woman should've been asleep in a bed.....under a roof......in a house with loved ones....

Such a sad way to go :(


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Posted in: Vietnamese woman arrested for abandoning bodies of newborn twins See in context

So very sad to hear :(

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Posted in: South Australia to end lockdown early after pizza parlor blunder See in context

All this started and ended so quickly here......

Lots of panic buying again....why the heck toilet paper is the number #1 go to thing baffles me.

A fair bit of anxiety as was still at work (thankfull to have it) while all this was going down.......trying to work things out knowing it would be chaotic when I finished.

Having family in Victoria and very very close friends in Japan that've gone through such hard times and restrictions......stress levels were pretty high.

I can't wait till I can give the missus a hug and see my family....

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Posted in: 15-year-old boy jumps to death from apartment building in Niigata See in context

So very sad.....

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Posted in: Australia may see first week of no local COVID-19 transmissions See in context

Don't forget about South Australia and Adelaide.....we've done extremely well.

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