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Posted in: WHO insists it hid nothing, sounded virus alarm from start See in context

WHO was a useless corrupt organization from the start. Glad Trump pulled out the funding for a useless band of morons.

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Posted in: Mother arrested for stabbing 1-year-old daughter to death See in context

They really love killing their defenseless kids in this country. sick indeed.

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Posted in: Japanese man suspected of murdering Norwegian woman in Laos See in context

They'll get him

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Posted in: Abe to declare state of emergency for Tokyo, 6 prefectures See in context

Okay so you can go out, but you are asked to stay in. Not really a state of emergency compared to Italy or the UK.

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Posted in: Death penalty finalized for man who killed 19 disabled people See in context

Influenced by marijuana use is a complete lie.

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Posted in: 86-year-old man arrested for molesting two sisters aged 6 and 4 See in context

86, good grief

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Posted in: Woman in Kamakura arrested for abandoning kitten in coin locker See in context

What a disgusting person.

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Posted in: London can host 2020 Games if it has to be moved over coronavirus: mayoral candidate See in context

I hope it does get canceled. This virus ain't going away anytime soon.

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Posted in: Man accused of groping woman on train, arrested for assaulting man who tried to stop him escaping See in context

Always the police, this is a classic.

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Posted in: Suspected groper arrested after jumping onto train tracks and fleeing from station See in context

Kudos to the woman who tried to bring him in. This chikan deserves a few days in a cell to think about what he did.

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Posted in: Japanese official briefly detained for assaulting S Korean airport worker See in context

Such a little immature waste of a man. I love South Koreans, they are very fun and outgoing :)

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Posted in: Akita police sergeant arrested for paying high school girl for sex See in context

So she accepted the cash, does the deed, then over time feels bad and complains to her mum about it, then he gets arrested... This is happens all the time in Japan. Both are stupid in my opinion.

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Posted in: Canadian man indicted for smuggling record amount of stimulant drugs to Japan See in context

You muppet! Well you've got at least 5 years of sitting in a cell for that stunt young fella, enjoy.

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Posted in: Mother, 2 children found dead in submerged car at Okayama port See in context

Um...how did they even find the car?..

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Posted in: Mother, two daughters, aged 6, 4, found dead in car in apparent murder-suicide See in context

This is Japanese culture. This whole murder suicide thing, very common indeed in Japan.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for robbing store says she needed money for Christmas Eve date See in context

Bonnie with no Clyde

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Posted in: 16-year-old girl arrested for extortion in sugar daddy case See in context

16 is old enough in my book ;)

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Posted in: Man cons woman out of ¥6.35 mil in romance fraud See in context

Both are idiotic in my opinion

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Posted in: Ghosn: Bail refusal would not be normal in any other democracy See in context

He should sue the Japanese legal system for wasting his time in Jail, when this mess is all cleared of course.

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Posted in: Missing university student asked for directions to man’s home on day of disappearance See in context

This makes no sense at all...

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Posted in: French Olympic probe raises questions about Dentsu See in context

A girl killed herself because of stresses of working for Denstu. Definitely a shady company.

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Posted in: Ex-gangster fatally shot in karaoke bar in Tokyo's Kabukicho district See in context

Seems like a professional hit, however that bullet casing will be tracked. Some stinky businesses was going on here. To do with money of course.

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Posted in: Ghosn again asks for bail; promises not to flee, pay for security guards See in context

Ghosn may be guilty, but keeping him locked in a dark cold cell is not fair nor humane. His accusations are not of violent crimes. If they want him to be fit enough for court, and have a fair trial, then they should release him on bail. Any country that respects human rights would do that... such as Canada with the Huawei case. Japan is a country of back-wards minds.

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Posted in: Tokyo court denies request for Ghosn's release on bail See in context

At this point there are two outcomes.

He can admit to the crimes and serve many years in a Japanese jail for it, with a possibility of bail pre trial..but wouldn't bet on it...

Deny the crimes and be where he is for about months then walk free due to lack of tangible evidence.

I'd keep denying it Mr Ghosn, and then smile at the prosecutor when you walk out the court room :)

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Posted in: Court rejects Ghosn release bid See in context

This is purgatory got Mr. Ghosn. He will be free someday. They can't hold him forever.

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Posted in: Ghosn's lawyer says bail very difficult before trial See in context

This is simply unacceptable. I think they are just holding Carlos because they can. And they know he will win the case if it goes to trial because he is pleading not guilty. So this is kind of already a jail sentence without trial. Japan has no respect for human rights at all. In Japan, you're guilty until proven innocent.

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Posted in: Man arrested for arranging orgy at Kanagawa hotel See in context

This made my day

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Posted in: Japanese woman arrested in Thailand for smuggling baby otters See in context

What a muppet.

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Posted in: 19-year-old arrested for stabbing girlfriend in Tokyo See in context

I hope she will overcome this traumatizing ordeal and justice will be served to this coward.

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Posted in: 20-year-old woman arrested for dumping body of newborn baby See in context

This is very common in Japan. I don't understand how this girl could live a happy life after doing such a thing, even if not caught by the authorities. Very sad.

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