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Posted in: Kirin to buy Mandalay Brewery: Nikkei See in context

****Greed. Pure, unadulterated greed.

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Posted in: Fukushima reactor briefly loses cooling during inspection See in context

They forgot to give him the Manual-

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Posted in: Japan Tobacco shakes up management to spur global growth See in context

Do they all smoke?

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Posted in: Japanese lap up new vintage of Beaujolais wine See in context

What a waste. Some people have too much money.

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Posted in: Toyota will fight for UK plant after Brexit See in context

****They should move out and let the British stew in their own juices.

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Posted in: Consumer prices in Japan fall for 7th straight month See in context

Great! My monthly grocery bill goes down from 50000円 to 47500. I can afford to go out and celebrate.

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Posted in: Japanese director Kitano awarded France's Legion of Honour See in context

****Don't forget he was once arrested for drunk driving. The only victim of the accident he caused was himself.

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Posted in: Trump calls accusers 'horrible horrible liars' See in context

The diference betwen Obama and Trump is simply that Obama is ho nest, decent, and intelligent.

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Posted in: Japanese medical school textbook surprises with questions on patient-doctor romance See in context

****What happened to the Hippocratic oath?

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Posted in: Trump's campaign reeling after crude comments on women aired See in context

I have never been in a locker room and I have never said the kind of things Trump said. He should withdraw and leave it to Pence. Poor old Pence has to keep making excuses for the scumbag.

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Posted in: 'Iketara iku:' A simple Japanese phrase that people in Tokyo and Osaka take completely differently See in context

The language itself is not vague, but the people who use it are. Endless frustrations,disappointments,and ill will are caused by tatemae, which is basically just lying.

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Posted in: Air rage incidents reported by airlines on the rise See in context

I always book the full aircraft. I can recline my seat flat if I want to.

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Posted in: Brewer Asahi to bid for SABMiller's East Europe business See in context

But for all the craft breweries the whole world's beer would be the same muck that Asahi "brews" (chemical adulderated maltade).Let's hope Europe can keep this beer polluter OUT.

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Posted in: Will 'unagi' vanish from the dinner table? See in context

Sure ,it just has to wriggle off .

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Posted in: Air rage incidents reported by airlines on the rise See in context

The terrible air since smoking was banned has a lot to do with the problem . Cabin crew have admitted that the poor re circulation of the air has numerous ill effects on health , all so that air lines can make more money .

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Posted in: New Suntory Japanese beer tells you what time to drink it See in context

Lack of education about beer causes people to drink Malt's. (Don't forget the '.)

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Posted in: As Clinton cheers, Trump digs in after debate See in context

****CAN Trump read? He is supposed to have written a best-seller. Which 5 year old wrote it for him?

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting cabbie after fare goes up just as taxi stops See in context

****Drivers in my area usually stop the meter early!

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Posted in: Don't eat these foods together and avoid possible intestinal distress See in context

****I love natto with raw egg and nori, and am still here.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't advisory panel says Apple, Google hinder app competition See in context

****Wish google had a good competitor.

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Posted in: JR East driver reprimanded for urinating from train at station See in context

Oh dear, he piddled on the nice shiny track. Send him to the back of the class.

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Posted in: Getting stopped by police in Japan – how often does it happen (and why?) See in context

****In 1982 I was stopped by Haneda police and required to show my Alien Registration booklet every Sunday evening for 2 months. I always asked them how they knew I was a foreigner. Eventually they stopped stopping me. Provided you are not doing anything suspicious you have the right to insist that THEY show their ID first.

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Posted in: Make waves at the beach in a high-cut Totoro swimsuit See in context

Like an alien with 2 heads .

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Posted in: New beer brings out flavors of Kansai specialties like takoyaki and okonomiyaki See in context

****Just how big are octopus balls?

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Posted in: Study throws fat in the fire of diet debate See in context

****Cinnamon reduses blood sugar.

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Posted in: Yebisu’s cold-detecting beer cans See in context

****This deserves a prize for one of the most stupid , useless ideas ever.

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Posted in: Broke & working on the road in Japan See in context

****Perhaps the homeless should apply for credit cards.

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Posted in: Suga confident Tokyo 2020 Olympic bid was clean See in context

If I were interested in the Olympics I would prefer to see them anywhere but Tokyo .How about Barcelona ? Plenty of sherry and good food.

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Posted in: JR train staff berated for snoozing, reading comics on duty See in context

I always read while conducting:music.

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Posted in: Audacious crooks using loophole in courts for new type of scam See in context

****I have received numerous threatening emails of this type so just ignore them. They never know my name and address anyway, and I do not think they can extort money by email!

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