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Posted in: Man City beats West Ham 2-0 to backdrop of anti-UEFA chants See in context

Filthy cheats, hope they get chucked down a league and stripped of their silver.

The whole premier league is cheating. PSG are cheating. Barca and Real are cheating. Juventus are cheating.

We'll take KDB

I assume you're a Genk fan then? Want to see him back at the club that developed him until Chelsea "cheated" by giving them a big pile of cash for him?

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Posted in: Prince Andrew called uncooperative in Jeffrey Epstein probe See in context

It was just a normal shooting weekend! Followed by an unforgettable Pizza Express! He doesn't sweat because he's a war hero, so its all got nothing to do with him. Case closed. What more do the FBI need to know?!

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Posted in: Questions of racism linger as Harry, Meghan step back See in context

It seems people love to tell the British that they're all racists. Its one of those ideas that people just seem to enjoy believing, like that we're all football hooligans and we all have crooked teeth and so on.

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Posted in: Disney cuts lesbian kiss from 'Star Wars' in Singapore See in context

Aaannd that's why its a kiss between two minor characters easy to edit out in the first place. We're all for diversity but we've still got to make our money! Poe and Finn should've been gay. Everyone wanted to see that.. the actors involved, probably the director too.

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Posted in: Saturday drama: Brexit battle to be decided in UK Parliament See in context

This will go through if Juncker's threat of no extension is real, but won't if it isn't. He may have been drinking. We don't know.

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Posted in: When disaster strikes in the 'cashless' era, there's no substitute for old-fashioned money See in context

Cash is great. If we lived in a completely cashless society, you'd get a Nobel Prize if you invented cash. Not just for the reasons in this article... its anonymous, you can give it to your kids and they can spend it, you can take cash out when you go drinking to ensure you only spend so much. You can do things that are technically illegal but generally acceptable like bet 5000 yen on a football game with your friend or bribe a policeman in a third-world country. Resist the move to a cashless society!

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Posted in: Johnson's win elevates 'no-deal' Brexit risks to UK economy See in context

Prolonged uncertainty is way worse than no-deal. Businesses have been preparing for it, they just want it over with. Phil Hammond says he has to resign now because he can't support a no-deal. So that's an open admission that May's "no-deal is better than a bad deal" was a lie all along.

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Posted in: Will Brexit hurt the Premier League? See in context

In the event of a no deal Brexit the matches will only be shown in black and white.

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Posted in: UK lawmakers vote against no-deal Brexit; now aim for delay See in context

Basically this vote is a message to the rest of the world that the UK is completely spineless. Only 43 votes, what a shame.

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Posted in: Britain in Brexit chaos as parliament crushes May's EU deal again See in context

I, quite perversely "wish" that the hardest Brexit comes to pass. So that all these idiots clamoring for a no-deal can get their comeuponce.

Yes like when we idiots were against joining the Euro and were told London would disintegrate as a financial centre.

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Posted in: Britain in Brexit chaos as parliament crushes May's EU deal again See in context

The vote over the whole UK was a difference of only 4%. Hardly a number you'd want to base such a massive change on.

So what do you do? Just ignore the result? Have referendums until the margin is 5%? 10%? 15%? Abandon democracy? Whats the solution?

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Posted in: EU rebuffs May; says no-plan Brexiteers deserve 'place in hell' See in context

Judging from the votes, very anti-Brexit (presumably local) crowd here! Very different from those who live in the EU, who are very divided, and not just in the UK, for example polls in Italy have indicated that less than half of people would vote to stay if asked. I guess you're just smarter right? That's always been the least helpful part of this debate: calling those who voted to leave stupid.

Seems to me there are wider implications for this kind of thinking and Tusk's comments. If, after clear instruction from the British public to leave, two years of working towards it results in an extension of Article 50 or a Brexit In Name Only, the message seems clear: you CAN'T leave. Somewhere in between a 1975 referendum to stay in the common market and now we've become irrevocably intertwined and permanently sacrificed sovereignty. If so, massive implications for democracy and what it means, on who's watch did it happen? why were the public not consulted or even made aware of it? and are EU member states now effectively hostages? A no-deal Brexit should be preferable to facing these questions.

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Posted in: 'Batman vs Superman' and Hillary doc tie at Razzies See in context

Me likey too. Rotten Tomatoes critics score: 27%. Audience score 64%. What critics tell us they like != what people actually like.

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Posted in: Amid protests, UK lawmakers debate downgrading Trump visit See in context

As the article points out we've rolled out the red carpet for far worse. What a pointless waste of time debate. Chances of the invitation being withdrawn are exactly 0. Just anti-trump bandwagon jumpers and those silly enough to bother to debate it with them, all of whom seem to have nothing better to do.

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Posted in: UK government loses Brexit case; must consult Parliament See in context

If the plebs had voted the way they were told, there'd be no need to get parliament involved. Get the irony?

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Posted in: Not many shoppers See in context

Not many shops.

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Posted in: Spain grind out win; Rooney the late hero for England in Euro 2016 qualifiers See in context

And Charlton did it from midfield. When it really mattered, in three World Cups, Rooney did as well as Matthew Upson, with 1 goal. Only took Upson one World Cup though.

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Posted in: New version of Batmobile unveiled ahead of 'Batman v Superman' See in context

This is gonna make Batman lame again for 10 years like Clooney did in the late '90s.

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Posted in: Blatter: FIFA will root out corruption, regain soccer's trust See in context

Those who have been arrested will be singing like canaries to avoid big jail time and it won't be long before Blatter is in the dock

I'd rather see it done with hard evidence. Maybe Blatter deserves it but the idea of the US being able to subject anyone, anywhere, to their plea-bargaining based justice system, which is not allowed in many countries, is frightening.

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Posted in: Hull relegated, Newcastle survives on final day of season See in context

Most boring premier league season ever. I completely lost interest in it weeks ago. The quality is also pretty average as demonstrated by English teams in the champions league. Hard to understand its global appeal and the size of the new TV deal given what's on offer.

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Posted in: Prison sentences should be capped at 20 years See in context

Still the American system is based on the concept of avoiding the innocent being jailed

Thanks for the laugh.

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Posted in: Mark Hamill said he was 'suspicious' of J.J. Abrams See in context


In which country? They were always released in May in the US.. June in the UK. I queued around the block.. maybe for three hours or so. Remember the poster too... and my Return of the Jedi sticker album. Those were the days.

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Posted in: New 'Star Wars' teaser, cast information revealed at event See in context

Interesting to listen to Abrams talk.. he didn't quite come out and say the prequel trilogy was crap but he implied it. Looks like Star Wars is in safe hands this time.

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Posted in: Smartphones are nothing more than poison to intelligence, personality and creativity. See in context

I think he couldn't be more wrong, being constantly connected to the Internet is making us smarter.

Some studies have linked smartphone usage with increased brain activity. Any students with a smartphone would have been able to check that out instantly and call BS.

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Posted in: U.S. senators want FIFA to move 2018 World Cup out of Russia See in context

Am I the first poster here to point out the irony of Americans taking interest in 'soccer' affairs?

For the last world cup, more tickets were sold in the US than any country other than the hosts, Brazil. US TV audiences for world cup games are now comparable to the likes of Germany and England but increasing all the time. When FIFA is finally sorted out, the US is likely to become one of the most influential countries when it when it comes to 'soccer affairs'.

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Posted in: Germany, Portugal boost Euro 2016 qualifying hopes See in context

They might as well all give up now that we've got Harry Kane.

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Posted in: 'Haafu' to represent Japan at Miss Universe 2015 See in context

I'm glad the kids and the people with kids are OK with the word. If I had kids I'd probably have to be too. Other choices would be to be really angry all the time.. or to try and alter people's sensitivities to this in Japan (futile).

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Posted in: Five things expats wish Japan had See in context

Yeah, when I first came here I used to miss some of the delicacies of British cuisine such as beans on toast, monster munch sandwiches and the chip butty. I think it was good to wean myself off that stuff though.

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Posted in: Arsenal beats Man United 2-1 to reach FA Cup semifinals See in context

Well done to Welbeck. He was shown the door so they could bring in an expensive import and he's come back to show them they were wrong. Welbeck is easily good enough to contribute what Falcao or Van Persie have done this season.


When a United player gets sent off you often say things like "effectively decided the outcome". I remember you said the same when Nani was sent off against Real Madrid. Did you know that sometimes teams adjust their tactics and can still will, or not lose, despite being down to 10 men?

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Posted in: Guten Tag See in context

Japan's obsession with humanoid robots is very quaint. In an age of self-driving cars and drones they're painting cute faces on toys and calling them robot astronauts. Good photo op I suppose, but come on its been done to death already.

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