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I just want to learn Japanese to watch my anime without subtitles, and also if there's ever a mind reader and he only speaks English I can speak in Japanese and he won't be able to understand what I'm saying...I can do that with Portuguese and Spanish too, but that's not nearly as fun.

but I really don't know why I'm learning it. It seems pointless for me, you know? I don't like anime/manga, I don't plan to be an expat in Japan, I'm not a friend/girlfriend of any japanese... But at the same time, now that I spent so much effort learning it, it seems a waste of time to stop now...

Then really why do anything at all then? Why breathe? Why learn the guitar? Why even get a boyfriend? Why smile to the camera? In the end, were all going to die anyway, it would all have been a waste of time!

If you learned something that you found enjoyable at the time, don't regret it. Who knows maybe someone like you may stumble upon you and they will need help and you can help guide them or write an article like this of your experiences. I don't know maybe I'm just foolishly optimistic, I personally enjoy teaching people the things I learn it's so fun when they are able to learn it too. But then again we are all different, and I'm probably just a young sap.

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