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Posted in: Abe slammed for revealing operator of document shredder was disabled See in context

What’s a “woke” word?

ive never heard that term.

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Posted in: 'Mayonnaise Man' believed to have returned to his uniform-ruining ways in Hokkaido See in context

2nd offense? Sounds like his 13th.

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Posted in: 68-year-old professor arrested for stalking sex worker after using detective to find her home See in context

Love knows no .................. Just fill in the blank.

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Posted in: Man walking on station platform dies after bag strap gets caught on express train See in context

One of the many haphazard platform edgewalkers is taken.

margin for error people!

ALWAYS maintain a margin for error.

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Posted in: Soto lifts Nationals to 4-3 comeback wild-card win over Brewers See in context

Headline should read “Wild Wild-card Win”

Not a Nationals fan or even a National League fan but am sure glad I caught that last inning and a half. Fun stuff.

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Posted in: Australian opposition call for release of Trump transcript See in context

So where are the transcripts of all phone calls from every other US president?

You can bet your sweet

label they exist. But no need to rehash those if the former presidents weren’t compulsive liars bent on corruption.


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Posted in: Australian opposition call for release of Trump transcript See in context


See, now look what all this liberal nonsense has caused. Opposition parties and liberals actually think they get transcripts of every single thing now.

Is this sarcasm?

Its the people’s government. Should be transparent.

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Posted in: New, old fans cheer Japan rugby win over Russia See in context

20 of the 41 members of the Japanese “national” team were born abroad.

Thats one watered down samurai team.

Wouldn’t be the case on a Japanese women’s rugby team or any women’s sport team in Japan.

That says much on the two genders in this country. The women shoulder the load from childhood and it’s reflected in the country’s adults.

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Posted in: Japan the center of attention in 1st Rugby World Cup in Asia See in context

The Japanese team will be embarrassed. The world won’t be shocked.

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Posted in: 6 months past legal drinking age, actress Kanna Hashimoto reveals binge drinking See in context

I have issue with the cholesterol connection. I’m 54 and drink way too much. Beer generally, occasionally sake or scotch. Been binge drinking for 40 years. However, every time I have my cholesterol checked they ask me if I’m a vegetarian because it’s so low. I really don’t think it’s related.

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Posted in: Flat-packed cities: Wooden skyscrapers sprout over concrete concerns See in context

Interesting. I like it.

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Posted in: China's Xi gets tougher on Trump after new tariff threat See in context

Xi is not dependent on any election to stay in power. Trump is. Trump can never win this game of chicken. Never mind trumps impaired intellect and severe lack of diplomatic experience.

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Posted in: Fuji TV apologizes for wrong caption calling deceased Kyoto Animation director ‘idiot’ See in context

With a name like “Live News It!” I’d be prepared for many more wrong or mistaken transmissions.

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Posted in: 'A star is born!' Golf-mad Japan salutes 'Smiling Cinderella' See in context

The momentum shift occurred on the tee at the par four 12th when she whipped out a giant oversized black driver that the British broadcasters zoomed in on and said ‘she is not messing around.’

she proceeded to line up to the right, uncorked a massive free swing, cleared trees then just barely a pond and bounced onto the green in one.

cinderella has more balls than we knew

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Posted in: 'A star is born!' Golf-mad Japan salutes 'Smiling Cinderella' See in context


”One tv program I saw this morning said it was the overseas media that gave her the nickname.”

English media didn’t give her that name Too strange of English.

I watched all four rounds. The original nickname was SMILE CINDERELLA but that’s a little TOO Engrish so the English media simply made it at least grammatically correct, though still strange. Especially to the native English speaking world.

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Posted in: Shibuno holds off Salas to win Women's British Open See in context

I watched every shot of every round. Was up till 3:30 am last night. I’m exhausted but elated.

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Posted in: U.S. presidents have made racist gestures throughout country's history See in context

Read the Smothers Brothers article. Times have changed drastically in just the last 50 years.

Trump is a blight across the country and the globe.

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Posted in: Man, woman slashed in pub in Shizuoka Pref See in context

Bikkuri is a good name for this joint

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Posted in: 2-year-old girl falls to her death from 15th-floor window in Osaka See in context


They are condemned because they are 100% responsible for a tiny child’s death. You must maintain a margin for error AT ALL TIMES when blessed with the responsibility of a tiny child’s life.

I presume you are not a parent. Life is not a Television drama.

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Posted in: 78-year-old woman drowns after falling into lake See in context

I wouldn’t know what a “zimmer” is. A walker, I understand.

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Posted in: Japan curbs technology exports to S Korea See in context

I’m just sick of Korea going on and on and on about the FORMER imperialist government. So old worn out and tired, especially since it was already resolved once.

Good on Japan

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Posted in: England beats Japan 2-0 to advance to last 16 at Women's World Cup See in context

Height may be relevant in basket ball but it is irrelevant in football. This time round the team just were not good enough. It happens

You mean soccer doo-doo.

Height is quite relevant in football.

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Posted in: Euthanasia law comes into effect in Australian state See in context

The point seems so clear here.

Thank you Wanderlust

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Posted in: Euthanasia law comes into effect in Australian state See in context

So terribly sad what Cricky wrote.

Myself at 54 with a wife and two teenage kids, I’ve often thought about what I would do if I became terminally ill. It would be such a terrible burden on the ones I love most.

I think I’d have a talk with my family and it’d be me and the charcoal grill in the shower room on a sunny day.

Good on Victoria state.

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Posted in: Journalists in jail? Australia weighs implications of police raids on media See in context

I’d like to know what Mr. Trump thinks about this. I’ll bet he thinks it’s just grand.

This B.S. will end someday people. For the sake of our children, pray it’s sooner than later and easier than harder.

Power to the People

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Posted in: Kono to ask foreign media to switch order of Japanese names See in context



And did you ever consider this policy is a purposeful form of isolation? I believe it’s government policy that prevents its citizens from truly integrating with the foreign world.

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Posted in: Kono to ask foreign media to switch order of Japanese names See in context


you are so right about the lack of consistent phonetics in the English alphabet. It’s been debated for years among its native speakers. Unfortunately it won’t change in our lifetimes.

Its no excuse to replace the audible sounds of the language with the totally different sounds of another language.

If my wife can learn to read and write English, anyone can.

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Posted in: Kono to ask foreign media to switch order of Japanese names See in context

Wait. Who is the foreign media reporting to? The foreign public. The foreign public expects the given name first and the family name last.

Or let’s just pile on more confusion along with incomprehensible KATAKANA English which corrupts Japanese kid’s efforts to speak discernible English.

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Posted in: Iran tells Japan it is exercising restraint despite escalation of U.S. sanctions See in context

i often miss the countryside of America. But Trump makes me glad I left 15 years ago.

The comments of his followers just makes me want to throw up.



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