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David Juteau comments

Posted in: 4 deaths confirmed; 27 other climbers feared dead on erupting volcano See in context

Disillusioned! Agreed! However I wouldn't doubt scientists had some idea there was a pending eruption!

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Posted in: Fukushima meltdown unlikely to cause many cancers: U.N. scientists See in context

Folks smoking at home and in restaurants will cause cancer! Lots of it! Start there! Something the everyday person can do something about! Fukushima will be what it will be and whatever affect it has has already been set in motion! We will have to wait decades for the verdict! The verdict is already in on smoking!

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Posted in: Bullying suspected as cause of 16-year-old boy's suicide See in context

This is an interesting take on the problem! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oo0SHLxc2d0&feature=share

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Posted in: Tokyo governor apologizes to Muslim world for gaffe See in context

Let the comment stand and have the Islamic world prove him wrong!

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Posted in: NRA takes aim at Biden's gun control task force See in context

The sale of guns in the USA is BIG business... Enough said!

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Posted in: Survivors tell of horror inside collapsed tunnel See in context

What terrible news. Prayers to all those affected! One can only imagine the horror. I am always nervous when driving through tunnels.

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Posted in: The needs of early English phonetic instruction in Japan See in context

Gotta get the sounds in your head first... That requires listening to a model that can make the sounds correctly. Once you get them in your head you can start to reproduce them with proper instruction.

Beyond 3rd grade elementary school it is almost impossible without a serious time commitment and a strong motivation from the student.

Vowels are as big a problem as the sounds the author mentions.

Phonics is meant for reading ability but yes it can help with forming the sound needed to sound good in English.

A lot of the natural rhythm of English and intonation can be learned with good songs...

Paying trained teachers (an knowing whether or not they have the skills) would be a big bonus, but unfortunately schools do not want to pay and many don't know the difference...

Short of that... don't let pronunciation stop you from communicating... just do it...

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Posted in: Japan's seniors work on into retirement See in context

My Lebanese grandmother worked in Canada until she was 79 years old... And it was a good thing because she helped me get through university with her income... Over time and with living in Japan I more and more appreciate the idea of continuing with some form of employment as long as possible. I also feel a major responsibility to be the custodian of my older self... This must all be balanced out with living fully each day as my mother taught me buy exiting this world on her 60th birthday. Don't wait for retirement to find fulfillment.

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Posted in: 5 challenges of working for a major English conversation school See in context

It's all about what you bring to your job... any job... I've been at this for 16 years... been through it all. Seen many people who can't get their act together and do what's required. Coming here to teach is always a choice. If you don't like it, you can always head somewhere else. While here make a positive contribution to what you are doing and then move on when appropriate.

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Posted in: Gov't aims to abandon nuclear power by 2030s See in context

Hatsoff... you are right on the money! I'm only concerned with the word "aims"... a very vague term. Could be 2030 or could be 2100...

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Posted in: More than 200 Canada policewomen file sex harassment class action See in context

Anytime a person has a position of "power" their is always a chance they will abuse it...

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Posted in: Massive anti-nuclear power rally held in Tokyo See in context

If restarting the nuclear plants shuts down coal fired plants... all the better... They are dirty, cause more health issues and are the number one contributor to heating the planet... Folks should really be protesting the use of fossil fuel!

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Posted in: Japan's postwar gov't, media colluded on nuclear power: Nobel winner See in context

Nuclear power is a scientific issue first and foremost, then economic and political... Literature does not come into play, nor does music... Get the scientists in on the debate please!

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Posted in: Tens of thousands protest Japan nuclear restart See in context

The current alternative has proven to be more deadly... fossil fuels

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Posted in: Interac See in context

I worked for them for 3 months in 2005. They delivered exactly what they said and I had absolutely no problem with the company! I do however have a problem with the concept of dispatching teachers as you would a taxi... and I have a problem with schools not wanting to take responsibility for their staff! Not so bad if you are young I guess, but is certainly not anything you would want to do as a family man!

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Posted in: Health uncertainties torment residents in Fukushima See in context

It comes down to risk tolerance! We all know the risk of health issues will increase with the kind of exposure people near the plant are living with. Some people can accept these risks without worry, other can't. The people who can't ought to consider setting up life elsewhere for peace of mind! Disease is made up of two words... DIS EASE... and that is exactly what will come to pass for the folks who decide to continue living in this area with such heavy doses of fear and anxiety!

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Posted in: Future of nuclear power brighter than ever, despite Fukushima See in context

That fossil fuels has and continues to kill exponentially more people every year and are THE cause of global warming which if left unchecked will create millions of refugees doesn't seem to bother anyone! Unless we end our voracious appetite for energy, it seems we are going to need something to save us in the interim while we develop green technologies...

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Posted in: Ex-PM Kan admits Japan was unprepared for nuclear crisis See in context

The folks that approved the Fukushima plant then would have some responsibility one would assume! All I can say is please learn some lessons and make some real changes in how things are done! Nuclear power can be used safely if humans truly put safety first....

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Posted in: Cabinet OKs bill to cap nuclear reactor life See in context

Did age factor into the Fukushima disaster? Any of the changes that could have been made to prevent this disaster were known well ahead of March 2011 and could have been implemented, but were not and the list of other mistakes that occurred following the earthquake/tsunami could just as easily have been made at a new reactor!

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Posted in: Six things that foreigners feel are overpriced in Japan See in context

If things were that expensive... you'd all be back in your home countries making the big bucks!

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Posted in: TEPCO to raise electricity rates for corporate users by 17% from April 1 See in context

Time to reopen the nuclear power plants that are deemed ready. It wouldn't hurt to have a gov't agency with backbone to overlook their safety and force them to comply with safety standards... Burning more coal and fuel isn't going to help matter much!

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Posted in: Noda says new cabinet is best lineup for the job See in context

Don't wait until 2014... Start this April! 7% to get the ball rolling!

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Posted in: West edges closer to confrontation with Iran See in context

Anybody remember Hans Blix? Inspectors were on the ground in Iraq... The US wasn't hearing what it wanted to hear so Blix and his team split... War followed shortly! When inspectors leave Iran... watch out!!! USA... stay out of it! If Israel wants to bomb Iran... let them have it... it's their neighborhood and their problem...

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Posted in: Opposition refuses to discuss tax reform with DPJ; calls for election first See in context

If Tanigaki were to win any upcoming election, it would be a very sad day for Japan.

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Posted in: Gov't wants to buy abandoned Fukushima land to store radioactive waste See in context

Certainly don't want them to put the waste anywhere else! No point in destroying any other areas in Japan. One is enough... Fill it up and buy the waste from other countries and store it there as well... That will pay for it! Sorry to the folks in that area that will have to move, but them's the breaks...

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Posted in: N Korean leader Kim Jong-Il dead at 69 See in context

Whatever awaits us humans on the other side is unknowable... this man's ultimate fate is not of concern, but one thing is certain, we'd all like to see a change of policy where North Korea is concerned!

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Posted in: Gov't bans sale of rice from part of Fukushima See in context

655321... You are absolutely right! Don't need any tests to confirm what we already know! Ban living and farming in the area for let's say 100 years... go back then and check... A sad and sorry situation, but real nonetheless, and let the world learn from this preventable disaster...

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Posted in: U.S. lawmakers wary of Japan joining TPP pact See in context

Radioactivity aside (though a very serious concern!) Anybody with taste buds knows US food is crap! Period... And their factory farm production is the most inhumane way of treating animals possible... I'm all for freer trade... Japan needs to fix a lot of problems, but the USA way of doing things in not always the best...

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Posted in: U2 honored as 'Greatest Act' in last 25 years See in context

They still have the same line up! That is noteworthy!

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