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AlexToday 11:49 am JST

Another "unemployed" man. My question is, was he already unemployed / an ex-nursing home worker when he murdered this woman?

I believe this to mean that he was unemployed at the time of arrest. It is often the case here in Japan that once companies get wind of any misconduct by an employee that could surface in the media and/or cause damage to the reputation of the company that individual VERY soon becomes unemployed as a preemptive measure.

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Posted in: Record high number of ambulances struggling to find hospitals in Japan See in context

I wouldn't come down too hard on ambulances in Japan.

The ambulance service is not the issue at all as they are doing the best they can under the circumstances they did not create. They must be so frustrated with the system and are surely the ones with the answers on how to correct the situation as they live it on a daily basis.

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This problem of not ambulances but citizens in need of immediate medical attention being REJECTED by public and private medical institutions in Japan is nothing new and could EASILY be remedied. Problem is the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and the Health and Welfare Ministry are unwilling to put the people over political donations and cozy retirement jobs from the medical institutions.

I told my wife that it's a waste of time to call 119 for an ambulance here in Japan as we would bleed to death before we eventually get to a hospital and instead get her or myself into the car and drive the 10 minutes to the ER. Lets see them refuse us at the emergency room doors! I actually had to do this 28 years ago in the United States when I woke up in the middle of the night as my girlfriend at the time was burning up in a pool of sweat, and unresponsive. I picked her up, loaded her into the car and rushed her to an ER, 10 minutes away saving precious time. Unfortunately more lives will be lost in Japan and nothing is going to change in the foreseeable future.

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Posted in: Police inspector arrested for filming up woman’s skirt on escalator See in context

He will resign and all charges will be dropped, maybe a few higher-ups will be docked a months salary! This is typically what happens, his disgrace and embarresment to family is punishment enough and the problem is taken care of quietly as the government/police don't have another embarrassing public trial on their hands.

If they actually treated him as they would any of us, held for several months, no phone calls to family, forced to write a confession then dragged him through the court system and finally serve a sentence others like himself might think twice about creating more distrust between the police and the public they swore an oath to protect.

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Posted in: Shionogi confirms efficacy of oral COVID drug for Omicron subvariant See in context

Is their a vaccine against aimless arguing amongst ourselves ?

You mean a “drug,” right? ;-)

still hung up on an irreverent point? ;-)

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Posted in: Shionogi confirms efficacy of oral COVID drug for Omicron subvariant See in context

Dave, do you realize that a new type of COVID-19 vaccine considered effective against the omicron variant is being introduced here in Japan in two months?

I think I heard something to that effect, yes. But does that mean the war is over, that we no longer need to invest in research and development of new treatments? Seems like we are always one step behind Covid19, what happens when we get thrown a curve ball and the drugs and vaccines become ineffective?

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Posted in: Shionogi confirms efficacy of oral COVID drug for Omicron subvariant See in context


The last I checked, WHO had approved use of 11 COVID-19 vaccines, five of which have been approved in over 85 countries. Do we really need one more?

The last I checked the virus has mutated, how many times? Influenza requires new vaccines annually as do other illnesses as they mutate. How is Covid any different? Are we out of the woods yet, as far as I know we ain't.

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Posted in: Shionogi confirms efficacy of oral COVID drug for Omicron subvariant See in context

Please forgive me for failing to include the word "drug" in my previous comment.

Does it really matter if we are talking about a "drug" or "vaccine"? The comment I had responded to was about a company producing a PRODUCT for the purpose of profit. Does it matter it be a "drug" or a "vaccine" for this discussion as both basically have the same purpose, to reduce or prevent severe symptoms or death?

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Posted in: Shionogi confirms efficacy of oral COVID drug for Omicron subvariant See in context

"Shionogi & Co. keeps trying to get its hand in the money jar, doesn’t it?"

Maybe so but we wouldn't have any vaccines at all and millions and millions of people would be dead around the world from deadly virus like Ebola, Polio, Smallpox, Influenza, Dengue, Rotavirus, SARS-CoV and the list goes on and on without big pharma! Until you alter mans' selfish instinct you ain't gonna find too many Mother Teresa like pharmaceutical executives out there so whatcha gonna do, say no and not get vaccinated against lethal pathogens and take a stand?

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Posted in: Role in Japanese war machine made Hiroshima, Nagasaki A-bomb targets See in context

It's easy to judge in hindsight about the targeting methods used in WWII but you must consider the events of that time period including those of WWI. Nearly every major city in Europe was targeted and heavily bombed in WWII not to mention by the Japanese in the Pacific theater. London, Paris, Dresden and Hamburg, Stalingrad and Leningrad, Antwerp, Warsaw, Rotterdam, Milan and Turin just to name just a few. Tokyo and so many cities across Japan and elsewhere across Asia. It was a military strategy employed by every side, EVERY side. So to be clear, I am not condoning what happened or these methods, I am simply pointing out that this was not the exception but common practice of the times.

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My 86 year old mother-in-law who has Alzheimer's disease stays with us as she cannot be left alone! Honestly, it takes a lot out of us and puts a HUGE strain on our marriage. She can't even sleep alone as she wakes up during the middle of the night and will turn on the tv, volume up, or has gone outside and gets lost or will try to make some tea on the gas range and we worry she will burn the house down! So I sleep with the dog and my wife stays downstairs and sleeps on the sofa with one eye open. She sh*ts herself quite regularly which means EVERYTHING stops and the cleanup process begins with my wife taking her in the shower and I washing her clothes and the sofa or chair she was sitting on.

And it doesn't get any better, it just gets more difficult with each passing day! And if she isn't trying to resist taking a bath, changing her clothes, brushing her teeth or any of the other things that need to get done, she just says "yada" like a 2 year old. So for those of you who pass judgement on individuals who can't take it anymore, remember what a wise man once said, “Don't judge a man until you've walked a mile in their shoes.” or have had to take care of a sick elderly relative who doesn't even remember who you are anymore.

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Posted in: Ex-PM Abe in critical condition after being shot while campaigning in Nara See in context

It appears from a picture that he used a homemade double barrel like shotgun as it has metal caps attached to each breach and the weapon is covered in black tape, probably to hold it all together. This would not need shotgun shells but could be used like a old style black powder musket where powder is loaded into the two barrels from the muzzle, a patch or wadding to hold the powder then projectiles are loaded. The smoke released is not typical of modern shotgun powder so could have been from something as common as fireworks or even homemade.

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