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Posted in: Search and clean-up work continues as flood death toll tops 200 See in context

There is definitely some kind of climate change taking place. For instance right here in Northern Minnesota so far this summer we have had an unprecedented amount of hot weather and high humidity resulting in numerous heavy rains and flooding.

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Posted in: 16-year-old girl stabbed in Kagoshima park See in context

I agree with you Ex_Res, I think Japan is becoming more violent, how sad!

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Posted in: Get a taste of Japan’s past with these retro snacks and sweets at Tokyo department store See in context

When I was in Japan about 25 years ago, I remember drinking "CALPIS" a fermented milk drink over ice, it tasted great!

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Posted in: Fire breaks out at Tokyo's Tsukiji fish market See in context

How sad! Sounds kinda "FISHY" to me! Glad no one got hurt!

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Posted in: Geezer group JI-POP is here to promote tourism See in context

These Old Guys "ROCK"! Dave Carlson (65) Two Harbors, Minnesota, USA

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Posted in: Japan’s first-ever taxi service aimed at foreign visitors begins in Kyoto See in context

It's a great idea. Now if they would have more drinking establishments that cater to Foreigners it would be awesome! When I was stationed in Japan about 20 years ago, many establishments had a sign on their door saying "JAPANESE ONLY"! Maybe that has changed over the years, I hope so.

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Posted in: 3 injured in snowmobile accident in Hokkaido See in context

I'm from Minnesota and these types of accidents are quite common. Here you have to have a valid drivers license, wear a helmet and successfully complete a SNOWMOBILE SAFETY training seminar. Also a lot of these accidents are a result of too much speed and use of alcohol. I hope these folks have a speedy recovery!

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Posted in: Bodies of woman, 8-month-old son found in car in Gifu See in context

Here we go again! I am rather new to this site, is this a pretty common occurrence in Japan? It seems at least once or twice a month this happens! My prayers go out to the family.

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Posted in: Mother arrested for strangling 7-year-old daughter, 5-year-old son See in context

How sad! It's too bad this woman could not get help earlier! I am sure there is plenty of help in Japan if one looks for it.

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Posted in: 71-year-old woman torches her son's room for not cleaning up mess See in context

While mom's is in the "Slammer" the son will have lots of places to hoard his reading material now!

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Posted in: JR Yamanote line driver caught using smartphone while operating train See in context

The driver used very poor judgement, I think the suspension is warranted, if he is caught again,"SAYONARA"!

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