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Posted in: S Korea proposes unification talks with N Korea See in context

A unified Korea under Pyongyang and King burger in control I suppose. Twice the number of people starving, living in poverty and misery. Yeah righ! Get rid of Chuppy chops and the rest of his lackeys and bootlicks and this little fantasy just might actually come true!

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Posted in: Japanese beauty pageant for women over 35 crowns winner See in context

Very beautiful! In my country there are girls half her age that look twice her age.:-))

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Posted in: Russian breaks koban glass, hoping to be sent home See in context

Educator60, the Russian embassy probably gave him the advice to commit a crime, save themselves a few roubles :-)

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Posted in: Sony sees possible North Korea link to hacker attack See in context

Publicity stunt!

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Posted in: Name some movie scores that are so famous that after hearing only a few seconds of the music, you can immediately name the movie. See in context

Jurassic park, Lord of the rings, Goldfinger.

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Posted in: Megumi Yokota died of drug overdose in N Korea: S Korean paper See in context

Most likely died of lead poisoning (shot) Scumbags, High time they were dealt with.So what, they have a very large army, but will they fight? End the suffering of millions of N.Koreans. I find it strange how there is a lot of Sabre rattling by America towards Russia and the Ukraine and China and the disputed Islands. Why doesn't somebody put that little Gimp out of our misery once and for all.

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Posted in: Some fans love Pharrell’s 'It Girl' video; others call him a pedophile See in context

No big deal. In a few days time those who kicked up a stink will have found something or somebody else to whine about.

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Posted in: If you found a large sum of money in a secluded spot, would you keep it or hand it in to the police? See in context

Nothing but bad luck follows spending money that is not your own. You might end up losing more than you found.

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Posted in: For Kim-watchers, N Korean anniversary on Friday is pivotal See in context

Wouldn't be surprised if his wife is the cause of his "discomfort". I don't think she fancies going the same way as his previous lovers. Little pillow talk with a big cheese and it's bye bye fatboy.

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Posted in: Japanese swimmer expelled from Asian Games for stealing camera See in context

A camera worth $7,600, where was the journalist? Idiot for leaving it unattended! Tomita was probably in depth up to his eyeballs. Desperate people do desperate things

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Posted in: 2 school girls jump to death from Tokyo apartment building See in context

Tragic, so sad! : (

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