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Dave Higgy comments

Posted in: If you're low-income, here's what you're doing wrong See in context

Remember when we all read this article to know what we were doing wrong.

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Posted in: Yahoo Japan develops 3D search engine-printer See in context

they will just print them.

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Posted in: Calbee recalls 5 million bags of potato crisps in Japan See in context

Oh no

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Posted in: DOCOMO launches real-time phone translation See in context

It's gunna suck

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Posted in: IMF praises Japan move to raise sales tax See in context

misappropriate, wasteful spending, dumber social programs. Hard workers already work hard enough, now we are going to TAX them. This tax bill is going to send a chill down my spine. I don't want to pay for old people. Old people can start working again.

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Posted in: Spider's nest See in context

why are they making spiderman again, this is dumb dumb. 3D is dumb too. I wore the glasses and felt bad for people who have to wear glasses. Watch a movie wearing glasses, uncomfortable and not very cool, I saw Avatar. This idea is some sort of hover board from back the future. Like an 80s cell phone all large and black. Spider man, Bat man, a double re make. so dumb. I feel like we live in the 80s era again. Does anyone else feel like the ideas right now are going to be chuckled at in the future like we live in the 80s. Neon... anyone... the smart phones right now... there not really that impressive. am I the only phone that thinks that there smart phone is an 80s invention and this movie sux?

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Posted in: Kirin offers icy suds for long, hot summer See in context

ruins the flavour ted or numbs the tongue?

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Posted in: Australian foreign minister backs some decriminalization of some drugs See in context

If weed was legal, how could a police officer test you for driving under the influence of weed correctly? legalizing weed is fine, should be done but they should continue to educate people on how it's not going To help there lives just like alcohol and tabaco. Also smoking anything is harmful to your lungs, vaporizing Should be more wide spread. For instance trying to get a cancer patient to use it for medical reasons, people Who are sick want nothing to do with smoking something. People in Japan have no drug education, it's all hearsay And they believe each other like a religion.

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Posted in: Whale wear See in context

really dumb!

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