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Dave Fair comments

Posted in: 64-year-old woman arrested for fatally stabbing 76-year-old husband See in context

Okada has admitted to the allegation and quoted her as saying she had stabbed her husband during an argument after he asked her why dinner hadn't been cooked yet.

On the flip-side she won't have to worry about cooking for anyone in-side a Japanese prison!

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Posted in: Teenager referred to prosecutors for using smart glasses to cheat on university entrance exam See in context

Police plan to refer to prosecutors an 18-year-old man for allegedly using camera-equipped smart glasses to cheat on an entrance exam and charge him with "obstructing operations"

It just gives me a great sense of calm and security when I see our courts being so wisely utilized and our taxes being so wisely spent on such petty charges as this instead of murder charges like in mass school shootings or massive terrorist attacks!

I know I will sleep more soundly tonight knowing that our men-in-blue are out there on the hunt keeping us safe.

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Posted in: Japan to start hunting large fin whales See in context

The Japanese government will continue to promote whaling......

Can we just acknowledge that the commercial whaling industry in Japan would have gone out of business LONG ago if it weren't for tax payer's yen to subsidize it. Considering how weak the yen is at the moment and the price of fuel to supply the whaling fleet on it's voyage, the total sales of this years catch wouldn't pay to move the fleet out of harbor!

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Posted in: Kishida to unveil measures to protect Amazon rainforest during Brazil visit See in context

Kishida to unveil measures to protect Amazon rainforest

I wasn't aware Prime Minister Kishida was Brazilian! But honestly it's sad that Japan's Prime Minister isn't keenly focused on the MANY serious issues facing the citizenry here at home. I mean, make your own bed first before jumping onto another?

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Posted in: 1 dead, 7 missing after 2 MSDF helicopters crash in Pacific during night training See in context

MeiyouwentiToday 07:59 am JST

Lost two choppers at the same time. There must be something fundamentally wrong with US designed aircraft.

hmmmmm, 2 of the same aircraft go down at the same time at the same location......, hmmmmm....., yes must be the aircraft design flaw! What are the odds......hmmmm? How about pilot error?

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Posted in: Biden suggests he may block Nippon Steel deal, seeks to triple tariffs on Chinese steel See in context

Lets do a 180 and pose this question. Would the Japanese government allow Nippon Steel to be sold to a foreign company? This is a rhetorical question as we all know the answer so lets be intellectually honest about this issue!

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Posted in: Man arrested over theft of ¥10 mil gold tea bowl from Tokyo store See in context

Horie has admitted to the allegations, police said, telling them he "sold the bowl" at a shop in Tokyo that buys goods from customers for 1.8 million yen.

It may be just my poor eyesight but where in the story does it mention if police recovered the bowl and it's current state?

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Posted in: ¥10 mil gold bowl stolen from Tokyo department store See in context

The bowl was displayed under a clear plastic case without a lock.

This is a story that Takashimaya should have kept under wraps! How embarrassing!

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting drinking companion on street in Kochi See in context

SpeedToday 10:03 am JST

Wow. Just a brawl between two acquaintances with minor injuries makes national news here.

This used to happen on rare occasions w/ people I knew but never quite newsworthy.

I think "rare occasions" is an under-estimation! I don't know about getting on a friend's chest and throwing a few but standing, that's not unheard of.

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting drinking companion on street in Kochi See in context

The victim suffered minor facial injuries, police said.

just another uneventful news-cycle so have to fill the pages with something I guess!

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Posted in: LDP punishes 39 members over funds scandal, urging 2 to leave party See in context

funny how Ryutaro Nonomura was indicted by prosecutors for fraud in 2016 (using 3 million yen of official allowances on onsen trips) and the preparation and use of false official documents with a false seal and was sentenced by the Kobe District Court to three years in prison and suspension for four years.

I guess by the LDP handling the investigation and handing out slaps on the wrists, the Tokyo Prosecutors Office feels no need to meddle in political illegalities anymore!

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Posted in: Japanese businesses brace for life with interest rates See in context

Japanese businesses brace for life with interest rates

jeeeessss! Welcome to our world where EVERYTHING is either taxed 10% or charged an interest rate!

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Posted in: Tokyo's controversial Yasukuni Shrine picks ex-admiral as chief priest See in context

The photo for this story pretty much sums it up with the appointment of Umio Otsuka, 63, a former Maritime Self Defense Force (SDF) commander.

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Posted in: Tokyo's controversial Yasukuni Shrine picks ex-admiral as chief priest See in context

Tokyo's controversial Yasukuni Shrine picks ex-admiral as chief priest. The last retired military officer appointed as chief priest, Nagayoshi Matsudaira, enshrined 14 prominent convicted war criminals alongside the 2.5 million war dead honored at the shrine, including World War II-era Prime Minister Hideki Tojo.

What more needs to be said!

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Posted in: Biden opposes plan to sell U.S. Steel to Nippon Steel, citing need for 'American steel workers' See in context

for those who criticize Biden's position ask yourself this. If U.S. Steel tried to purchase Nippon Steel, what position would the J-Gov take? I'm fairly confident it would be opposed and the Japanese courts would side with Tokyo!

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Posted in: Antitrust watchdog to warn Nissan for underpaying subcontractors See in context

The Japan Fair Trade Commission plans to issue an advisory to prevent a repeat of the situation.

Seems like issuing an "advisory" to prevent a repeat of the situation is the problem in and of itself. Instead of simply issuing an advisory how about issuing a subpoena for all Nissan's records on the matter going back as far as the law allows and holding Nissan accountable! How about initiating a group action suit by the companies who were cheated by Nissan to seek compensation for ALL swindled losses going as far back as can be proven and add interest on top of that. Then hit Nissan with a fine as a %.

If the Japan Fair Trade Commission honestly wants to "prevent a repeat of the situation" they need to hit these companies in the wallet. Seems the subcontract law of 1956 needs to be updated and get some biting power added but we all know that ain't gonna happen when Nissan is a member of Keidanren (Japan Business Federation) and the LDP's pocketbook.

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Posted in: Trump is not isolationist, former U.S. envoy to Japan believes See in context

Trump is not isolationist,........

In order for trump to be an isolationist or a globalist for that matter he would have to understand history and what those two terms entail, and he doesn't have the faintest clue. trump stands for nothing except self-aggrandizement. He judges any position, ANY, on how it can benefit him financially, politically, public image and lets not forget his own narcissistic ego!

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Posted in: 37-year-old woman arrested for beating, whipping young daughter See in context

justaskingToday 09:08 am JST

I am in no way condoning the actions of the mother; however, we don't know if this child is an extremely difficult child with ADHD and or other mental issues that pushed this single working mother over the top.

Ummmmm................., where to start with this comment. "I am in no way condoning the actions of the mother; however,.." Uhhhh, yes you are! "..we don't know if this child is an extremely difficult child with ADHD and or other mental issues that pushed this single working mother over the top." So taking out a leather belt and whipping a child, beating a child, anyone for that matter, doesn't seem irrational to you? How about my wife for example, if she pushes me over the top with her constant nagging, can I backhand her in the face, of course with an open hand and not a closed fist? That's if she pushes me "over the top"?

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Posted in: Putin praises Biden for calling him a 'crazy SOB' See in context

mikeylikesitToday 09:35 am JST

Biden is bleeding American and allied nations of military supplies and money, all while failing to end the war or advance the war in Ukraine’s direction.

Sorry but I think you forgot to factor in what Russia and her allied partners have bled in military supplies, money and flesh and blood in it's unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. The losses are estimated to include more than 3,000 armoured fighting vehicles in the past year alone and close to 8,800 since February 2022. Other mechanized equipment, artillery units, jets, helicopters, transport and bomber aircraft, ships (30% of the Black Sea fleet), and lets not forget the nearly 400,000 deceased Russian boys who will never return home! Then what her allies like Armenia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Chenchnia, China, Iran, Syria, and her African friends have lost who have either sent or supported their own boys to go off and fight a war in Ukraine as Putin is hesitant to force Muscovites or those so-called pure Russians for fear the masses will turn on him!

What you seem to forget is America or as you frame it Biden, is not bleeding its military, it is using the money to create new weapons to replace the aging equipment it's sending to Ukraine! The Abrams, the Bradleys, the M777 howitzers, the Humvee's, etc... are earlier models which were refurbished in American factories. The donated F-16's from Ukraine's allies are being replaced with American F-35 fighters and who's building those replacements, AMERICA!

And lets not forget what Putin has done for the Russian economy which is being decimated! Putin's days are numbered and it's only a matter of time before karma strikes and someone spikes his drink and he is replaced, a Russian tradition, a Black Swan event!

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Posted in: Japan OKs new foreign trainee program to attract more workers See in context

The Japanese government adopted plans on Friday to scrap its current foreign trainee program, which has been criticized as a cover for importing cheap labor, and replace it with a system it says will actually teach skills and safeguard trainees' rights....

you can put lipstick on a pig and call it whatever but it's still a pig!

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Posted in: Foreign firefighters stifled by Japanese gov't bureaucratic restrictions See in context

Acknowledging an urgent need for clarity, the Fire and Disaster Management Agency is working to create a set of new guidelines with a plan to present it to municipalities across Japan by the end of March 2025.

One official in charge admitted the agency is preparing only "guidelines" rather than establishing exactly what foreign firefighters can and cannot do, implying that the final decision on whether or not a foreign national is eligible to perform all duties will continue to be left to local governments.

Japan in a nutshell. Acknowledge a problem, set a date well into the future to address it but only with "guidelines" that are vague and cause confusion. Why can't they just simply clarify what foreign firefighters can and cannot do?

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Posted in: LDP factions financially struggling without donations from party See in context

A lawmaker from the Abe faction said its members had sales quotas for faction party tickets and they were required to make donations to the group, claiming that there is "hardly any financial benefit" to be part of it.

These factions are akin to yakuza gangs, just look at Taro Aso, how he dresses, how he acts! The boss rules and the subordinates nod and bow in agreement. Like everything in Japan, change comes at a snails pace, or none at all. I'm betting things will be back to normal by end of year once the dust settles.

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Posted in: 88-year-old man arrested over murder of 84-year-old wife See in context

Police said Osaki has so far give no motive for killing his wife. The couple’s son, who lives with his parents, told police he heard nothing during the night.

Maybe the police could disclose what other questions they asked the son who apparently was more cooperative! Maybe what might have been the reason for his father to do the unthinkable? Was the wife in need of round-the-clock care and/or bed-ridden? Was the man confrontational, verbally abusive or prone to violence towards his wife or to the son? Such questions should surely be permissible to disclose to the public since they are often provided in other murder stories?

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Posted in: 3 foreign-born residents sue over racial profiling by Japanese police See in context

Interesting how some equate having never been randomly stopped and questioned by police to it not being a thing. I have never been randomly stopped myself in over 30 years living in the Tokyo area but that might be due to my somewhat intimidating appearance according to my wife. I know others who appear more intimidating than myself whom have never been stopped and isn't it ironic that Japanese are not randomly stopped.

But I have heard from several other foreign-looking, gaijin and Nihon-jin, over the years stories about being stopped repeatedly, in some cases by the same officer which SCREAMS of racial profiling. These individuals feel harassed and intimidated and to them it's not just a thing, it's an injustice! A friend of mines' daughter who was born in Japan to a Japanese mother and foreign father was stopped and hauled off to a koban as she was accused of not having a gaijin card or passport on her person. She repeatedly explained she was Japanese, in PERFECT Japanese as she spoke no other language but the officer refused to listen. Finally another higher ranking office arrived and allowed her to call her mother who rushed to the koban. She was asked to show proof of her nationality but she had no passport or other ID since she is Japanese and is not required and after some questioning was released, and WITHOUT ANY apologies!

Remember, just because you may not have been affected by an injustice does not therefore make it non-existent or fictitious.

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Posted in: Trump must pay an additional $83.3 million to E Jean Carroll in defamation case, jury says See in context

I'm going to go out on a limb here and predict that this won't be the last time a jury awards E Jean Carroll a sizeable award in a defamation case to add on top of the $88.3 million Trump already must pay her! Third time a charm!

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Posted in: Kishida vows to reshape LDP by moving away from faction system See in context

Speaking after a party reform panel released an interim report, Kishida said he wants to see the LDP "totally break away" from being dominated by factions.

This is just lip service to the public to shore up his sinking approval ratings but at the same time a wink and nod to those faction bosses that nothing will change, ever!

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Posted in: Kamikawa pledges $37 mil aid for Ukraine via NATO See in context

JJEToday 11:00 am JST

Precisely. Wars make money in various quarters. War profiteering is the second oldest profession!

That may be but are we to think that supporting a neighbor, our allies from invading armies is an unworthy cause because of profiteering? History has taught us one important lesson which many have undoubtedly forgotten or never understood. To appease and silently stand by and let a bully go unpunished only leads to more brazen behavior and a much greater price to be paid, morally and financially!

There are ways to deal with profiteering, where there is a will there is a way, but for some to use that as an excuse to not support those innocents who are being slaughtered is immoral.

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Posted in: Kamikawa pledges $37 mil aid for Ukraine via NATO See in context

$37 million?

Now if that is a personal donation by Japanese Foreign Minister Yoko Kamikawa I'm impressed!!!!!

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Posted in: Fault responsible for Ishikawa quake may stretch 150 km: experts See in context

At the end of its meeting in Tokyo, the panel said it believes the magnitude-7.6 quake was caused by a reverse fault, when the upper hanging wall of a fault is displaced upward away from the footwall.

Seems that this panel is looking at the result, NOT the cause of the fault activity. Yes, there is a fault but that is the result of forces amassing beneath it. I was curious why there would be such force amassing under Ishikawa as it is far from any tectonic plate interaction so did some web searches and came across an article in the Asahi Shimbun by TAKURO YAMANO/ Staff Writer on January 19, 2022.


So what is taking place underground?

Joint GPS monitoring by Kyoto University and Kanazawa University has shown the Earth’s crust has swollen at depths of 10-15 kilometers beneath the seismic source areas since the onset of the crustal deformation. That indicates something has gathered there in large quantities.

Nishimura said he believes that “something” is water.

A possible source of the water is the oceanic tectonic plate, which is moving from beneath the Pacific and subducting toward greater depths beneath the Japanese archipelago.

Seems that his conclusions directly align with the 10-20km depth of the earthquake activity experienced on January 1st and the aftershocks.

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Posted in: West to blame for world turmoil, says Russia's Lavrov See in context

Pretty rich coming from Foreign Minister Lavrov! This guy lies as often as a hummingbird beats it's wings!!

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