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Posted in: 2 Tokyo men arrested for burying boss's corpse in Saitama See in context

Ah, so there was no crime in burying him in Akihabara then :)

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Posted in: AKB48 singer shaves her head as act of contrition for dating See in context

Given her age, this is sheer Chauvinism. Important! --- who "ordered" her to remove her hair (or persuaded her this should be done !!!)

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I tend to agree with most commentators. However, [1] UK is close to its major visitors, even the US/Canada regards it as a second home; [2] the double/treble recession , if it ever ends, will produce a desire to travel more again; [3] So far no terrorist threat seems to have even affected the Games, shich indicates a degree of safety in the country; [4]If anyone is going to break the European's dead hand on the international economy. it could be Britain. All is up for grabs in the States and throughout the poor economies and the less poor. No"body" is rich as a country any more. that will change if recovery can be accomplished, but for now we may have to struggle on for a decade, just as Japan has done.

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some distortoised turrible terror-pins around this site!

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Posted in: Kylie Minogue See in context

The english -living, aussie-born gaijin has always had and always will have fab legs, as far as medical, scientific or romantic knowledge stretches!And UR right, the answer is her perfect tush!

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I wouldn't shoot and eat her, Knowbetter, but if that's your thing! She is a bit baggy round the eyes but these guys just want an asian body with long legs and the standard collar and thigh-highs.Very educational, though, those comments, --- esp. about the doll.

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