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David Horvath comments

Posted in: As 'Force Awakens' winds down, 'Avatar' remains supreme See in context

Force Awakens made way more $ than avatar... The avatar toys by Mattel didn't sell, and there were no avatar pickles, avatar shampoo bottles, or avatar airplanes.

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Posted in: Standing guard See in context


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Posted in: UFOs haven't invaded Japan, defense minister tells Diet See in context

Not sure why many assume UFOs would mean "aliens" from a far away planet.

There is no question millions have seen "something" and thousands of those have experienced something other than "human". That's a given at this point... to claim otherwise screams a simple, cold closed mindedness coupled with speaking with certainty despite true research into the matter.

What if they are time travelers or perhaps beings who come from the same point in space we do, only the next dimensional "channel" over from our own. And never liked the "if they are so advanced, why don't they land and explain themselves to us" line... as the man said in Mothman: "you are more advanced than a cockroach, every try to explain yourself to one of them?"

Are we not beings living on a planet in the middle of space?

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