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Posted in: Arrest of Ghosn raises speculation over coup by Nissan See in context

I still wonder how the foreign born, no Japanese speaking or writing CEO of Nissan could do all this evil financial manipulation all by himself, and totally without any Japanese person being involved.

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Posted in: 'Black Panther' poised to become an Oscars heavyweight See in context

This movie is barely above the halfway point in the MCU. There are several MCU that are way better than Black Panther; Ragnarok, Spider Man: Homecoming, and the best of the MCU - Winter Soldier. BP was mediocre at best.

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Posted in: Ren (蓮) and Yuzuki (結月) ranked as most popular baby names of 2018 See in context

I like the kanji for Ren, but I could never have named my sons that. It would not go well with my one-syllable last name that begins with the same letter.

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Posted in: Ghosn's arrest casts doubt on Renault-Nissan alliance future See in context

Guilty until proven guilty. Without a shred of evidence yet presented. Sad.

Forget it, Jake. It's Chin-----I mean it's Japan.

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Posted in: Teenage driver survives spectacular crash at F3 Macau GP See in context

having a teenage driver was a bad idea.

Max Crashtappen might have something to say about that.

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Posted in: Teenage driver survives spectacular crash at F3 Macau GP See in context

I am surprised she survived the crash. It looks horrible. Really do wonder why they still have races in Macau. The street are far too small for safe racing.

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Posted in: Yokozuna Kisenosato pulls out of tournament after 4th successive loss See in context

Wakanohana, even when faced with make-koshi, still competed. Granted, he was just as terrible a Yokozuna as Kisenosato presently is, but he at least faced his shame head on.

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Posted in: Ohtani wins AL Rookie of the Year; Acuna wins NL honor See in context

Do we accept the level of Japanese Baseball as that of MLB?

They do when it comes to counting Ichiro's hits.

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Posted in: Ohtani wins AL Rookie of the Year; Acuna wins NL honor See in context

Otani is great, no doubt, but rookie of the year? Whilst his play was the best of first year MLB in the American League I would hardly call him a rookie. The man had years of development and experience in NPB. It's the same crap as when Nomo won it over Chipper Jones. Of course Japan media will be all over this. In doing so they are admitting to NPB being a minor league.

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Posted in: Okinawa governor, in New York, calls opposition to base relocation people's will See in context

I am willing to bet the governor does not live in Ginowan.

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Posted in: 'Ababis' and 'Star Wnrs': Knockoffs thrive in China e-commerce See in context

Duludubi Star; an almost exact shot for shot, level by level copy of Super Mario Galaxy

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Posted in: Hawks win 2nd straight Japan Series See in context

The Hawks dominance has come a bit boring, but I do love seeing a team win a championship in the stadium of the team they are playing.

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Posted in: JAL pilot, arrested in London before flight to Tokyo, admits being almost 10 times over alcohol limit See in context

Ten times? Wow. Go big or go home.

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Posted in: Indonesia Lion Air flight with 189 on board crashes into sea See in context

A brand new plane like this in the hands of a capable pilot shouldn't just fall out of the sky.

Why not?

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Posted in: Indonesia Lion Air flight with 189 on board crashes into sea See in context

how much maintenance does one need on such a new plane?

Maintenance is more than just fixing problems. There are several tasks involved with daily upkeep. Having said that, though, does not mean that this aircraft could not have had a problem. In my own work I have had problems with new aircraft.

suggesting it crashed simply because it's based in Indonesia seems kind of harsh, especially when you don't have any facts to back it up.

No facts except a notoriously bad safety record for aviation in Indonesia, and specifically with the air line in question.

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Posted in: Indonesia Lion Air flight with 189 on board crashes into sea See in context

Pilot and copilot with a combined 11,000 hrs flight experience but how many hours in the 737-MAX 8 which the company just got in mid August?

The thrust line has changed from the NG to the MAX as a result of having to move the engines forward and up to accommodate the larger fan diameter. Handling differences have been tuned out by Boeing in the flight control system to make the MAX feel like the NG. This was done so both aircraft (and therefore pilots) could be certified under the same type certificate.

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Posted in: Indonesia Lion Air flight with 189 on board crashes into sea See in context

A sad occurance, but coming from Lion Air I cannot express any surprise. They are notorious in the aviation industry. Insufficient training, and poor maintenance is a recipe for disaster.

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Posted in: 1st shipment of this year's Beaujolais Nouveau arrives in Japan See in context

This is one of the many things I will never understand about this country.

wine drinker - "OMG! The 1st shipment of beaujolais nouveau arrived. I'm like totes excited."

me - "What's the big deal? It is just another kind of wine. It's not like wine only becomes available at this time."

wine drinker - "You just don't understand. This is beaujolais nouveau."

me - "And?"

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Posted in: Driver of derailed train in Taiwan admits he turned off speed control system See in context

How hard is it to put some kind of GPS governor on a train so that it can't enter a curve beyond a given speed?

There is a system. It is called Automatic Train Protection, but for some reason the driver disabled the system. Why a driver is allowed to do that to an operating train I do not know.

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Posted in: Tsukiji fish market hold-outs defy demolition orders and trade on See in context

The intransigence of old Japanese men cannot be defeated.

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Posted in: Tsukiji fish market hold-outs defy demolition orders and trade on See in context

Sounds just like the holdouts when Narita airport was being built...

Some of those holdouts are still there. That is why the B runway is the length it is, and that the taxiway for it curves towards it (which is why planes cannot land and taxi at the same time). The holdouts are also preventing a third runway from being built.

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Posted in: Former TEPCO exec denies delaying anti-tsunami steps before nuclear crisis See in context

There once was a time in Japan when executives faced with serious issues did the right honorable thing by taking their own lives even when faced with something as seemingly innocuous as financial irregularities. These TEPCO jabronis, who through ignorance and apathy nearly caused a disaster worse than Cherynobl, are still among the living.

Man. How Japan has changed.

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Posted in: ANA’s Paris branch manager assaults passenger after consuming 6 glasses of wine See in context

I do not know this man as my job does not typically put me into contact with people from corporate. Ever since the Nut Rage incident I have always thought about how I would react to any exec acting up a fool on my flight.

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Posted in: Former Morning Musume singer Yoshizawa indicted over hit-and-run incident See in context

In all my time in this country I have never understood the purpose of having a celebrity that has committed an offense walk out in front of a hundred or so cameras and apologize. Is it to humiliate the celeb for having the temerity to not be a paragon of virtue?

Also, there seems to be quite a few virtue signalers in this comment section.

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Posted in: Tiger Woods wins Tour Championship for 80th PGA Tour title See in context

An impressive comeback, no doubt. Having said that I could never warm up to the guy. Jeu ne se quoi.

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Posted in: SpaceX says billionaire Maezawa to be 1st passenger on rocket trip around moon See in context

He told Musk to shove it where the sun don't shine (quote) rather than kindly saying "thanks for your help, I don't think your idea will work".

Maybe he realized Musk was just being an attention whore. Whatever he said I do not think the pedo comments were deserved.

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Posted in: Japan rejoices in having first grand slam champion See in context

That picture of her holding her well-deserved trophy is so sad. I don't think I have ever seen a more depressed champion.

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Posted in: ANA reports around 300 cases of unruly behavior on flights in fiscal 2017 See in context

I have had to deal with a few problem passengers in my career. Yes, some of them have been foreigners (the aforementioned urination), but most have been Japanese. As you may have guessed alcoholo plays a factor in the majority of those incidents.

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Posted in: New stylish Japanese license plates lets people show off prefecture pride on the move See in context

Why did the Narita one have to be so lame? Don't think I will be getting that one.

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Posted in: Geoffrey Rush 'virtually housebound' in defamation case See in context

guilty until proven guilty

More like guilty even if proven innocent.

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