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Posted in: Idol singer dating bans are unnecessary, say majority of Japanese college men in survey See in context

Would make me like them more, cos it would give me the false hope that I had a shot haha

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Living in Japan may be a step up for South Americans, other Asians, Africans and the like, but for north western Europeans, Americans, Australians, Canadians, and New Zealanders, living in Japan is - while albeit interesting for a short period of time - most definitely a major step down. There are the odd exceptions, of course, but overall, for those of us who live in the better countries, Japan is more or less a reasonably clean 3rd world country. The truth hurts, but you know it's true.

Damn, couldn't have said it better myself! I've had big dreams of living and working in Japan but after surveying the work situation from afar while living in Sydney then traveling around Japan for a while and having come from a life growing up in Johannesburg, I know that where I am is about as good as it gets. As you say, it would be interesting for a while and then I'd be the same as some dude locked into his soul destroying, low paid job. Actually, it would be worse, he has no choice, I would have CHOSEN that life. Im probably the targeted age group and skill set that a country would look for if it was importing but no way Jose, get paid less than half what I get now, worse off quality of life...why bother.

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The odd thing is that porn is in some senses quite strictly regulated, just in ways that make no sense. The main one obviously being that while porn is OK, showing genitalia is not, a rule that is strictly enforced.

Consider how ridiculous that is. A censor could (and probably has been) asked to approve a film in which a young girl is violently gang raped by a bunch of middle aged men, clearly expressing a lack of consent to everything that is happening to her throughout the ordeal. The censor`s reaction could be "This film is an outrage. You can clearly see rapist #4's penis in the background at 23:17. I have a sworn duty to uphold the morals of the nation, pixelate that immediately. Otherwise, I have no objections."

Welll, it's not that ridiculous! Once you've watched enough porn, as I have and obviously a censor would have, you can convince yourself that anything looks consensual. You get numb to it. Yet how many girls come away totally effed up! How many young and inexperienced guys get convinced that ass to mouth is the norm and girs love being double penetrated!? How many young un's actually DID sign up for everything but have no idea what they are signing up for. People shouldn't do porn until they are at least 25 and shouldn't watch porn until they know what good sex is and what people actually do most of the time in sex. I'm not moralising, people can and should do whatever feels good and doesn't hurt other people against their will but have a clue first, you know!?

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