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Posted in: Obama's Hiroshima trip stirs debate on Truman's fateful choice See in context

The truth is that the US military new exactly what the effects of the bombs would be. They also deliberately avoided bombing at least 6 key cities which were not military targets and kept these cities "available" to inflict maximum civilian casualties.?...Kyoto, Nagasaki, Hiroshima included. Surrender was only a matter of days away as they sides were negotiating terms of the agreement ....this is tantamount to killing the bearer of a white flag. The military and political Hawks of they day made the decision to bomb innocent women and children because they believed this would stimulate the Japanese to unconditionally surrender .....hundreds of thousands died and many hundreds of thousands have lived their entire lives with physical and mental trauma as a result of an unnecessary ......in my view criminal .....act. Obama will NOT apologies but his visit should be a start of nuclear dismantling process and it may at least leave a permanent legacy of his 8 years as POTUS ....he did after all get a Nobel Peace prize (inappropriate choice for mine) and now maybe he can demonstrate he actually deserved that award. There is no point in using the excuse of atrocities carried out by Japanese soldiers because all wars have atrocities on both sides and the US is no exception ....their historical record in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afganistan and every other conflict across the globe since WW2 ended proves they are only hypocrites to think otherwise ...

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Posted in: Boat washed ashore in Oregon may be from Japan tsunami See in context

What is unusual is that it has taken 5 years to wash ashore. There has been a lot of "stuff" wash up along the entire NW coastal areas of USA and Canada but most of it was in 2012/2013. NHK has several moving docks of people tracking down the owners of flotsam in Japan and returning it to them ......great stories and it allows people to connect across the oceans and for affected Japanese to get on with their lives once they have important personal possessions returned to them.

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Posted in: 10 things foreigners in Japan notice about Japanese phone culture See in context

I have to say that Japanese are way more polite and respectful to others when using their phones. Nothing worse than sitting in a public place or in a que at the bank or fast food outlet and have some idiot talk loudly totally oblivious to where they are and the people around them. Kudos to the Japanese ????????

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Posted in: Trump warns of riots if he is denied party's presidential nomination See in context

OMG you guys have no idea about politics. Trump is an outsider to all of the establishment that is American politics. His rhetoric is not dangerous it is actually what the silent majority are most likely thinking and that alone is the reason he is getting both support and derision. The primary role of the President and the Government of any democracy(I use that term loosely) is to provide prosperity and support to its people ....that is in Trumps case to the people who make up the USA. None of the Presidents in recent history ......way back to JFK ......have actually done that very effectively or efficiently. Trump WILL be successful and he will run into a brick wall from the establishment and the media that supports it because they totally resist anyone who thinks and acts or is in any way a threat to the status quo (is the status quo worth saving ?) Trump reference to USA's trading partners (in this case Japan) is just talk and he will modify his actions to accommodate what needs to be done once elected. He is a successful business man and surely that is a good pre requisite to have if you want to run and/or lead a successful country .....the USA has been less than successful in recent memory, interfering in numerous countries across the globe, trying to "force, other countries into acting and do what the USA wants. Look at how they try to manipulate Japan into setting policies and social norms that favour USA ......pleas don't tell me that Japan does not do much the same thing as it uses its various forms of global influence to favour Japanese people so they can have a prosperous and better life. No doubt Japan is studying closely what is going on but don't let anyone fool you into thinking that is a bad thing. All Governments need to monitor that views and actions of other country leaders (that is why the all have so called "intelligence agencies" monitoring what is going on so they can work out how to defend their own position when the need arises. Make no mistake, Trump has a good chance of being the next President but whether or not he can achieve anything will be the defining action of his Presidency. If Clinton is elected ....well it is just a return to the previous Clinton era or a continuation of the current Obama era .........how is the Middle East situation going these days ? How is the USA seen across the globe ? The USA has effectively reached the bottom of its global status trough and the only way is UP .....Trump is a doer, Clinton is NOT ...the result will be based on the people's view of which one can bring about a change for the better both in the USA and outside. For me it can not be any worse even though all the doomsday predictors will try to convince you otherwise.

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Posted in: Japan, wary of outsiders, keeps doors closed to refugees See in context

In my view Japan is taking the correct approach to this problem. Most of these people are not refugees, they are clearly economic migrants trying to jump the que for a quick entry into an economically stable, prosperous country. Syria is a long way from Japan, so too is Iraq, Afganistan, Pakistan etc. So why do these so called refugees travel so far from the nearest safe country to escape from a war zone or area of conflict and then if they are in fear of their life from the home they supposedly are escaping persecution, why and how do they return a few years later after gaining permanent residence .....this situation has spread across Europe, America, Australasia and mos t western countries. One only has to look at the chronic situation in France, Belgium, Netherlands and the U.K. to identify that they have nothing in common with the country they enter and have no intention of assimilating, then in Japan there is the cultural difficulties which even for those with knowledge and understanding of Japanese ways find it extremely difficult .....stick to your Policy Japan. Japan has many internal problems with homeless and jobless (far higher than the official 3.5%) it should focus on its own people first not import more problems.

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Posted in: Australia PM: Whaling spat shouldn't be allowed to hurt Japan ties See in context

Each to his own I say. Japan has significant cultural differences to Australia and Western Nation in general, so they should be able to do what their culture dictates without so much criticism. Australia is hypocritical in telling Japan what it can and can't do. Whaling has been around for much longer than Australia has been a settled western Nation and Wales are still swimming in the world oceans and migrating as they always have.

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Posted in: Trump's idea of a Muslim ban has legal experts divided See in context

I am an Australain but I have strong views on both Trump and ISIL. To me Trump seems to be expressing the view of the "silent majority" which are always under represented politically because they are not noisy ....that is to say they keep their view to themselves based on fear of persecution and bullying by those on the left who wish to squash rational debate. As far as I can tell from my remote location and reflecting media bias against Trump, he seems to be gaining strength from his open stance on the Islamic problem (yes it is an Islamic problem that even liberal Islamists seem to want a revolution to solve) and is likely to end up as the Republican Candidate if things continue for the next 11 months or so. We live in a largely unprecedented period of time although the Islam v Christian rivalry has been a constant over the last 1000 years or so. This current age of ISIL is so serious a threat to "non believers" as to warrant the protection of our respective Homelands of Australia and USA (and other Christain based societies) ....I.e. "The West" ....such protection will almost certainly require some extraordinary measures be taken ....such as banning groups of people from entering the country. The USA already bans certain people such as those with criminal records from entering as does Australai so it is not a large stretch of position and/ or Legislation to bring this about. We have not seen such barbaric acts of violence against innocent peoples of any race or religion since the last Crusade period in world history. The problem is that on face evidence it is migrants or their direct descendants who have perpetrated most if not all of the various acts of terrorism in recent years across the world and as a result it seems only proper that the respective Governments make decisions that protect their citizens until such time as ...to use Trumps language ....."they figure out what is going on". The various Courts of Jurisdiction who's job it is to uphold the Law and/or interpret it appropriately will see the sense in protecting their citizens as distinct from prioritising the rights of "non citizens" It is not racist or discriminatory to take such measures in times of crisis but trying to squash debate on the subject is not going to solve the problem. I for one applaud Donald Trump for having the courage to express his views and look forward to watching the outcome of the continuing political debate leading up to the 2016 Presidential election.

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Posted in: Tourist center asks travelers to not make a mess in restroom See in context

I think maybe the translation is an interpretation. The literal words are .....itsu mo kirei ni tsukatte chouki arigato gozaiimasu ....translates roughly to "always be clean when using from a long distance thank you very much, or something along those lines. From my experience we men (excluding me of course) in western countries can be pretty bad and most of us think it is longer than it really is much to the discomfort of those who follow.

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Posted in: A non-traditional Fuji ascent: From sea to summit See in context

Great storey guys. I know how you feel having climbed twice from Fujiyoshida. It is an incredible adventure but like you guys I see no reason to start at 2300 m because that's not really climbing a mountain is it ? My first trip up I was on my own, had no idea where the path was setting off at day break from my hotel to go up and down in 1 day. A pretty tough task, but I managed to find the Fujiyoshida trail which starts at Fuji Sengan Jinja, followed the path up through the forest took around 4 hours to reach 5th station, stopped for a snack of noodles and a coffee then got to the top just before dark, in light drizzle and cloud so didn't get to see much at all, not even the crater. Headed straight down in the dark and walked for hours, feet blistered, tired but otherwise ok. Got back to the hotel somehow around 1 Am so it took me roughly 18 hours up and down. The toughest part is how much water you need, my clothes were just ringing wet from sweat even though I had a light rain jacket, I probably would have been dryer without it. The higher up you go the most food and drink cost. Awesome experience just the same. Came down in moonlight and even though I had no idea where the path went in the dark was either just lucky or I have good instincts and found my hotel easily in the end. Did it again a couple of years later with my GF so stayed overnight at 7th station ....still an awesome experienced the I haven't yet walked around the crater because I figured that would give me motivation to do it again sometime. You have now given me motivation to follow your footsteps and do it from the ocean so I will set my sights on that next climbing season ....thanks for the memories and your great storey.

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Posted in: Japan's Hiroshima ceremonies 'scheming': Chinese media See in context

The dropping of the atomic bombs was uncalled for and unnecessary because it was an attack on innocent citizens, men women and children going about their daily lives. Neither city was a military target and had not been bombed at any time during the war. The act was barbaric and has only been condoned because it was undertaken by the winner otherwise the perpetrators would have been declared war criminals and dealt with appropriately. Japan has every right to honour the innocent people who died with the dropping of those bombs. 140,000 innocent people killed and many more maimed for life both physically and mentally, with many still suffering today 70 years on. We should applaud the ceremonies of rememberance because while honouring those innocents who died, the Japanese people also remember the war and the terrible events inflicted in their name ensuring that such atrocities (both by and on the Japanese people) will most like never happen again. The ceremonies are not glorifying war but genuinely paying homage to those that sacrificed, willingly or otherwise, their lives for the Nation. We all do the same in our own way with various ceremonies remembering both world wars. even the parts where we were the invading and aggressive Nation. I am Australian and Gallipoli is a big deal each year 100 years on even though we were the invading party and attacked a sovereign Nation without due cause. The second world war is long since over, the world has generally moved on and we should allow each Nation to remember the war and how it impacted on the lives of it's citizens in whatever way they see fit.

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