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Posted in: Mori's sexist remarks show slow progress in narrowing Japan gender gap See in context

JaxToday  07:35 am JST

Was it really that sexist what Mori said? 

Women on average do speak 13,000 more words than men. It's a scientific fact. 


using the daily mail as a scientific source is maybe the funniest thing I’ve ever read.

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Posted in: Japan to begin COVID-19 vaccinations on reservation basis See in context

DmanToday  08:14 am JST

How much does it cost though? Or is it free for all including foreign residents?

it’s free to all residents

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record high 584 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,508 See in context

marcelitoToday  04:56 pm JST

584 ...trending up even if the number of tests is capped around the 7 to 8 thousand daily.

What happened to the "pledged" 60 to 200 thousand daily tests...Yoshi ? Shinzo?....crickets.

that’s for Tokyo , not the country. The article doesn’t say how many tests were carried out nationally.

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Posted in: Osaka raises coronavirus alert level to red See in context

WolfpackToday  09:53 am JST

The Tower of the Sun is one of the worst public “works of art” I have ever seen. It ruins that park. Drugs must have been big in Japan during the 1970’s. There is no other rational explanation for that hideous monstrosity.

public art will always divide. Personally I like it. Not my favourite, but still good.

the worst public art is something that is generic, easily walked past, and that nobody even notices.

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Posted in: Osaka raises coronavirus alert level to red See in context

didouToday  07:28 am JST

Outings are essential for me, otherwise I do not got out.

At least, Japan does not enforce it like so many western countries . At the end, citizens in Japan have much more freedom

japan can’t enforce it. They don’t have the laws in place to do it.

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Posted in: Casino winnings by nonresident foreigners to be untaxed in Japan See in context

Also, as it’s tipped in the house’s favour, the casino’s profit will increase and that does get taxed.

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Posted in: Casino winnings by nonresident foreigners to be untaxed in Japan See in context

So no tax paid, then what's the point from the government perspective? Why push an idea that degrades locals while not financially gaining from rich visitors? Doesn't seem to make sence at all.

they make money on all the other things. Food, drinks, hotel stays, shopping...

people who win big will quite often then go and spend a fair amount locally.

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Posted in: Japanese cinema must adapt to survive, warns rising star director See in context

American movies have also become rather asinine and the hollywood production companies love a cinematic universe or a series they can bleed dry.

companies love money, and if people keep paying to see a reboot or the next in a franchise then why change? Just possibly it’s up to us to go out and see art house films, make the effort to go to small independent movie houses. If we don’t, then of course there is no future for these things.

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Posted in: Saliva testing has significant logistic advantages over the commonly used nasopharyngeal swab testing. The machines used for the saliva tests are compact, require no special training to operate, and yield results in just 30 minutes. This helps eliminate long lines for passengers at airport screening points. See in context

I did the saliva test back in July where I live in northern Kanto. Not many places able to perform tests here and that’s what I took. Super easy to do. As that’s what was done out here I thought most places were using it now, especially in bigger cities.

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Posted in: Women's rights seen taking a backseat under Japan's new gov't See in context

Does it matter when you try to promote women and then they quit. Apparently not. 

Does it matter Abe tried to hire more Women and then later both quit the Job? Apparently not. 

Have you asked yourself that maybe women are not rushing for job position in the government? Is that a possibility? Apparently not. 

Your fantasy and constant fetish to have more women at any cost, even if their not qualified, even if they don't want the job, even if they quit a few months later shows how truly ignorant you are on this subject. 

Does it matter women who have been in power in other countries, have made the exact mistakes just like men have?

Does it matter S. Korea had a woman PM who quit because of corruption, lies, mishandling her job? Apparently not. 

ever considered that they aren’t made to feel welcome?

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Posted in: Foreigners in Japan becoming target of discrimination due to virus See in context

I think I will wait until a cop batons the hell out of a foreigner screaming "Foreign Corona spreader!" before I start claiming Japan has a discrimination problem worthy of note. But maybe that's just me?

How about educating people to be fair to everyone before we get to American levels of stupidity?

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Posted in: Gov't holds annual disaster drill amid pandemic See in context

Why does Aso look photoshopped in?

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Posted in: Gov't appeals court order to recognize 'black rain' victims See in context

Mr KiplingToday  06:53 am JST

I really don’t understand why the victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki get special treatment. Sure it was a horrific incident but really any worse than the fire bombing of Tokyo?

really? You don’t understand why survivors of atomic bombs may need medical treatment that others don’t require?

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