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Dave Brouwer comments

Posted in: Fresca Lemon See in context

Cuz it's not alcoholic. I had one a couple of days ago, kinda reminds me of the good old Bitter Lemon drinks. The sparkling part is probably not very loved by Japanese, though.

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Posted in: Japanese fans drown sorrows after World Cup exit See in context

Whats with all the criticism? Sure, the football was poor but those things happen. The Netherlands for example were in the World Cup final in 2010 but in the 2012 Euro Cup they got humiliated in the group stage. That's football. Next time, new chances.

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Posted in: Senior Dutch diplomat beaten up in Russia See in context

To the person above "refused to punish police officers who have arrested and beaten him." Yeah, let's punish cops that arrest child abusers! And it's just the Russians saying they beat him. Imo, even if they did, which is unlikely considering they're Dutch cops, give them a medal.

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Posted in: Miss Philippines crowned Miss World amid Muslim anger in Bali See in context

Am I the only one thinking: Muslims b*tching about female rights... really?

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Posted in: Former AKB48 singer Atsuko Maeda dating kabuki actor See in context

Has a nice face and a good marketing department?

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Posted in: Abe to raise sales tax on schedule, media report See in context

Still low. Where I live, it's 21% tax...

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Posted in: 2 youths busted for posing for Twitter photos on top of patrol car See in context

Am I the only one wondering who the sad individual is that reported a twitter post to the police..?

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Posted in: Abe meets commander of U.S. Fifth Fleet in Bahrain See in context

Licking America's boots? You do realize the anti-piracy patrols are an international project, right?

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Posted in: Abe skips reference to WWII remorse in his speech See in context

You know, not mentioning it at all is smarter than saying something stupid here, especially considering China would jump at any words that they might not like...

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Posted in: Lightning strikes moving train in Japan See in context

He made a joke about Zeus striking the lightning right when he was filming... And pallies is just slang for pals/mates. Im not EFL but still...

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Posted in: Ex-sex slave, supporters demand justice from Japan See in context

I'm sure you guys realize that even if Japan admitted these crimes, the next step for the victims would go something like: 'See they admitted it! Now give us compensation.' And more and more claims of which a lot false no doubt will come and keep coming with no end. Sad to say, but it was war and a dirty war at that. It happened and people have changed. Soon, none of the war-generation will be left and these issues should mostly die out in time.

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Posted in: Required or not, English knowledge no guarantee of success See in context

All he needed to say is something like, "It's a sensitive political topic and there's a huge difference of opinion, especially among the younger and older generations of Japanese."

That, or he could've just said he didn't have a real opinion on the matter. It wouldn't surprise me if there're a lot of younger Japanese that really don't care about it.

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Posted in: Japan scrambled jets against China planes record 306 times in 12 months See in context

I'd say bringing up the old WWII discussion is a little off-topic in this case...

And on-topic: A lot of countries probably have the same issue. I doubt it's just Japan that scrambles so many fighters during a year. Although, they are probably the country which has the most unfriendly nations around them.

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Posted in: Required or not, English knowledge no guarantee of success See in context

So many people sat down for the test and yet, 99% of the Japanese I meet in Japan are unable to have any type of English conversation with me. It's always me desperately trying to use my limited Japanese. They can write you huge letters of (broken) English but once you start a conversation, they suddenly seem to forget everything they learned. (Or, more likely, they just never learned it properly in the first place.)

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Posted in: Japan soccer coach gets wish for tougher competition See in context

The FIFA rankings aren't all that important. A lot of the stronger teams that have a chance of winning the World Cup are now ranked well outside the top 5.

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Posted in: 24 injured after M6.3 quake hits western Japan See in context

Some stuff got knocked over in the bathroom here in Kyoto. This was a first for me, although I was more asleep than awake during the time.

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Posted in: 20 words of English origin that Japanese people often mistake for real thing See in context

May I add that "anything that looks like German" is derived from Dutch and most of those were introduced during Japan's closed-border policy with just the Dutch being in Dejima.

Nice one would be the word: "Messu" being used for a "scalpel" or surgical knife. The Dutch word for "knife" is "mes" which is the original. The Dutch adopted "scalpel" for a surgical knife later on though.

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