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Posted in: Having a system where companies hire throughout the year is beneficial for both the employer as well as those being recruited. See in context

Do not worry 20121 is too far away to offer a job anyways ;)

But in seriousness all year round recruiting while good is so alien to Japanese companies it would have a ripple effect on so many different industries I do not see how they can manage .

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Posted in: Kagoshima schools to resume Saturday classes once a month See in context

Honestly there is no difference to them going to school on a Saturday for classes. They all go to school on a Saturday for club anyways. If there was less wasted fluff time during the week they would never need to do extra classes on a Saturday. It is very rare for me to get through 2 weeks in a row without some classes changed for arbitrary crap.

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Posted in: Large number of sardines wash ashore along 4-km stretch of Hokkaido coast See in context

Nothing strange about this guys.

I come from South Africa and once a year we have millions of sardines swimming past the eastern coast. If you lucky enough and get some warning and they come close enough you can wade into the shallows and catch hundreds with a few buckets.


I have seen thousands beach themselves, so a large number really just a drop in the ocean, literally haha

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