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Posted in: Royals overcome Ohtani's 2 HRs, 8 RBIs to beat Angels 12-11 See in context


Leading in team stats is one thing,

Coming through in the clutch is quite another.

Perhaps his untimely losses are just too much for his little Philly heart to bear.

We will see.

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Posted in: Royals overcome Ohtani's 2 HRs, 8 RBIs to beat Angels 12-11 See in context

Oh this is fun.

Ohtani signed with the wrong team.

See Trout?

a hollow shell when it matters ever since Tyler Skaggs died.


Ezekiel Duran, Josh Smith, Jonah Heim, Zach Leiter, とかとかとか,

See Ya!

Go Rangers!

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Posted in: Washington football team bans headdresses, face paint See in context

@David Brent

Thanks for the video link Bro.

I laughed my arse off

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Posted in: Republican senators confront Netflix over Chinese sci-fi show See in context

“Reason is the Soul of all Law”

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Posted in: Trump, Biden prepare to debate at a time of mounting crises See in context

Does anyone else see the literal moral fabric of America unraveling?

Doesn’t the Constitution feel suddenly watered down and vulnerable?

If Biden doesn’t win by a landslide, I’m rescinding my US citizenship and that I promise.

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Posted in: The reason why Japanese students don’t pronounce English properly See in context

Stop allowing distorted pronunciation in the classroom PERIOD!

Natve English speakers unfamiliar with Japan cannot understand it. It’s useless, it’s not English, it’s another branch of the Japanese language.

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Posted in: Suga starts work as new prime minister as Diet convenes See in context

Go Kozaru-kun! GO GO GO!

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Posted in: Don't say you love watermelon until you've tasted the Japanese version of this summer treat See in context

The ones I remember in south Texas were sweet. While a lot of Japanese fruits really are better here, the watermelons, not THAT much. Especially considering the price difference. Used to buy big full sized for a dollar or two twenty years ago. It’s hard to imagine they’d be more than five dollars today.

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Posted in: Butterfly endemic to southern Japanese islands feared extinct See in context


Wouldn't caterpillars be more appropriate?

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Posted in: Trump to keep pushing allies to pay 'fair share' of defense costs in 2nd term See in context

There is zero chance of a second term. Trust me.

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Posted in: Bolton memoir raises concern over Japan alliance if Trump re-elected See in context

Don’t worry. Mark my words, there is no way he can be re-elected.

if he is, new world order. Throw America away.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka called racist after posting meme in response to COVID-19 cases See in context

Hang in there Naomi,

the world will be whole one day and maybe soon. Narrow minded righties will be crapped out into the stellar unko pile.

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Posted in: Man found dead at home; bodies of father, grandfather found in nearby mountains See in context

The father

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Posted in: Covid-19 lockdowns stimulate condom demand See in context

There’s no social distance like the distance of ultra thin latex.

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Posted in: City's quit-smoking program proving a hit during pandemic See in context

Meanwhile stop smoking on the streets in Osaka. It’s assault.

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Posted in: U.S. police officer who kneeled on black man's neck charged with third-degree murder See in context

I am so sad, and angry about so many things happening in America these days. But I am so grateful, and relieved that I left that country 20 years ago. Hopefully things can start to turn this November.

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Posted in: Fireworks makers to light up night skies at secret time to cheer nation See in context

It’s difficult to understand how people can complain about this. Just goes to show, people love to complain.

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Posted in: Country folk singer John Prine dies at 73 of coronavirus complications See in context

Sad day. I wish he’d of slipped in the kitchen and hit his head instead of this dang corona.

He’s with good ole brother Doug now. I’ll bet it was a feelin’ when his soul went through the ceilin’. Now he’s sippin vodka and ginger ale and smoking a cigarette that’s 9 miles long.

I Love you John

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Posted in: Major Japanese cities quiet after state of emergency declared See in context

I closed my English school in Osaka. But still teaching one day a week out of my home in Nara. That income stoppage will hurt. But I feel it’s a sacrifice for the good considering the situation.

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Posted in: Outdoor smokers on the rise as April law set to take effect See in context

What happened to the law a few years back about smoking out on the street in Osaka?

i developed asthma after only a few years in this country.

the air is much better in Nara where I live now but I still commute thethe charcoal air of Osaka.

consideration of others appears to be a weakness for the Japanese

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Posted in: Bob Dylan's concerts in Japan cancelled See in context

I’m sitting here with two tickets to the April 9th show at Zepp Namba. Was planning to take my 18 year old son. Really disappointed.

wondering how to get my ¥38000 back.

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Posted in: New Zealand man arrested after threat to mosque See in context

These fanatics must be dealt with an iron hand.

i agree

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Posted in: University student arrested for molesting woman See in context

Seems to me that sneaking up behind a total stranger, groping her then running away like crazy after she goes berserk would be stress inducing rather than stress reliving.

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Posted in: Japanese New Year traditions: 10 ways to celebrate like a local See in context


person you are now,

I drink nihhonshyu, eat osechi and watch tv all day long.

Do you care? Of course not.

nobody else cares what you do or don’t do either.

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Posted in: Ghosn's lawyer says he is stunned his client left country See in context

Carlos Gone

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Posted in: Gov't proposes Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant water release into sea or air See in context

It’s a lot like the massive amount of decibels these idiots allow to be released into our space nightly.

Baka is their word. Perfect From the Bozuku (or whatever you call the bikes without mufflers) to the granny local politicians parked outside my door to the diesel trucks screaming their BUY ME tunes.

this country loves pollution of any available type

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Posted in: 3 junior high school boys to be sent to prosecutors over classmate’s suicide See in context

I have zero sympathy for children (or their parents) who are reared with no love and taught that aggressive dominance equals well being.

rot in hell bullies. Hope the parents suffer too.

no compassion

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Posted in: Swimmer Ikee discharged from hospital after 10 months of treatment for leukemia See in context

I’m such a softy in my old age. I get all misty every time I read about her. Oh I hope she reaches her goals and medals in Paris. I will be soggy then.

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Posted in: Japanese magazine ridiculed for 'Socrates' dating advice See in context

Philosophers don’t sit around waiting for the next story to break on Japan Today.

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Posted in: Man arrested for stealing local gov't hard drives with personal info See in context

If there is truly no way to ensure the safety of the data except by physically destroying them, you can’t really expect office I.T.s to do it.

QUESTION: Could this be done with a sledge hammer? I heard metal shears.

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