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Any idea on when this is coming to Japan?

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Posted in: Minoru Saito, 77, nears finish of his 3-year, 28,500-mile 'wrong way' voyage See in context

ItsMe - He is obviously sponsored. The name of the boat has "BMW" in it. I'm sure that he also got money from whichever Japanese channel will put on a big 2 hour special about his journey.

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Posted in: TEPCO to pay Y88 bil to nuclear plant evacuees See in context

Don't you people understand? TEPCO doesn't even have the money to pay this meager compensation.

Japan’s cabinet last week approved a bill to help TEPCO meet the massive costs, and parliamentary approval is pending. It would establish a fund from public money and contributions from utilities and special government bonds.

public money = your tax money, contributions from utilities = money you paid to other electric companies

TEPCO never had the funds or the insurance to deal with a crisis like this, so the good 'ol taxpayer will be screwed again.

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That is rafting company called Happy Raft. I did rafting and something called canyoning with them a few years ago. Good times! I think it is owned by an Aussie and the guides are both Japanese and foreigners. They were pretty safety conscious from what I remember.

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