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DaveAllTogether comments

Posted in: China sends fighter jets to shadow U.S. Navy plane over Taiwan Strait See in context

No, this is definitely not the case as you stated. That P8 spy plane is detecting Chinese submarines submerged at sea, this is hostile and the US navy has been stalking Chinese subs in October 1994 at the Yellow sea close to the Chinese coast. Now they are doing it again.

The US and Soviet Union played a cat and mouse game at sea for many years, and with more intensity than what the US is doing with China.

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Posted in: China sends fighter jets to shadow U.S. Navy plane over Taiwan Strait See in context

Did the Chinese ask the Navy aircraft to "please go away quickly"?


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Posted in: Neuse, Aoyagi lead Tigers to 1st Japan Series title in 38 years See in context

Ugh! The most insufferable fan base in Japan is about to become even more so.

See you in 2061!

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Posted in: Tigers win 1st Central League title in 18 years as police mobilize for crowd control See in context

Though I hate to see the Tigers win (and possibly go on to win the Japan Series) it is so nice to see them do so over the Giants.

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Posted in: British Airways to retire entire 747 fleet after pandemic travel slump See in context

With only two it is difficult to fly when one shuts down when the engines are spread out on each wing like passenger planes.

No. It is not as difficult as you might imagine, and it is something we train for.

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Posted in: For Formula One, coronavirus means less is more in 2020 See in context

If any good comes from COVID-19 it is that we did not have to watch another race at Shanghai.

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Posted in: Bong Joon-ho: South Korea's boundary-pushing satirist See in context

I see the news of a South Korean film winning Best Picture is causing much soul searching in Japan..

Please tell me what leads you to believe that.

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Posted in: Ghosn used Nissan-Mitsubishi venture to inflate pay: lawyers See in context

I am quite amazed at how Carlos was able to do all that shady stuff all by himself.

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Posted in: Boeing's 777X jetliner successfully completes maiden flight See in context

The only thing that looks different in design is the foldable wingtips -

For one thing the wing is an entirely new design. It is a larger wingspan (hence the folding wingtips), and the wings are carrying a larger and heavier engine. Much different structurally than the 1st gen.

> but then, what happens if the restraining bolts on those fail mid-flight

The folding wingtip design is based on that used by the F/A-18 E/F Super Hornet. You know, a naval fighter jet. The kind of fighter jets that have had folding wings for decades, and have never had a problem like you postulate even though they are subjected to greater forces than an airliner will ever encounter.

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Posted in: Boeing's 777X jetliner successfully completes maiden flight See in context

> I suppose this time they don´t try software gimmicks to avoid pilot training?

Really? MCAS is not a software gimmick to avoid training. It is a tool to allow the MAX to feel like the previous generations of 737 in order to keep a common type rating. The 777x is a clean sheet design. There is no need for a "software gimmick".

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Posted in: First glimpse of latest Bond film goes online See in context

You lost me at Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

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Posted in: Hawks sweep past Giants to 3rd straight Japan Series title See in context

Not just the Giants losing, but getting swept. Priceless.

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Posted in: Coppola backs Scorsese's comments on Marvel films See in context

"some enlightenment, some knowledge, some inspiration"

Because there is so much of that in movies like Goodfellas, and Casino.

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Posted in: Attacker found out idol singer’s address through online image eye reflection See in context

Such investigative skills. He should have put them to use with the Kōanchōsa-chō.

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Posted in: NBA's ties with China, worth billions, now under strain See in context

Joseph Tsai, the Taiwanese-Canadian educated in America billionaire co-founder of Alibaba wrote a lengthy post on his Facebook excoriating Morey and westerners in general over the offending tweet. In other words he defended the indefensible..


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Posted in: Court rules TEPCO execs not guilty of professional negligence over nuclear crisis See in context

A sign of changing times and attitudes in Japan. When I first came here in the early 90s company executives would kill themselves over something as innocuous as "financial iregularities". These TEPCO clowns still live . . . .

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Posted in: Entertainers mourn death of Johnny Kitagawa at Tokyo Dome memorial event See in context

Still waiting for his Jimmy Savile moment

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Posted in: New subway station to open at Tokyo’s Toranomon Hills just before Olympics See in context

360 meters from Toranomon Station exit 2 to the entrance of Toranomon Hills. FFS

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Posted in: South Korean leader says Japan dishonest over wartime past See in context

Funny how the Koreans always harp on Japan's BS, but always fail to mention their own.

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Posted in: Airbus is ready for pilotless jets - are you? See in context

Auto pilot from takeoff to landing, sure.

Just so you know pilots do not push a button and sit back and relax once we are in the air. The systems do what we tell them to. Each flight is a little bit different even if it is the same route.

Some may argue about systems like autoland; "We don't need pilots anyway. They just push buttons." Whilst there is quite a bit of button pushing we are still in control. Yes, there is tech to land a plane automatically, but that only works in a limited range of conditions. Computers can't feel the subtle changes necessary to land a plane in bad weather.

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Posted in: U.S. catches heat for Women's World Cup goal celebrations See in context

> You expect an athlete who just scored their first ever World Cup goal to dial back their celebration?

I would not expect a dialed back celebration from a first time scorer, but for players like Rapinoe, who has scored World Cup goals before, to behave with some sense of decorum. That whole slide with her leg in the air . . . . WTF?

A common defense of the USWNT is that "a man would not be told to score fewer goals, celebrate less, etc." For one thing no one has a problem with the scoring of goals. That is what you do, especially in group. Of course no one expects the US to not make it out of group. I do not have a problem with a first time scorer celebrating their achievment. The problem that so many have is with the veteran players celebrating to such a degree over a team that is composed of part time insurance workers. Were the Thai ladies full time players like the US then this whole thing might not be as much of an issue. However, carrying on like they did against a team that is clearly not at their level is just uncouth.

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Posted in: Petition launched to stop forcible hair dyeing from natural color to black in schools See in context

So fortunate that the schools my kids attend do not require hair dyeing, or even request a natural hair color certificate. Of course, they are haafu, but something tells me some dinos would not care about that.

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Posted in: 'Carol Burnett Show' actor Tim Conway dies at 85 See in context

One of his most famous skits on Carol Burnett, the dentist sketch, was based off of an incident that happened to Conway in the Army.

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Posted in: 'Avengers Endgame' nears global record with over $2 billion See in context

The only bad thing about a movie like this is you only have one time to see it for the first time. Part of the joy these epic blockbusters bring is seeing stuff that you did not expect.

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Posted in: Boeing wins confidence of shareholders, prepares for key 737 MAX test flight See in context

Boeing pushed this aircraft through under the 737 series banner saying that pilots would not need much conversion training, though clearly, this does not appear to be the case.

They actually do NOT need that much conversion training. The MAX flies like previous versions of the 737 except it is a bit light in the nose when pitching up.

I wonder if National Geographic will produce one of it's Mayday series to include either or both of these crashes.... that would be interesting.

It certainly would be interesting. Of course one of the first things mentioned would be MCAS, but then they would explain how the crews failed to handle the 'stabilizer trim runaway' problem, or how one crew re-engaged the autopilot thereby reintroducing the pitch problem. It would also go on to explain how in the case of ET302 the pilots never took the powers levers out of takeoff thrust.

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Posted in: Boeing wins confidence of shareholders, prepares for key 737 MAX test flight See in context

> ANA & JAL... will you tell us in advance of booking, which aircraft you will place us upon ?

They do. It is listed on their websites (or travel sites) what type of aircraft you are booking.

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Posted in: Boeing wins confidence of shareholders, prepares for key 737 MAX test flight See in context

I say it's still in the rational self-interest of all flyers everywhere to forever shun the 737 MAX and avoid airlines who fly it.

Good luck with that.

The CEO of Boeing blamed the Pilots for the 2 crashes....

The data from the preliminary reports suggest just that. I am not absolving Boeing of an ill-thought design, but recovery was possible through procedures that are memory items.

I dought (sic) he has the confidence of his customers or their passengers!

The DC-10 suffered a couple of significant crashes in its early years. However, it went on to become a moderate success.

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Posted in: 'Avengers: Endgame' smashes records in global launch See in context

I'm four hours away from seeing it. I have never before been so excited to see a movie, even more than The Force Awakens.

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Posted in: Man arrested after sawing off bars at congested rail crossing See in context

So, instead of having access via a tunnel which would aid the flow of traffic, people get inconvenienced everyday at thousands and thousands of crossings all over Japan.

Tunnels would not be practical for every grade crossing in Japan. In most cases the wait is not abnormally long, certainly not in the case of an accident . . . which is what happened here.

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Posted in: Man arrested after sawing off bars at congested rail crossing See in context

Very rare for more than two trains to pass at the same time if or time period.

This was in Chiba, but I do remember a place in Yokohama where road traffic had to contend with crossing the Tokaido, Keihin-Tohoku, and Yokosuka lines.

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