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Dave Doyle comments

Posted in: Japanese man killed in stabbing spree in Ireland See in context

The first of this type of attack in Ireland. I don't think any motive has been established as yet. It appears random, and sad that any person died.

Those that say Ireland doesn't have many stabbing attacks or assaults is talking rubbish. There have been a lot of stabbing incidents all over the country over the Christmas and New Year period. Ireland is a violent place.

Someone commented that the IRA wanted a Marxist state, wrong. The IRA fought to remove the British presence in Ireland and set up a 32 county Republic.

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Posted in: Japanese activist wins U.S. Woman of Courage Award See in context

And here's me thinking Japan is a modern society.

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Posted in: Man accosts woman walking home and steals her underwear See in context

This stealing or pulling down of women's underwear is called Sharking, and is videoed as it is happening. The videos are then posted on porn sites. It is also done in Europe, but women there fight back, Japanese women just seem to give in without a fight.

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Posted in: Yomiuri apologizes for using term 'sex slaves' in English edition See in context

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it's a duck. Every one of the participants of WW2 has the blood of innocent victims on their hands. Face up to the facts and get over it. Covering things up prevents closure.

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Posted in: Japanese single malt whisky named world's finest See in context

You would imagine that us Irish dont make some very fine whiskeys that more than match anything written about above. And by the way, get the spelling of whiskey right, it is W-H-I-S-K-E-Y.

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Posted in: Halloween in Shibuya See in context

Great photos, looks like you have good weather for it. Its either miserable and wet , or heavy snow here in Bulgaria.

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Posted in: Obuchi resigns over misuse of political funds; justice minister also resigns See in context

It looks like that anywhere in the world where politicians are in charge of public funds corruption follows.

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Posted in: Butt out See in context

This is a very divisive issue. It is also a means of focusing people's attention away from what a government is doing. It can be rolled out peacemeal as needed. It is never about tabacco or where it is used, be it private or public. If tabacco is such an evil on society stop any and all production and remove it from sale. Simple. What tabacco bans are about are getting people used to being law compliant, hearding people in whatever direction a government wants. People police each other, those that dont smoke are watching out for those that do. These are controls put into place to turn people into sheep. Nothing else. They are about removing the right to free choice from society. Europe and the USA are now crippled by PCism, the right to express your opinions have been removed. Wake up before it is to late.

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Posted in: Own a pair of secret camera shoes? The police should be by shortly for a visit See in context

There are all sorts of perversions and fethises in this world. Some are harmful to others some not. This up-skirt fethish, while an invasion of privacy to the victim, is harmless. It causes no physical harm. I would suggest that 99% of victims dont know it has taken place. All the guys on here who are taking the high moral ground in condemnation make me laugh. What guy has never had a smile on his face when a gust of wind has raised a skirt to reveal a pretty pair of panties. As for the police confiscating these camera shoes, if they are legal to sell, they are legal to own.

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Posted in: The most crowded train and subway lines in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya are ... See in context

I have claustrophobia. So by the sound of this i will never be making a visit to Japan. I lived in London for a few years and did try the underground train system for a while. Had to give it up after a while, at times it got to crowded and i had to get off. I cant use elevators under any circumstances.

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Posted in: Spanish Wine vs French Wine See in context

People should try Bulgarian wines. As good if not better than French or Spanish, and much more affordable.

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Posted in: Woman robbed of underwear while walking home See in context

It's called sharking. It is filmed and will appear on the net at some stage. There are many sharking videos from Japan. The guys who do it work in pairs. It happens in other countries as well. The women in other countries fight back and run after the attacker, in Japan, the women dont resist at all and take it very meakly.

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