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Posted in: Keeping China fed as inflation surges brings risk for commodity prices See in context

Saying China buying food can increase the prices is ignoring the real reason for inflation, uncontrolled money printing. Commodities have been the same forever. The only thing that has changed is the value of money. The higher the price, the lower the value of money.

40% of all USD ever in existence has been printed in the last 2 years. Japan has the highest debt to GDP in the world.

What has real value? A crop you put hard work into producing, a mine that took billions and a decade to construct before you can even see a profit or fiat currencies that are produced by pushing a keyboard?

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Posted in: School vice principal arrested after miniature camera found in women’s toilet See in context

Like no one would notice a camera in the toilet. This guy is so stupid.

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Posted in: Start-up firm develops tiny portable toilet See in context

Does a bear crap in the woods? In a disaster, me too.

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Posted in: High grain prices prompt Japanese farmers to grow wheat rather than rice See in context

As much as I hate government intervention in business, I support farm subsidies as food is a national security issue. As the article states, we are importing 80% wheat and 90% soy beans, so at the mercy of the markets and geopolitical situations. Domestic food producers need to be promoted and protected.

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Posted in: Gov't asks companies, households across Japan to save power See in context

Japan already has LNG facilities in Russia but they should have built a gas pipeline through Hokkaido to supply our needs. Also, need to get nuclear plants back up and running. You will see the big mistake Europe will be paying in the next few months from shutting off gas and oil from Russia. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

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Posted in: 18,000 police officers to be mobilized during Biden's visit to Tokyo See in context

Why waste time and money with this nonsense? Just hold the meeting on one of the small islands with an airport. Problem solved and you could do this with 100 police.

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Posted in: Man who mistakenly received entire town’s COVID-19 relief money vanishes See in context

He's waiting for bitcoin to drop to 10k so he can buy it, wait for the pop, then pay back the money for free. lol

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